Hi @all, I started a thread at the Oracle Community. I'd be happy to gather some opinions on it: It's about APEX 5.1 and the renaming of the name attribute. Thanks for your attention :+1:
23-Aug-2017 11:04:AM by: jennifer
@ketan_madhak1191 i guess you had already tried it so what are the issues you are facing ? Or any error ?
23-Aug-2017 10:35:AM by: ravi
Hello.Is there any way we can create <form> element in static region of standard page template without affecting UI and page submission?
23-Aug-2017 07:09:AM by: ketan_madhak1191
ORDS can also be deployed in standalone mode, it does not need to be deployed to an application server
23-Aug-2017 06:42:AM by: shaun.mauer
OHS does have a connection pool, but management of it is very limited. You cannot control the min , max connections. All you can do is define the timeout for dead connections.
23-Aug-2017 06:41:AM by: shaun.mauer
@trevis Apparently it is ORDS standalone the last I heard - No app server used
23-Aug-2017 06:34:AM by: shaun.mauer
Hi all Is it possible to have nested reports kind of drill down, something similar to this plugin but in APEX 4.2.5, anything close to that?
22-Aug-2017 09:00:PM by: eureka7
Is there any restriction you aren't using ORDS? Deploying it on Tomcat or GlassFish is pretty straight forward.
22-Aug-2017 05:24:PM by: trevis
You're right, ORDS has a connection pool because you need to deploy it in an application server, OHS doesn't.
22-Aug-2017 05:24:PM by: trevis
Are you aware that starting with the 12.1.3 Oracle HTTP Server (OHS), the mod_plsql feature has been deprecated?
22-Aug-2017 05:23:PM by: trevis
@trevis Not when using OHS. ORDS has a connection pool.
22-Aug-2017 05:19:PM by: pmik76
Buen día, alguien sabe como poner el icono de validación al login de Apex?
22-Aug-2017 03:43:PM by: galeanomario
Hey folks, just for curiosity does someone know which app server has's ORDS been deployed?
22-Aug-2017 03:39:PM by: trevis
@pmik76 Petros, you'll really want to look into firewall and/or network routing technologies that can assist by blocking repeated requests from the same server. DoS attacks are difficult to address after the requests have already been handed off to OHS/ORDS (I'm assuming you are using ORDS? Are you?). The easiest way to fix them is to not have the requests come into the server in the first place. If you have a login page that is slow to respond, you could be contributing to the problem. You don't say if these are actual DoS attacks, or if this is just a few users clicking a login link over and over because they are tired of waiting...
22-Aug-2017 02:13:PM by: rich.soule
@thomas something like this happens when the title is empty. Usually if you leave the Title attribute of the page empty, the `span` with class `ui-dialog-title` would be filled with `&nbsp;`. If you somehow override this to _nothing_ it looks like this.
22-Aug-2017 12:10:PM by: jennifer
Firefox and Chrome, I haven't tested others. Which cases? I guess it might be depending on the content of the blob.
22-Aug-2017 10:52:AM by: jennifer
22-Aug-2017 05:55:AM by: pmik76
Hello. Any ideas how to protect an APEX installation from attacks? Using OHS and Oracle 11gR2 RAC. Every login attempt results in a session to the database, until sessions are excausted and RAC becomes unusable and unresponsive.
22-Aug-2017 05:50:AM by: pmik76
@jb I'd check for character set conversion issues. When you did the export from one service what character set is a) the database where you are exporting using?, b) the OS where you are doing the export using?, c) the database where you are importing using?, and d) the OS where you are doing the import using? Since the databases are, almost surely, using AL32UTF8 as the character set, I'd make sure that I had an environment variable set so that there wasn't any conversion done on my client... Check this out for some more information about what might be happening:
21-Aug-2017 04:51:PM by: rich.soule
Hi all...I checked community forum also. There is no clear cut example.. pls help me if you have come across such requirements.
21-Aug-2017 11:09:AM by: mehulpandya82
Is it possible to get data-idx value in IG for particular Col ?
21-Aug-2017 05:00:AM by: ravi
I produce an export datapump from Schema as service then import the dump file to DBaaS DB using workspace import wizard. The final step on the workspace import wizard produces this error:
21-Aug-2017 03:02:AM by: jb
Has anyone successfully migrated APEX app and data from Cloud Schema Service (uses EE DB edition) to Cloud DBaaS database (uses SE DB edition) ?
21-Aug-2017 03:00:AM by: jb
Hi All, is there any example of using Odata Web Service in Oracle Apex 5
20-Aug-2017 01:55:PM by: mehulpandya82
Which cases? Which browsers?
18-Aug-2017 02:30:PM by: dmcghan
Can you clarify this: "In some cases, the browser seems to think the response is a JSON and throws an error because JSON parsing fails."
18-Aug-2017 02:29:PM by: dmcghan
Very strange. It should work fine. At this point, I'd have to try to reproduce.
18-Aug-2017 02:29:PM by: dmcghan
@pierre Refer this link
18-Aug-2017 12:02:PM by: aditya_shah3592
Hey, can Someone give me Advice how to build a Javascript Grammar? Thanks
18-Aug-2017 10:33:AM by: pierre
@thomas Can you replicate on
18-Aug-2017 09:26:AM by: shaun.mauer
@thomas what's the height of you're breadcrumb entry !! Is it custom !!
18-Aug-2017 09:10:AM by: ravi
18-Aug-2017 09:02:AM by: shaun.mauer
@shaun.mauer Woahh tons of information in just some replies Thank you will have a look into it :)
18-Aug-2017 09:01:AM by: ravi
@ravi -The updated version 2 -
18-Aug-2017 08:59:AM by: shaun.mauer
@ravi Also look at the IG Cookbook put together byt John Snyders -
18-Aug-2017 08:58:AM by: shaun.mauer

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