so you'll know soon, very soon
24-May-2024 02:53:PM by: thatjeffsmith
an announcement is pending in June
24-May-2024 02:52:PM by: thatjeffsmith
_*Oracle APEX Service and Oracle ATP 23ai*_ With all the news for Oracle 23ai lately, including the Office Hours yesterday on MLE I was wondering if we’re weeks/months/unknown amount of time from seeing this as an option for firing up new Oracle APEX Service instances? Along those lines, will there be a documented process for upgrading to those versions for existing instances?
24-May-2024 02:26:PM by: Jason Stortz
Hey all you APEX heads out there in SlackLand. I'm hoping for some help on something. I have a DA that needs to do a very simple SET-VALUE operation when I click on a button. Nothing fancy at all. The only tricky part is that I only want it to work if there are no validation errors. Simple sequence... hit the button Run all the field validations If there are no errors then do the SET-VALUE thing. This one is kinda killing me. I can't seem to get the two things to happen. I can either get the validations to run or i can get the SET-VALUE to run, but not both.
23-May-2024 02:43:AM by: J. Peter MacKay
Also, is there any way I can validate whether the Image Upload item is not empty?
22-May-2024 03:24:PM by: SA
I am using the new Image Upload item type in 23.2. I can upload an image when creating an entry in my table. I can replace the existing image with another one. However what I can't do, is to remove the existing image by clicking on the small X mark and then applying changes. Clicking on the X mark only seems to clear the preview, but when applying changes it will not clear the image from the underlying table. This confuses users.
22-May-2024 02:56:PM by: SA
could you please help me on this issue
22-May-2024 08:00:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Hi Everyone Hope doing well... i struck with one issue. .. dynamically i have to disable the update icon in the classic report and the Page item type is Link ..
22-May-2024 07:59:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Hi All, I am doing Oracle Apex Integration with Okta for SSO Apex app URL: http://domail_name:8080/apex/f?p=157 At Okta side, Sign-in redirect URIs: I am using http://domail_name:8080/apex/apex_authentication.callback we have VPN needed for above url (as it's private network). app id is f?p=157 We have many apps & workspace in same domain. Problem is we configured url for public access of apex app as "|" it points to internal URL http://domail_name:8080/apex/f?p=157 So users can access app outside private network. but Okta is giving error redirect_uri error issues.. Do we need to configure anything in Okta side for this issue or somewhere?
21-May-2024 06:07:PM by: Shitul Borad
what query parameters can i use to reset a report of template components back to page 1?
21-May-2024 05:44:PM by: Travis Caruth
Apex session ID - is there a limit to the number of digits? In ADB-S is the id "stack" shared across the CDB or just the PDB? Background is that our app hit an issue with some internal logic when the session id ticked over to 16 digits in length yesterday.
21-May-2024 06:25:AM by: Si
I've got an application I want to use auto-indexing on. I found commands to turn that on, and read through all the config. I turned it on through SQL Web Developer , and see indexes created, visible, and valid. After some time, they fall unusable, but my apex pages are still trying to use them! I'm getting errors in my IR
20-May-2024 03:59:PM by: Travis Caruth
how can i send my page item value to my function ?
20-May-2024 03:53:PM by: mayurmehar003
20-May-2024 03:52:PM by: mayurmehar003
Hi Everyone hope you are doing well... i would like to know how to increase no of values in Static List of Values as shown in below pic
20-May-2024 02:44:PM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
How do I not display for a column, in an Interactive Report or Grid, duplicate value as in the previous row.
18-May-2024 06:26:PM by: Amin Adatia
Is the service you’re using protected? If so the credentials are stored in apex and therefore you need an apex session
17-May-2024 12:10:PM by: rmartens
Hi everyone, I am having a weird issue. I am making a webservice call using `apex_web_service.make_rest_request` In the application it works fine, I am able to display this query as classic report region: `select * from table(get_opportunity_by_id('OPP-0000022990'))` But same query from within the database is giving me `end-of-input reached` error: What could be the reason? The code that makes the webservice call is attached below. That code is used to get the Json file and then called by another procedure to convert into a table...
16-May-2024 08:26:PM by: eureka7
Does anyone know how to clean up records in the `flows_files.wwv_flow_file_objects$` table? Is there a way to do it from the UI or does it need to be DELETE statements? I have files in that table from over 2 years ago that I would like to clean up
16-May-2024 02:53:PM by: EJ Egyed
Hi APEX expert, We are facing uncontrolled issue in APEX. In APEX page we are rendering some values/collection data through dynamic action and can see it is set at session level. Next action is we are calling change event react component call through window function. Now issue is REACT call is resetting my all values to initial stage. Now I can see all values which we set through dynamic action or any default values are resetting to null. Could any one help on this?
