well it seems its back online again
29-Apr-2017 04:46:AM by: farzadso
is under maintenance for everyone?
29-Apr-2017 04:24:AM by: farzadso
@pritham9 that's exactly what I suggested, but he's not able to get to the template option modal @maik.michel if you are on 5.0, the modal page has no template options (the modal stretch option was introduced in 5.1), if you are on 5.1 make sure that you are using latest UT if you are not sure what version of the UT you are using, go to the shared components -> theme -> UT under the file section, you'll be able to see the version of the UT you are using, should be `/i/themes/theme_42/1.1/` if you see 1.0, then you'll need to refresh the theme by clicking on the "Refresh Theme" under the subscription section then you'll be able to select the template option :wink:
28-Apr-2017 08:35:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay I can't set the template options for the modal page. So I am not able to reach the property for activating the maximize-option...
28-Apr-2017 08:08:PM by: maik.michel
@eureka7 @pritham9 Thanks for comments. I will check these.
28-Apr-2017 05:11:PM by: ahamedna
@eureka7@ahamedna From the Administration list, click Monitor Activity. The Monitor Activity page features activity reports divided into the following sections: Page Views - Contains reports of page views organized by view, user, application, or application and page. Page View Analysis - Contains reports analyzing page views, such as top page views by application. Environment - Contains reports of environments organized by user agent, browser, external clicks, or operating system. Application Changes - Contains reports that track application changes by developer, day, or application. Sessions - Lists active sessions with the current workspace. Login Attempts - Contains reports listing login attempts. This report includes logins to: Application Express environment through the login pages for Oracle Application Express Administration Services or Oracle Application Express applications developed using Application Express that use the built-in session management facilities of Application Express Select a report to review.
28-Apr-2017 04:53:PM by: pritham9
@eureka7 @ahamedna i am not sure about time line. But easiest way is below
28-Apr-2017 04:52:PM by: pritham9
@ahamedna, @pritham9 I don't know whether they are available at any time don't they get deleted after sometime???
28-Apr-2017 04:49:PM by: eureka7
@ahamedna you can get it from apex_workspace_activity or from team development in application itself.
28-Apr-2017 04:48:PM by: pritham9
But I don't know if those data get flushed or not
28-Apr-2017 04:48:PM by: eureka7
@ahamedna I know the view APEX_WORKSPACE_ACTIVITY_LOG has all information about all page activities, and maybe you can query and fetch what you need. You can also have a look at some packaged application there is in admin section some reports about users activities, and try to check the code behind too
28-Apr-2017 04:47:PM by: eureka7
@maxime_tremblay Thanks for confirming. Noticed the above in db requirements.
28-Apr-2017 04:25:PM by: shabbin
@shabbin 5.1.1 is working fine on XE
28-Apr-2017 04:22:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi all, is it possible to know which page accessed most by users and which page took more time to respond?
28-Apr-2017 04:22:PM by: ahamedna
Hello, It happen sometimes in some sotuation that I can not figure out that the normal Apex action "Refresh does not work" I have this code onclick of a link in a report to update another report passing the ID of the current row ```onclick="ShowDetail(pId)" function ShowDetail(pId){ apex.item('P10_ID').setValue(pId); apex.event.trigger(document,'ShowDetail'); }``` In the custom DA 'ShowDetail' First I set the value in session (using plsql null;) And tried this but none worked: 1. normal action "Refresh" and selected the region from LOV 2. apex.event.trigger('#region_show_detail_id','ApexRefresh'); 3. $a_report($v('region_show_detail_id').substring(1),'1','999','999'); any help? thanks
28-Apr-2017 04:17:PM by: eureka7
Hi All, Is Apex 5.1.1 not supported on XE 11gR2 I see in prerequisites that apex5.1.1 supported only on if thats the case then cant we install on current XE version or do we have any workaround for this?
28-Apr-2017 04:15:PM by: shabbin
@maik.michel so are you saying that it's the modal's template option you can't set or the parent page's template option? because there's a template option for the modal that you can select to make it fullscreen
28-Apr-2017 12:58:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@swesley_perth from what I remember it was fine, I'll have a look at it and let you know if everything is working/displayed as expected
28-Apr-2017 12:57:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@pierre Hello, Pierre, do you know the solution?
28-Apr-2017 07:20:AM by: amaya
Hi @maxime_tremblay , remember the css fun with FontAPEX in 5.0? you have trouble using the FontAPEX on regular buttons in 5.0? I have an icon button using Icon CSS Classes, and it doesn't like the new icon set. I couldn't determine what would need modifying. Do you know?
28-Apr-2017 03:40:AM by: swesley_perth
@pierre yes, I want to set the height and width to maximum... And there is a checkbox for that...
27-Apr-2017 08:44:PM by: maik.michel
I have a problem with interactive grid in 5.1.0 and 5.1.1. When a report (privat / public) is saved and then I add a new column to the source, the saved reports doesn’t show this column and it doesn’t show up at actions / select columns when an existing report is active. I didn’t find a way to add the column without deleting the report and creating a new one. The primary report and there the select columns window shows the added column. Any ideas? Didn’t find the problem in the known issues.
27-Apr-2017 08:34:PM by: chriz_l
@amaya i can show the Picture. Please make it bigger
27-Apr-2017 05:52:PM by: pierre
@maik.michel DO you want to adjust the width and height for the Modal Dialog?
27-Apr-2017 05:43:PM by: pierre
@maxime_tremblay thanx for your Response, but that doesn't work either... All I wanted to do was to maximize the modal dialog on open... Any further ideas?
27-Apr-2017 05:38:PM by: maik.michel
What is it wrong?? please, help me!
27-Apr-2017 04:25:PM by: amaya
The application update 45 an not 4,5 as
27-Apr-2017 04:24:PM by: amaya
but , if I update to 4,5 as
27-Apr-2017 04:24:PM by: amaya
The button Action is in English, and the format numbers looks ok
27-Apr-2017 04:23:PM by: amaya
apparently it is works
27-Apr-2017 04:22:PM by: amaya
-> Database Session as:
27-Apr-2017 04:21:PM by: amaya
And changed in share componet -> security->security atributte
27-Apr-2017 04:21:PM by: amaya
Hello everyone, I have problem with NLS_NUMERIC_CHARCSET. I need my application in english for the button Action and menu belong to the Report Interactive. Bur I need ',.' as NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS, as in Spain. So I change the properties of application in Globalization.
27-Apr-2017 04:19:PM by: amaya
Hi All, Has anyone ever tried to integrate APEX with `Process Maker` which is an open source business process development software. It is a workflow automation tool?
27-Apr-2017 01:50:PM by: eureka7
Hi All, I am facing problem with column heading in IR.Column headings are showing correct in google chrome but i am not able to see column headings properly in internet explorer 11 version.Could you please tell me the solution to achieve this in internet explorer and other browsers also.Thanks
27-Apr-2017 05:18:AM by: kiran_deekonda
Hello All. Is it possible to set an Application Item value (Global Item) via a Dynamic Action? I am trying to select a value from a select list and populate it on a global variable that I can use throughout the application. The regular Set Value doesn't seem to work on Application Items. Thank you!
27-Apr-2017 04:35:AM by: abul_feed
@trent got it fixed.. Thanks mate
27-Apr-2017 04:33:AM by: farzadso

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