21-Feb-2017 06:31:AM by: farzadso
Hi everyone, I´m having trouble with german umlauts (äöü) in CSV-Exports. It seems that APEX is exporting the CSV-files as "UTF-8 without BOM" instead of "UTF-8" (at least thats what Notepad++ tells me). If I open this with Excel 2016 the umlauts are not displayed properly. If I convert the file to "UTF-8", everything is okay. I already tried the Option "Automatic CSV Encoding" in the "Globalization"-Options of the application. I´m using Application Express Mike
20-Feb-2017 01:54:PM by: apex_student
Hello, Is there a way to use IG url filters? Or PL/SQL filters after headers loaded. Kristjan
19-Feb-2017 12:52:PM by: kristjanvall
Hi, Just wanted to share an experience with everyone While updating 5.0.2 to 5.1 i ran into a problem, the schema got created, but some resources were busy so the script failed in some sections thanks to Jason Straub's blog post ( I fixed the issue by running the code he provided and by ultimately running DROP USER APEX_050100 CASCADE; I got reverted to my previous state. Stopped my database listener, stopped all connections (by shutting down the database and starting it up again) [just to make sure nothing goes wrong again]. Ran the script again, and no problems occurred.
19-Feb-2017 08:10:AM by: farzadso
how can i disable the Actions menu in an IG while keeping the save/add buttons ?
18-Feb-2017 04:33:PM by: unficyp
@mike286 probably related to ACL. The database is not allowed to connect to the outside world, while the browser is. You rather add this server to your ACL or make the request happend from the client side (javascript).
17-Feb-2017 06:53:PM by: lucashir
I have a restful webservice question: Here is what I want to do: I will need to call an outside restful service which will accept an xml data, so I need to call it and post an xml data over. Here is my procedure: create or replace procedure ccadmin.ssc_rest_create_rg(env_id varchar2 default 'xxx', region_id varchar2 default 'xxxx',rg_name varchar2,wwid varchar2,BCRC varchar2,out_status out varchar2) is l_clob clob; in_xml clob; begin in_xml :='<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <entry xmlns:d="" xmlns:m="" xmlns=""> <content type="application/xml"> <m:properties> <d:RunbookId m:type="Edm.Guid">ENV_ID</d:RunbookId> <d:RunbookServers>ACDCSWPAPP593;ACDCSWPAPP594</d:RunbookServers> <d:Parameters><![CDATA[<Data> <Parameter><ID>someid</ID><Value>REGION_ID</Value></Parameter> <Parameter><ID>someid</ID><Value>RG_NAME</Value></Parameter> <Parameter><ID>someid</ID><Value>WWID</Value></Parameter> <Parameter><ID>someid</ID><Value>BCRC</Value></Parameter> </Data>]]></d:Parameters> </m:properties> </content> </entry>'; in_xml:=replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(in_xml,'ENV_ID',env_id),'REGION_ID',region_id),'RG_NAME',rg_name),'WWID',wwid),'BCRC',bcrc); -- apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).name := 'Content-Type'; -- apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).value := 'application/xml'; l_clob:=APEX_WEB_SERVICE.MAKE_REST_REQUEST( p_url =>'', p_http_method =>'POST', p_username =>'ced\username', p_password =>'password', p_body =>in_xml); out_status:=substr(l_clob,1,4000); end; the question is that when I call it, I am getting 401 - Unauthorized error. While when I called it directly form browser, it works. Anything I was missing? thanks
17-Feb-2017 04:35:PM by: mike286
Hello there,
17-Feb-2017 04:28:PM by: mike286
Hey @kristjanvall, I'm sorry but I didn't get it... maybe some draw might help. I can't see the picture you're saying about groups, oracle users table and log in to computers. As far I know a computer login account isn't linked at all to oracle user account nor even to apex users login.
