You need to provide bit more information as you want to control data by user, dept, organisation region etc. As apex by itself has no inbuilt functionality for data view restriction. Also you wanted to implement in new application or existing application. Please provide all the requirements.
14-Mar-2018 08:38:AM by: pkpanda
Hello @lsurana, you can create a customized table lets call it (user_groups) and configure the users and their categories within this table, then you check with the query to allow only specific user's groups to see the data or not. thats on data level, you can use Authentication scheme on Pages, regions level.
13-Mar-2018 11:36:AM by: qais_a.ibrahim
Hi, what will best practice to have data security in APEX. Am not saying Authorization. I want specific data only visible to specific user , admin will able to full data. Only SQL where clause is option ? or is any best option for data security ?
13-Mar-2018 11:00:AM by: lsurana
APEX 18.1 EA2 is now available @
12-Mar-2018 06:14:PM by: orcl_dpeake
@lsurana You need to look at using Kerberos authentication. @nielsdb Has written an article - documenting the steps required. It works, I am using it on multiple application in a production environment
12-Mar-2018 08:33:AM by: shaun.mauer
@qais_a.ibrahim How we get user name password default and redirect automatically to application. There will be no login screen. Please guide
12-Mar-2018 07:33:AM by: lsurana
@qais_a.ibrahim Hi Thanks. LDAP authentication is working fine for me. We looking no login screen option, default need to take from system user name password like Oracle Single sign on works. Looking solution for this.
12-Mar-2018 07:32:AM by: lsurana
@lsurana you can use the active directory and setup the passwords there, the APEX_LDAP package will handle the rest read more:
12-Mar-2018 07:28:AM by: qais_a.ibrahim
@maxime_tremblay many thanks for this interesting link
12-Mar-2018 07:27:AM by: thkl
please guide
12-Mar-2018 06:51:AM by: lsurana
Hi All, one more question related to SSO, we configured to LDAP which working fine. But user dont want to put user name password again, need to use windows system password directly
12-Mar-2018 06:51:AM by: lsurana
Hi All, i want to know Team Development feature in APEX. Can 2 or 3 developer work on same application simultaneously. ? please guide
12-Mar-2018 06:16:AM by: lsurana
Hey Everyone! I love to use the Interactive Grid. But when the users save private Reports I always get the error ORA-06502. Does someone know what I can do to fix this error?
11-Mar-2018 05:37:PM by: martin_wolz
and not able to create any objects its saying SYSTEM not having privilages
11-Mar-2018 12:35:PM by: lsurana
we migrated to 12c structure little getting confuse to me, am not able to find apex_mail package
11-Mar-2018 12:35:PM by: lsurana
Anybody having install APEX on 12c
11-Mar-2018 12:34:PM by: lsurana
11-Mar-2018 12:34:PM by: lsurana
11-Mar-2018 08:05:AM by: priyaarora.280
its working fine in
11-Mar-2018 08:01:AM by: qais_a.ibrahim
i didn't noticed that, which apex version do u use?
11-Mar-2018 08:01:AM by: qais_a.ibrahim
The column name in query used is "CPT_COST_PER_TEMPLATE" In the label it is 'Cost/Theme$' Apex is treating '/' it as a character and changing it's value from'/' to '&#x2F'
11-Mar-2018 07:55:AM by: priyaarora.280
Hello , i guess you need to change the column name in the query itself (the last column) , you can use column aliases in the IR
11-Mar-2018 07:52:AM by: qais_a.ibrahim
Does anyone here that has ever documented an APEX Application has a Word or Google Doc *template* to start with? I saw an old presentation from Dietmar about *auto-documentation*, but I think the solution is not available.
09-Mar-2018 06:07:PM by: sandrogfr
@thkl I did a blogpost about this not too long ago, might be of some help to you:
09-Mar-2018 05:45:PM by: maxime_tremblay
many thanks
09-Mar-2018 03:37:PM by: thkl
@thkl you need to change the Application Primary Language. For example, en-gb uses Monday as the first day of the week.
09-Mar-2018 03:34:PM by: craigsykes
Hello, I am looking for a way to change the data-picker so, that it shows the Monday in the first column instead of the sunday, Is there a way?
09-Mar-2018 02:54:PM by: thkl
Does anyone know why the colour #ED7000 doesn't save in theme roller? It seems to switch to #ED6F00 every time on a couple of environments. I can set the correct one using CSS, but not theme roller.
09-Mar-2018 11:21:AM by: craigsykes
Just a normal interactive report showing a list of the documents already uploaded
08-Mar-2018 03:41:PM by: jeanparadis
@jeanparadis do you have an interactive report on your page? or is that custom JS code on your page/app?
08-Mar-2018 03:33:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Thanks Maxime. I always forget about this. There is an error on a IR report about setTableHeadersAsFixed being undefined
08-Mar-2018 03:10:PM by: jeanparadis
@jeanparadis if you look at the console, do you see any javascript error?
08-Mar-2018 03:07:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I have an application (Application Express with a dozen pages or so. All of them display the Apex toolbar at the bottom except 2 of them. Those 2 pages have a "File Browse" item of them. Do you know what would prevent the toolbar from showing?
08-Mar-2018 02:59:PM by: jeanparadis
It returns the Interactive Report but not the Interactive Grid
07-Mar-2018 02:35:PM by: vjekoslav
Hello @vjekoslav. Have you tried the function APEX_IR.GET_REPORT ? The object returned contains the sql query
07-Mar-2018 11:04:AM by: benjamin_dng
Hello, how can I get the activ query of an interactive grid
06-Mar-2018 08:43:PM by: vjekoslav

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