how to fixed this error when update a data then showing this error,,, ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000
09-Dec-2023 01:59:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 ---
09-Dec-2023 01:58:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
I have a challenge with a variable substitution. I have a table called PRODUCTS and it has a column called P_NUM. In there is a value of 'P11' I then have a select statement where I'm trying to get the value from a different table called INSIGHTS. That table has a variable called P11. So I've tried select PRODUCT_NAME, (select &P_NUM from INSIGHTS) as ACTUAL_VALUE from PRODUCTS so in this case PRODUCTS.P_NUM contains "P11" My hope is that the select would parse out as "select P11 from INSIGHTS" I've tried #P_NUM# &P_NUM &P_NUM. &&PNUM &&P_NUM. but these do not work. Does anyone have the secret sauce for this one?
08-Dec-2023 06:32:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
If you're interested in embedding Oracle Analytics into an APEX application, I've just updated my blog with details of a new way to pass parameters (e.g. the values of an APEX faceted search) to the embedded content using the OAC workbook URL.
08-Dec-2023 12:00:PM by: Mike Durran
Hey APEX Team, I have notice in the Oracle Forum that you are using a kind of smart proxy that prettify the URL even further. (e.g., Is that something we can expect in a future release to be the standard?
08-Dec-2023 10:46:AM by: lucashir
Hello all Does anyone have any idea about giving payload to the POST API (Rest Data Source) from form input?
07-Dec-2023 05:52:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri
A fellow developer here on project just asked me a question that has me puzzled.. How on a static content region can the title be centered easily? I suggested using theme roller and having a static id associated with region and some css but asked why a <center> around title would not suffice? Any thoughts?
07-Dec-2023 03:26:PM by: Tony Miller
I've been experimenting with the 23.2 combobox a bit. I found out that if you have a really big table for the validated values, the page grinds to a halt.
07-Dec-2023 03:15:PM by: klaas
Hi. Using Apex 23.2.1, I cannot get parsed data from an Rest Data Source. The profile is captured, but the parsed data shows “Found no data while parsing the service response” or show blank content. Response Body is OK, and I have tried all options with single row, etc. I tried editing manually the data profile, without success. The json returned by api is like ```{ "items": [ { "StandardCost": 0, "Code": "SVAD0001 ", "MultiplicationFactorValue": 0, "IcmsTaxRate": 0, "IssTaxRate": 0, "LastPurchasePrice": 0, "GrossWeight": 0, "CompanyId": "01", "UnitOfMeasureCode": "UN", "InternalId": "0101|SVAD0001 ", "StandardWarehouseCode": "01", "FamilyCode": " ", "Trail": "N", "AccountItem": " ", "Origin": " ", "SecondUnitOfMeasureCode": " ", "BranchId": "0101", "Active": "S", "IpiTaxRate": 0, "MinimumLot": 0, "ProductType": "SV", "AddressingControl": "N", "ManufacturerCode": " ", "EconomicLot": 0, "CostCenterCode": " ", "GroupCode": "SV01", "NetWeight": 0, "SalesPrice": 0, "MercosulNomenclature": "00000000 ", "Description": "SERVICOS CONTABEIS " }, { "StandardCost": 0, "Code": "SRVP0001 ", "MultiplicationFactorValue": 0, "IcmsTaxRate": 0, "IssTaxRate": 5, "LastPurchasePrice": 0, "GrossWeight": 0, "CompanyId": "01", "UnitOfMeasureCode": "UN", "InternalId": "0101|SRVP0001 ", "StandardWarehouseCode": "01", "FamilyCode": " ", "Trail": "N", "AccountItem": " ", "Origin": "0", "SecondUnitOfMeasureCode": " ", "BranchId": "0101", "Active": "S", "IpiTaxRate": 0, "MinimumLot": 0, "ProductType": "SV", "AddressingControl": "N", "ManufacturerCode": " ", "EconomicLot": 0, "CostCenterCode": " ", "GroupCode": "ES02", "NetWeight": 0, "SalesPrice": 0, "MercosulNomenclature": "00000000 ", "Description": "CASAMENTO " } ], "hasNext": true }```
06-Dec-2023 09:09:PM by: Cezar Rosaneli
Hi All I am doing export / import of Application into Production and getting this error. No idea where to check logs to know what happened...Any idea?
06-Dec-2023 02:33:PM by: eureka7
Hello, Just quick question on connecting to an external DB. I heard yesterday @Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM saying that DB links are the prefer way if available while I was under the impression that REST Enable SQL might be the preferred way. I have not great experience with DB Links (technical limitations - Pipeline functions). Does anyone have an opinion on this? Thank you!