16-Feb-2017 07:21:PM by: trevis
@trevis Hi, if a user logs into app. It will create a group where can other users join. But only if they are in the same room (same computer). i wonder if it is possible to use oracle users table for that, beacuse i have looked, and only one user can log in to the computer not two or more. I hope u get the explaination, if not i think i can draw some photohsop file of that problem.
16-Feb-2017 05:40:PM by: kristjanvall
kristjanvall: Hey, I am not sure if I understood that part where other users can join to his/her group but only in his/her browser only. Could you elaborate a little bit more?
16-Feb-2017 05:19:PM by: trevis
Thank you for the continous help :slightly_smiling_face:
16-Feb-2017 07:03:AM by: akashbr
@roelhartman @maxime_tremblay thanks for the continuous help :slightly_smiling_face: i went with differentiating the two by schema name.
16-Feb-2017 06:57:AM by: zootolo
Hello all, I have i question about login multiple users into one apex app. Like making group first log in to the app and others can join to his/her group but only in his/her browser only. I have looked this kind of solution for long time, but any good solution i haven't found. I maid some examples, but they all have some kind of problems, i would like to use apex user accounts not self made tables. Best regards, Kristjan
15-Feb-2017 10:14:PM by: kristjanvall
got it, Thank you very much, have a great day
15-Feb-2017 04:13:PM by: castrogeneris
There’s a scheduled batch job that sends emails on a regular interval.
15-Feb-2017 04:03:PM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman so it tooked 10 minutes after start date/time
15-Feb-2017 04:01:PM by: castrogeneris
@roelhartman I received it! at 10:00 my time
15-Feb-2017 04:00:PM by: castrogeneris
@roelhartman and when should I receive the reporte?
15-Feb-2017 03:55:PM by: castrogeneris
Like that and then pick “daily"
15-Feb-2017 03:51:PM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman jajaja, great recomendation, if I want the report be sent in the following 5 or 10 minutes what would you put on start date and end date; I tryied, Start Date: 15-FEB-2017 09:50, end date: 15-FEB-2017 21:55, my current time is 15-FEB-2017 9:49
15-Feb-2017 03:49:PM by: castrogeneris
note that the email was used to login into the app and that they were not able to change it
15-Feb-2017 03:08:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello all, Can someone help me with installation of `ApexLib framework`. I want to see the codes inside apex like in an editor. I downloaded the zip file and unzipped but then I have a whole bunch of files. If I remember before it was possible to just drag and drop on the apex builder to have it ready to use. I don't find any readme document neither. Now how do I proceed ? I am using Apex 4.2.5
15-Feb-2017 03:07:PM by: eureka7
@lcw here what I did a while ago ```l_password = rawtohex(sys.dbms_crypto.hash ( sys.utl_raw.cast_to_raw(p_password||l_user_pk||l_email), sys.dbms_crypto.hash_md5 ))``` this was on a 11g database, but sine you're on 12C you could/should use a difference hash type the above ensures that even if two users have the same password, the hash will be different
15-Feb-2017 03:06:PM by: maxime_tremblay
If you want the output “NOW”, you better download the HTML output. But why not set it to 5 minutes from now, grab a coffee and check after that?
15-Feb-2017 02:51:PM by: roelhartman
Any authentication experts out there to offer some guidance? :+1:
15-Feb-2017 02:46:PM by: lcw
Hi @roelhartman mail queu is clean, I can sen email from apex; subscriptions are not sent though. If I want to receice the email right now, what would be the start date (an time) and end date (and time) you would set; perhaps is the parameters I putting.
15-Feb-2017 02:38:PM by: castrogeneris
Use the apex views to aid you in the QA of the app.
15-Feb-2017 02:36:PM by: roelhartman
The application which i want to create will be developed by many developers so I was planning to restrict few properties and create a template for them,do you any suggestions for me on this
15-Feb-2017 02:03:PM by: akashbr
No. Only by telling them not to. There’s nothing wrong with subregions though....
