@vjekoslav I'm afraid that feature is only available (currently) for IR
21-Mar-2018 08:39:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Does someone know how to get the actual Report Query by Interactiv Grid
21-Mar-2018 08:21:PM by: vjekoslav
Why does Interactive Grid keep resetting "Value Required" attribute (resets based on column definition in table) whenever the IG query changes? Is there a way to stop IG from doing that?
21-Mar-2018 04:51:PM by: pichalite
Worked great
21-Mar-2018 04:11:PM by: pmpartners
21-Mar-2018 04:11:PM by: pmpartners
Actually i found it it’s
21-Mar-2018 03:45:PM by: pmpartners
@pmpartners maybe this `groups[].labelStyle` ?
21-Mar-2018 03:42:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay Thanjs for the response. I tried the xAxis title which is the text under the entire xAxis and I can set it using js but the style I could not. I am probably not passing the style info correctly. I will pursue the correct format. Unfortunately that is not the text I want to resize. Each column on the chart has a label on the xAxis and that is the object I am having trouble finding the name of.
21-Mar-2018 03:39:PM by: pmpartners
thank you! I’ll have a look :wink:
21-Mar-2018 03:22:PM by: matze276
nevermind, there it is:
21-Mar-2018 03:21:PM by: maxime_tremblay
can't find the link of what I was looking for, but you can use something like ```select * from table(array)```
21-Mar-2018 03:21:PM by: maxime_tremblay
21-Mar-2018 03:16:PM by: matze276
are you on 12c?
21-Mar-2018 03:15:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay right
21-Mar-2018 03:15:PM by: matze276
@matze276 you want to query/loop on the array?
21-Mar-2018 03:15:PM by: maxime_tremblay
is there anything similar to apex_string.split if you don’t have apex installed in your database? maybe some UTL package?
21-Mar-2018 03:14:PM by: matze276
I just tried it and it was working correctly No record shown on page load, clicking on the search button showed all the records
21-Mar-2018 03:12:PM by: maxime_tremblay
21-Mar-2018 03:12:PM by: moathbattah
Do you have another solution?
21-Mar-2018 03:11:PM by: moathbattah
@maxime_tremblay thank you , I tried this solution but it did not work.
21-Mar-2018 03:10:PM by: moathbattah
@pmpartners have you tried this: ```function( options ) { options.xAxis.titleStyle = "font-size:20;font-weight:bold;color:red;"; return options; } ``` details from here:
21-Mar-2018 02:38:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@moathbattah try this create a page item (e.g. P1_ACTIVE) create a computation on it (after footer) that sets its value to 'Y' in your grid's query add this where clause `nvl(:P1_ACTIVE, 'N') = 'Y'` what this does is that the grid will be rendered (at that point the item's value is still null, so you'll get no records) then when it's refreshed, it will display corresponding records
21-Mar-2018 02:36:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Anyone know how I can change the font size for x axis labels. I have been investigating the advance JavaScript option but having a hard time nailing down the correct object to modify. I am using Jet
21-Mar-2018 02:17:PM by: pmpartners
21-Mar-2018 11:29:AM by: moathbattah
Oracle apex interactive report without initial data or Without Fetch data but fetch by filter
21-Mar-2018 11:29:AM by: moathbattah
Hey guys ,I am working on apex migration from 4.2 version to 5.1.. I can see lots of pvt reports created by user in the mean time since we started development, now we would like to import those pvt reports into new 5.1 version. Is there any way I can do this apart from creating manually looking at metadata of IR reports.Thanks
21-Mar-2018 07:22:AM by: ashwinrao
oh interesting, good to know
20-Mar-2018 08:29:PM by: trevorh
the problem is that the IR gets the value from the session state and that the item's source is only setting the value for the item itself but not in session state
20-Mar-2018 08:28:PM by: maxime_tremblay
and fixed :+1: thanks @maxime_tremblay
20-Mar-2018 08:27:PM by: trevorh
@trevorh try setting the item's value using a computation or process before or after header
20-Mar-2018 08:24:PM by: maxime_tremblay
The P1_COL_HEADING item is in a region before the report and it's value is set by a PL/SQL Function Body in it's Source
20-Mar-2018 08:23:PM by: trevorh
This is on Apex 5.1.1
20-Mar-2018 08:23:PM by: trevorh
This is working fine, but on the report, if you go to Actions -> Select Columns" the column name is blank.
20-Mar-2018 08:19:PM by: trevorh
I'm using the &P1_COL_HEADING. syntax as the value for a "Heading" of a column in an Interactive Report.
20-Mar-2018 08:18:PM by: trevorh
@shaun.mauer thanks. now it works
19-Mar-2018 04:38:PM by: iamasgor
@iamasgor Can the tomcat user navigate to that file, it needs to be able to execute through the directories in the path to get to the file to be able to read it, not just permissions on the file
19-Mar-2018 09:59:AM by: shaun.mauer
but still getting `oracle.dbtools.common.UnrecoverableException: /home/oracle/ords/conf/app/defaults.xml (Permission denied`
19-Mar-2018 09:58:AM by: iamasgor
and conf dir permission is `-rwxrwxrwx 1 tomcat tomcat 1614 Mar 19 08:48 defaults.xml`
19-Mar-2018 09:57:AM by: iamasgor

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