16-May-2024 12:48:PM by: Rishu
Hi all. I wanted to ask if I want to go to previous page using a Back button then *history.back()* works perfect. But if i want to goto previous state of the same page then what could be used for that? Like in the same Interactive Grid? Thanks.
16-May-2024 11:16:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi all. I had a question regarding the Interactive Report. I want display *'fa fa-check-circle'* or *'fa fa-times-circle'* icons here based on the coloumn values, if value is *Y* then first one and if value is *N* then second one. Is that the right way or need to do it other way round? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
16-May-2024 07:30:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi All, We have HTML files in the AWS S3 Bucket. I have an access key and a secret key. I am trying to fetch the HTML File into Oracle APEX from AWS S3 Bucket with apex web service call, In Authorization need to pass the AWS Signature Key. Please find attached the SQL file "AWS_S3_API_CALL.sql" for the code that I am using to get the file. But getting below error while GET API Call. Please refer attached screenshot for error details. ```<Error><Code>SignatureDoesNotMatch</Code><Message>The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.</Message>``` Let me anyone has any idea about the issue. Thanks. Shitul
15-May-2024 04:33:PM by: Shitul Borad
Sounds like @maxime_tremblay needs to do a blog post! :slightly_smiling_face:
15-May-2024 03:27:PM by: Doug Gault
Hi guys, @maxime_tremblay upgraded to 23ai Always Free on premise. Let us know if you find anything awkward. Our new version 2.0 with the APEX AI Assistant will probably take till September, so stay tuned, POC is already looking promising :slightly_smiling_face: PS: If you use an Always Free aka XE you run into space problems even if you are actually just using 4Gig of the available 12Gig. Because Oracle is just looking at the data files with all it's fragmentation. Once you hit the limit, there is no way to do anything with your DB anymore. But you can convert to so called "Big Files" where you can easily defragment your files on the fly and actually use 12 Gig of the 12 Gigs. Maxime knows how to do this move to Big Files which - for us - trippled the value of the Always Free DB.
15-May-2024 02:54:PM by: juergen.schuster
Hi All. Here in the Apex charts i dont want to display these Values inside these bars. is there a way to hide them from chart? Here in the properties, in Coloumn mapping VALUE i have to select atleast single value.
15-May-2024 01:15:PM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
In apex 23.1, in an IR, I wanted to have a column, which has a radio-group styled as a pill box... ie like a three way switch... (where user can chooise only one of three values for each row in the Report) The apex_item.radio_group doco is pretty spare with no real examples - does anyone have any? And potentially its not what I want, as various posts have suggested: "Normally a radio button column is used to select just *one* row." Is this true?
15-May-2024 03:53:AM by: Alister Miller
Hi guys, I developed my first plugin. Does anyone know, how to export a plugin with SQLcl or with an api-call? Thanx, Maik
14-May-2024 07:47:PM by: maik.michel
Folks, I hope this app will be useful for some of the Oracle APEX projects we work at. For any contributions or suggestions please send it through GitHub. Cheers, Sandro
14-May-2024 02:30:PM by: sandrogferr
Good Morning everyone, we have an old Microsoft Access "Application". What is the best practise way to migrate this into an APEX Application?
14-May-2024 08:33:AM by: Andi Oberhauser
good morning everyone , so while i am implementing a calendar with drag and drop functionnality , so i wrote this code to make some event blocked , but i need to restrict this only for appointments which their id!= P36_APPOINTMENT_ID , Any idea how to do it ?: function(options) { options.eventShortHeight = 30; options.slotDuration = "00:30:00"; options.eventMinHeight = 15; options.eventBorderColor = "#FBC0C0"; options.slotMaxTime = "18:00:00"; options.eventTextColor = "#FBFBFB"; options.eventColor = "#FAB5B5"; options.eventDisplay = "block"; options.slotMinTime = "09:00:00"; return options; }
13-May-2024 08:45:AM by: erij tiss
Hi! Do you know if it is possible to dynamically set the color of a marker in the line chart component based on a column value? So that I have one line with value markers of different color. I tried with the initialization code, but was so far unsuccessful. *Ok, got it solved, thanks, Tilen.* The only remaining issue is the now somewhat arbitrary color of the line. Is it possible to decouple the color of the line from the color of the markers?
