ok, Lucas
26-Mar-2017 08:36:PM by: amaya
This will be probably the best approach.... keep in touch and maybe until tomorrow, someone has a better idea. :stuck_out_tongue:
26-Mar-2017 07:53:PM by: lucashir
Lucas, tomorrow I will build an application with my problem, and I send you the url, and we can see together. if you don't mind...
26-Mar-2017 07:48:PM by: amaya
1 .editable interactive report. 2. jquery selectors, more or less!
26-Mar-2017 07:31:PM by: amaya
mmm.... Is there any way I can see the page or is for internal use only? You have an editable interactive report or you have a tabular form? My approach would be to first identify the focused item. Are you familiar with jQuery selectors?
26-Mar-2017 07:29:PM by: lucashir
Thanks Lucas, how can i implement that solution? i don't know how to use a cookies,, can you tell me how do that?
26-Mar-2017 07:21:PM by: amaya
@amaya not sure if understand your problem, but you may want to write down in a cookie, the ID of the element with focus (let said every time the focus changed, the cookie is updated) and onLoad just read the cookie and set the focus...
26-Mar-2017 07:19:PM by: lucashir
26-Mar-2017 07:14:PM by: amaya
Hello, I'm new here!!, I have a problem (Oracle APEX 5.0.4) with a custom interactive report, with more than 15 columns, and when the customer wants to input or change a value in columns an after that click the submit button, the focus go to the start row, and they want to keep the focus, where they are before submit page. How can do that? Thanks
26-Mar-2017 07:07:PM by: amaya
@danielbarros check the "attribute" menu under the classic/interactive report you want to change... (in apex 5/5.1 in the left panel)
26-Mar-2017 11:38:AM by: lucashir
How do I enter Report Attributes in the new version of Apex? Before I could edit the region and then in Region Definition. Beside it was the Report Attributes menu.
25-Mar-2017 09:45:PM by: danielbarros
25-Mar-2017 06:50:PM by: avhrst
Does anyone know if there are there any keyboard shortcuts to Navigate in an Interactive Grid? e.g. Bottom (last row)/Top (first row)
24-Mar-2017 09:52:PM by: gaspar
Think its this guys @iranapex
24-Mar-2017 03:06:PM by: turntablez
@trent Thanks for the heads up on the quotes. Fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face:
24-Mar-2017 02:02:PM by: christoph
i downloaded this plugin from "iranapex-Apex-EasyPieChart-v1.1-0-g1591a3c" and there is no documentation of this plugin that how can i use this ... guide me if someone used this plugin before
24-Mar-2017 12:30:PM by: ahmed193
Another informative post, @christoph :slightly_smiling_face:. Just FYI, your code block seems to have converted quotes `"` to the HTML escape sequence (`"`).. e.g `var ig$ = apex.region("emps").widget();`
24-Mar-2017 11:31:AM by: trent
24-Mar-2017 08:43:AM by: turntablez
do anyone know any website where i can see theme with different color combination ?
24-Mar-2017 07:46:AM by: ahmed193
@vinayak_san A lot of sms gateways provide an API. e.g.
24-Mar-2017 07:27:AM by: trent
worst thing is it does not happen for all IR in the same application.
24-Mar-2017 05:55:AM by: lschilde
friends, how to implementing SMS intigration in APEX, Is there any link for reference
24-Mar-2017 04:25:AM by: vinayak_san
Bulk Updating Interactive Grid Records
23-Mar-2017 06:25:PM by: christoph
I managed to solve it by creating an ID field which value(s) comes from a sequence in a before trigger table. Also, this ID is my primary key on Apex page, even though my real PK is based on two other columns. I also stopped using ROWID as primary key. In my customized PL/SQL routine, I am returning each newly inserted ID into a variable which will return to PL/SQL routine of my editable interactive grid.
23-Mar-2017 05:42:PM by: franklin.jr
Dear friends, a small but boring problem with some editable interactive grids. Sometimes I have a "no data found" error after creating new rows and saving data, and I can't find its reason. Is there any common reason for that? Some details might help you: Apex 5.1, table has its PK (two fields). I tried using these fields, and also ROWID, to uniquely identify them. It executes a PL/SQL code for each row because there's some business logic to test before saving, so my DML is manual. Please notice I did some debugging but it is still not clear to me. (It updates with no problems, error comes while inserting.) Thanks in advance for your help.
23-Mar-2017 03:41:PM by: franklin.jr
Yes, you´re right, that was a bad idea... I think the only right solution is the one that @turntablez suggested
23-Mar-2017 11:54:AM by: apex_student
Tomorrow there will be a planned outage. Slack is not affected though.
23-Mar-2017 09:29:AM by: juergen.schuster
Question about the "new" browser requirements for apex 5.1 _"Oracle Application Express supports the current and prior major release of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge."_ What exactly does _"current and prior major release"_ mean? Is it possible / necessary to show a "browser outdated" warning? How to implement that without the now desupported browser condition types?
23-Mar-2017 07:33:AM by: sclauss
@apex_student AFAIK, the application alias is only used for the initial connection to the app, then the app ID is used. At least it seems to work that way with my apps. If you tried this, you'd also have to change any PREPARE_URL commands so they use the alias.
23-Mar-2017 01:38:AM by: sstryker58
@maxime_tremblay @dgielis Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
22-Mar-2017 09:42:PM by: trent
@trent and yes it's on May 24th as @dgielis said
22-Mar-2017 09:21:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I thought it was May 24th
22-Mar-2017 08:11:PM by: dgielis
@urhlednik I just stumble on this plugin, which you might find helpful Pretius Client Side Validation (1.1) by @bostrowski it's on
22-Mar-2017 04:50:PM by: maxime_tremblay
creating a page process of type "Reset Pagination" doesn't work with IR?
22-Mar-2017 03:01:PM by: pichalite
@urhlednik you could do it using a PL/SQL DA that would set/return a count into an item, then you could have another javascript action that would check if the count equals 0, and if not display an error message The validation should also be done on server side to make sure nothing was created in the meantime You can have a look at the and apex.item API references, you might be able to leverage some of the functions
22-Mar-2017 01:57:PM by: maxime_tremblay
i have next question: with client side live validation -> live checkup if item exist in database before you submit values -- "on the fly" -- i found how to validate regex expression live before submit but have not found how to validate items live if it matches with database record for certain item. thanks for any hints..
22-Mar-2017 01:08:PM by: urhlednik
Has anyone observed report pages in apex that take a very long time? When trapping the query in Enterprise Manager I see a PL./SQL block that does NOT match the query on the page. The PL/SQL block looks like something internal to Apex and begins with declare rc__ number; simple_list__ owa_util.vc_arr; complex_list__ owa_util.vc_arr; begin...
22-Mar-2017 01:06:PM by: bille67
@shaun.mauer Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
22-Mar-2017 08:38:AM by: cremy
@cremy check the APEX_UTIL API
22-Mar-2017 08:33:AM by: shaun.mauer
hi, in which tables is the data from the manage users and groups section ? and can i normaly update the data with plsql ? I have an application, and a superuser should update groups from a user or insert a new user
22-Mar-2017 08:11:AM by: cremy
22-Mar-2017 07:13:AM by: shaun.mauer
@ritika @roelhartman @maxime_tremblay dont forget the DA actions are now asynchronous, another option would be one Javascript action that disables the buttons (using jquery), performs an AJAX callback to the PL/SQL procedure and then enables the buttons again (using jquery)
22-Mar-2017 07:12:AM by: shaun.mauer
...well all the values of the selected rows
22-Mar-2017 03:19:AM by: castrogeneris

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