Maybe you can solve it with a region plugin?
19-Oct-2017 08:15:PM by: sclauss
That's it - the solution I looked for, thx
19-Oct-2017 08:13:PM by: sclauss
What condition u r using to filter in report query? Will this query work in sql developer/sql workshop by passing same parameter?
19-Oct-2017 07:00:PM by: ashwinrao
I tried it and it didnt work , maybe i didnt translate the right message. Do you know what is the message for delete dialog from interactive grid row?
19-Oct-2017 06:18:AM by: liorvi
19-Oct-2017 06:14:AM by: liorvi
It’s is *NOT* okay to post on every channel! Almost everybody is on all channels. Avoid getting kicked out.
19-Oct-2017 03:36:AM by: rimblas
Hi everyone I am from Munich, DE and have some free time to participate and contribute on any APEX project free of cost. feel free to contact me on
18-Oct-2017 11:34:PM by: wamarobert316
I would expect the multiple values to be a colon delimited list of values (you can have a look at the session state to make sure of it)
18-Oct-2017 08:11:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay in my where clause right now. Column_name in (:apex_dropdown) I thought that is how i receive multi filters to 1 column?
18-Oct-2017 08:07:PM by: alatimore
@alatimore I would suspect a problem in the where clause of your report
18-Oct-2017 07:38:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello I am trying to use a DropDown Select box to filter a Report. Everything works fine. But when I turn it into a Multi-Select drop down is when I have the problem. When I select more than one in the dropdown the report goes blanket. I wanted to know how I can fix this issue?
18-Oct-2017 06:58:PM by: alatimore
Hi when I try to edit page using page designer in apex 5 getting error No page or page has no template. Able to edit page in legacy component view
18-Oct-2017 06:04:PM by: pritham9
How to use a #treeView region as a checkbox tree : my solution explained here.
18-Oct-2017 04:50:PM by: jjmahe
Dear friends, could you please tell me why sometimes an editable interactive grid does not allow user to change data? Cells are disabled and I cannot change anything, it's boring.
18-Oct-2017 03:19:PM by: franklin.jr
@cczarski I cannot express myself in fluent german but I understand it a bit as I am south brazilian. Will take a look at it right now. Thanks for helping!
18-Oct-2017 02:29:PM by: franklin.jr
@cremy Well that´s one solution :smile:
18-Oct-2017 12:53:PM by: apex_student
Hello, can anybody say how can i change chart label (foce two line) like --> label<br/>label
18-Oct-2017 11:07:AM by: kristjanvall
Focus on the second part of the document.
18-Oct-2017 09:58:AM by: cczarski
It's in german language, so you might use Google Translate.
18-Oct-2017 09:58:AM by: cczarski
@franklin.jr I'd go with a custom Image Display routine. There is a how to document describing this here.
18-Oct-2017 09:58:AM by: cczarski
18-Oct-2017 07:13:AM by: cremy
@cremy So you don´t use the upload wizard at all?
18-Oct-2017 06:52:AM by: apex_student
Thanks for this. But i find a solution which is working for my case. I´ve created a Item( Textarea) and my plsql block is looking like this: DECLARE l_vc_arr2 APEX_APPLICATION_GLOBAL.VC_ARR2; BEGIN l_vc_arr2 := APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE(:P1_NEW, chr(10)); FOR z IN 1..l_vc_arr2.count LOOP dbms_output.put_line(z||':'||l_vc_arr2(z)); htp.p(l_vc_arr2(z)); Insert into testing (testing) values(l_vc_arr2(z)); END LOOP; END;
18-Oct-2017 05:31:AM by: cremy
Another problem is that I have to embed an image in a HTML text column. I have a report, it is based on a table, and it has 2 important columns, one with plain text and other with an image. I need to combine both into a single column, that is, plain text comes above and its associated image comes below. Showing text is easy, but APEX_UTIL.get_blob_file_src relies on a page item which is not the case here. Which HTML tags should I use in this case, and how to combine it with the correct Oracle SQL instruction? Thanks in advance.
18-Oct-2017 02:09:AM by: franklin.jr
Thanks @spujol and @maik.michel for your help. I was in a hurry when I read your replies but I couldn't forget to say thanks.
18-Oct-2017 02:04:AM by: franklin.jr
Create an interactive report and refresh it every few seconds or so using timeinterval js function
17-Oct-2017 05:12:PM by: ashwinrao
@franklin.jr You can trigger a timeout function to refresh a region like
17-Oct-2017 02:42:PM by: spujol
you can refer to this:
17-Oct-2017 01:05:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Not the best solution but it works :slightly_smiling_face:
17-Oct-2017 01:00:PM by: apex_student
@cremy I searched for that too, but apparently these pages are needed for mapping etc. I just implemented an autosubmit on these middle pages (`JavaScript onLoad apex.submit('NEXT');`), disabled all items so the user can´t change anything and changed the background with `html {background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7);}`
17-Oct-2017 12:59:PM by: apex_student
how i can translate the APEXIR_DELETE_CONFIRM_JS_DIALOG to hebrew?
17-Oct-2017 12:02:PM by: liorvi
17-Oct-2017 12:01:PM by: liorvi
Someone knows how to make the dataupload wizard smaler ? I need only one page with a copy paste function and upload the data directly without the other pages
17-Oct-2017 11:03:AM by: cremy
Hi, is there any chance to get the whole executed SQL from the debug trace?
17-Oct-2017 10:16:AM by: matze276
Hello everyone , how can I access database privileges in oracle apex in order to monitor the database .
17-Oct-2017 08:25:AM by: akashbr
@franklin.jr Hi, you have to use websockets for that. On you will find some nice plugins using this technology.
17-Oct-2017 04:47:AM by: maik.michel
Dear friends, I am developing a page where its user expects to dynamically see any new content that was inserted/updated without manually refreshing the page with F5. It is a board which will work like a "chat" page. Could you please tell me how can this be achieved in APEX 5? Thanks in advance.
17-Oct-2017 04:16:AM by: franklin.jr
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking more in terms of defining the Page layout out with the items and then attaching it to a database element dynamically. i would prefer not to render the items from the pl/sql query.
16-Oct-2017 01:01:AM by: venkateshpr
@pranav_shah ..Thank you for your reply and solving my query.Now I am able to see my results ,the way I was expecting :blush:
14-Oct-2017 08:18:PM by: niks.sindwani

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