13-May-2024 05:43:AM by: Alittis
Hi, In IG checkbox column when saving getting below error. I gave default N . Not sure how to overcome this, In SQL gave NVL(column,'N') and also assigned default value 'N' Must match the values Y and N. Appreciate any help. Thanks
11-May-2024 04:19:AM by: Ravi Kiran
hello every one , so i am working with calendar component , i am implementing the drag & drop functionnality : update APPOINTMENTS set startdate = to_date(:APEX$NEW_START_DATE, 'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS'), enddate = to_date(:APEX$NEW_END_DATE, 'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS') where APPOINTMENT_ID= :APEX$PK_VALUE; end; the thing is i just want to drag and drop the appointments which their appointment_id = :P36_APPOINTMENT_ID, i didnt know exactly how to fix that pl/sql code the restrect the action , any solutions guys?
10-May-2024 12:29:PM by: erij tiss
Working in APEX 22.2, anyone know if there is a method on a card region to center title.. I tried using a method on the page css: #<region-static-id> .t-Region-header-Items--title { text-align: center; } With no luck.. any thoughts?
09-May-2024 05:31:PM by: Tony Miller
Hello everyone , I want to implement auth0 in my apex application , how to link my database with the auth0
09-May-2024 04:09:PM by: Achraf Gharbi
@Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM @Vincent Morneau (APEX Team) gents, any chance we can resurrect this request given the ask wasn't exactly clear enough and was closed thinking it was already implemented?
09-May-2024 03:46:PM by: Matt McGee
Hey I have a bit of a challenge here. I'm trying to make a button that will run all the validations on the page and then, only if there are no validation issues run a set_value and also remove that button from the screen. But also, do not close the page I'm on. I've tried a few things in the settings of the button like making it a SUBMIT PAGE button as well as a Defined by DA button and I've gotten close to making it work. but what seems to happen is that either the button works or the set_value works, but not both. Is there a different kind of DA that will run all the validations only?
09-May-2024 02:57:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
Hello everyone , can I trigger a dynamic action after a change in DB ? I made a trigger that updates a value in a flag table in DB (after an insert in table Chats ) , how can i link the update of the value in table flag with my dynamic action (refresh region)
09-May-2024 12:55:PM by: Achraf Gharbi
Hello , I made a chat between users , the msgs are been inserted in DB and i don't think it's optimal , is there a way to integrate sockets in oracle apex ? a demo or a tutorial ?
08-May-2024 10:42:PM by: Achraf Gharbi
Is this a bug in APEX?
08-May-2024 06:58:PM by: turntablez
Hello everyone, a little confusion here, if someone can help. I am trying to select one column from this view DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS `SELECT COMMENTS FROM DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS WHERE OWNER = :APP_USER` I get this error during the SQL query definition. • ORA-20999: Wrong number of columns selected in the SQL query. See Help of attribute for details.
08-May-2024 01:49:PM by: Hammad Iftikhar
Hello , i have some troubles while uploading an image and inserting it into my DB , the error that always pops up is : ORA-01465: invalid hex number Contact your application administrator. Details about this incident are available via debug id "1629339363". any solutions??
08-May-2024 10:53:AM by: erij tiss
Hi, i wanted to ask that is it possible to show this image in the link coloumn for interactive report? I tried like this but that does not work. `<span class="fa-clipboard-list"></span>`
08-May-2024 09:50:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Can some one help on this?
08-May-2024 09:20:AM by: Rishu
Hello All , I am facing challenge with APEX sso. My application is working fine but once session expired it is returning ORDS 400 bad request error. How to handle this 400 error? It would be great if some one can help me on this.
07-May-2024 05:59:AM by: Rishu
Hello all. Been a while since I have had a chance to do any APEX. Last month I started working on a general purpose pl/sql library for various AI providers with tooling/utility, mainly as a challenge learning exercise. Anyway now I find myself needing to build a ChatGPT type of UI for it to do some testing. Curious if anyone has already essentially cloned that style of interface in APEX. I don't need any AI fucntionality, I will add that. I just need the UI look and feel. If you know of anything let me know. In the meantime I will likely start plugging away at building one.
06-May-2024 04:41:PM by: Ethan Ray Post
why I am getting this error when I run my application?
06-May-2024 03:24:PM by: mayurmehar003
Hi All, had a question regariding Interactive Grid Coloumn. Is it possible to Direct a Link colomn to two different pages based on a condition using Dynamic Action? If yes than how can i achieve that?
06-May-2024 02:21:PM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi everyone I want to modernize my application, for that need ideas for my navigation menu and home page, app was developed using version 18 and now imported to 23.1 Thanks in advance
05-May-2024 02:43:PM by: Zahid Waheed

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