15-Feb-2017 01:57:PM by: roelhartman
roelhartman: Tahnk you for helping me out,Is there any way to restrict my developers not to add subregions inside a region
15-Feb-2017 01:56:PM by: akashbr
@rogerpilkey Thank You :smile:
15-Feb-2017 01:55:PM by: cremy
@cremy: Firefox 51 broke Anycharts:
15-Feb-2017 01:45:PM by: rogerpilkey
However, you can use the APEX Views to monitor the use of certain components. It’s just a SQL query ....
15-Feb-2017 01:39:PM by: roelhartman
akashbr: If they are REAL plugins, you can just got to the Plugin definition in “Shared Components”, click on the Plugin and press delete. But somehow I’ve got the feeling you would like to disable standard things like “Select List” or “Classic Report”. I don’t even want to know why … and you can’t “uninstall” those.
15-Feb-2017 01:39:PM by: roelhartman
Hi with firefox i have a strange behavior html charts are not displayed normaly with internet explorer everything is fine
15-Feb-2017 01:30:PM by: cremy
Hi,How can i uninstall the default plugins from APEX.I don't want my developer to add some regions and items to the frontend.Thank you in advance
15-Feb-2017 01:28:PM by: akashbr
@zootolo something like one of these ```SELECT sys_context('USERENV','INSTANCE_NAME') as instance_name, sys_context('USERENV','DB_NAME') AS db_name, sys_context('USERENV','DB_UNIQUE_NAME') AS db_unique_name FROM dual;``` this could also be useful:
15-Feb-2017 12:45:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello, in an IG I have 2 columns (key and label[lookup]). Is there any possibility to handle it like in Forms? For example: user types "key" in given field and label is filled by code (that is what works so far)... BUT: I need a button or lov-popup for searching the right label, when the user doesn't know the key. Any Ideas? thanks
15-Feb-2017 12:25:PM by: maik.michel
@zootolo I had to do that as well for clients. One client wrapped the apex mail in there own send mail procedure they were checking for the instance name for other logic. The other client had a system parameter table for environment specific variable. Depending on how your application is setup one might be easier than the other. Maybe you could create a function like get_instance_name that would return the instance name except for prod and you could use it to set an application item and use it in your process. Many ways to do it :wink:
15-Feb-2017 12:21:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Then I would go for App Items. Store the “environment” in a table (like “system_params” or similar). Or deduct the environment from the database name. And fill the App Item on a new session.
15-Feb-2017 09:05:AM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman thanks for the reply, I thought about using substitution strings and app items, but I'd have to change the value everytime I import the application(can be easily done, but also easily forgotten). Is there something that I can do on the workspace level? or even apex_admin level? thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
15-Feb-2017 06:37:AM by: zootolo
@zootolo use a substitution string (like #ENV# in your subject line. Fill that string with the appropriate value when installing the app. An Application Item will work as well.
15-Feb-2017 06:28:AM by: roelhartman
@castrogeneris check your apex mail queue and/or the mail log. Is your message there? Is there an error? My guess: ACL is not set up correctly.
15-Feb-2017 06:26:AM by: roelhartman
@zootolo you have to configure your mail server in the Instance Settings. Then after sending an email (using apex_mail) check the mail queue. If there's something wrong you'll see the error there. Probably have to configure the ACL settings in the database too.
15-Feb-2017 06:25:AM by: roelhartman
Hello, I have 2 copies of the same application. One in a testing environment and the other being in a production environment(the one to be released to the public). And in the application, there is a process that sends an e-mail. I'd like to change the mail's subject(adding "test" to the one in the test environment) depending on the environment. What is the best way to do this? It'd be best if this "variable" that does the branching is outside the scope of the application. So I can just use 1 code and simply export -> import. APEX Ver. 5.0.4 thanks
15-Feb-2017 06:18:AM by: zootolo
Hi, How can I use IR subscriptions, If I want to test to receive one just now, what start and end date should I set? I tested same date with some minutes of difference but no email received. I know email server setup is well configured at the instance settings... thanks
15-Feb-2017 03:56:AM by: castrogeneris

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