06-Dec-2023 12:14:PM by: lucashir
hi, trying to display on a bar chart how many events occurred on the past day / month / quarterly / year. the user can navigate between the different displays as he wishes (shows as radio buttons ) but when selecting another button - getting the error : ORA-01861: the literal does not match the string format. attached a screenshot. many thanks,.
06-Dec-2023 11:07:AM by: Yaara
Hi all, I have created a master details form and generated Order_ID using seq1.NEXTVAL. The order is created in the header and when I'm trying to add values to lines, I got this issue. How can I resolve this issue? Can you please help me with this?
06-Dec-2023 06:03:AM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Hello all, suppose i have one apex application and it's a read only application, ok but problem is when I have a database access and I can do easily change to read only application mode to read & write mode,,, qus is any way have do not change this read only application don't change?
06-Dec-2023 03:59:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
Hi all, I have requirements where I have to get data(for lov's) from Oracle Transportation Management(OTM) Instance Using REST API(GET), Then develop a form to create Orders. Once, Order details are entered and clicked on ‘Create’ It should be Posted in OTM Instance. I have fallowed, got OTM Instance API and Configured this API with APEX 'Rest Data Source'. Then, I have created a form on APEX Rest Data Source and trying to create ‘Order’. Then, I got an issue 'ORA-20999: Rest Data Source returned an HTTP error: HTTP 400: Bad Request' Could someone please let me know the exact configuration steps or suggest any blog to configure or else can you help me in resolving this issue?? Thanks in advance
05-Dec-2023 05:19:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri
05-Dec-2023 04:19:PM by: Josef C.
Hi again, does anyone know how can we open a desktop app (i.e., exe file) installed in local machine from Oracle APEX?
05-Dec-2023 03:57:PM by: Saurabh Sagar Sinha
Hi, anyone have any idea about - How can we scan a file while uploading in Oracle APEX (either in OCI bucket or in local table). If the file is corrupted or contains virus then it should throw an error or message and shouldn't allow to upload.
05-Dec-2023 03:55:PM by: Saurabh Sagar Sinha
Does anyone have an example of using apex_item.radiogroup in an Interactive Report? ie Say I have a table with three columns: id, name and parent_type parent_type can be either M or F for Mother or Father. I want the IR to show a "pill-button" style of radiogroup, ie <Mother|Father> with either side initially set/selected, depending on the rows parent_type value of M or F... Thanks, Alister (Apex 23.1)
05-Dec-2023 07:28:AM by: Alister Miller
i have a oracle apex application this application use and develop me and my developer, so i need this apex application only export admin user only without developer,,, how to set developer user set he can not export oracle apex application
05-Dec-2023 06:53:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
Hello All, wanted to know that is there any license cost involved if APEX is integrated with Oracle EBS (may be by installing APEX into EBS DB ) ? I do have valid Oracle DB license and so I do not need separate license of APEX. If APEX is integrated in EBS then do additional or new license is required ? please help in knowing this. Thanks in advance.
05-Dec-2023 04:36:AM by: maheshdm
Hi, Im using popup lov. its a list of item and his description, for example - 3000001 - apple. the value is return is 300001. Do you know if there is a way to get the display value?
03-Dec-2023 10:37:AM by: Yarden Avraham
Hi Team, I was hoping someone could help me make a REST request to an API that uses a self-signed certificate. When making the request I get the following error: "ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure". Is there a way to import the self-signed certificate into apex? I've read some articles and they mention accessing the database server wallet, however I don't have access to it on OCI Autonomous Database. Thank you
01-Dec-2023 10:40:PM by: Daniel Carrera Lavao
Hello All, I am looking at migrating Oracle Apex 4 to OCI, kindly assist on how i can achieve this.
01-Dec-2023 08:01:PM by: OloyeAJ
Oracle Apex 5.0, have 1 Normal Page with 2 IR first IR static ID is KIK, When we try to Download report from action -> Download then page is giving error because of url URL forming as : ...f?p=1072:999:16143334770849:IR[KIK]_CSV:::: Issue: because of [ ] brackets are not encoding in url, it's throwing the error mentioned in the screenshot. URL should be forming as : ..f?p=1072:999:16143334770849:IR%5BKIK%5D_CSV:::: Please let me know if anyone has any solutions...
01-Dec-2023 11:46:AM by: Shitul Borad
Any tips on using APEX_CREDENTIAL for getting an OAuth token for a Resource Owner Grant flow? E.g. to call Oracle Process Automation REST endpoints?
30-Nov-2023 08:44:PM by: Si
Hi, I want to show/hide this html - depends on the value of is column. I tried to use this example - but I don't know how to catch the value of is_left column.
30-Nov-2023 08:58:AM by: Yarden Avraham
APEX Office Hours JAPAC Exploring PDF and Excel Reporting in Oracle APEX In this session with Arun Mohan from Maathra Technologies, we will explore three robust solutions for generating and enhancing reports within the APEX framework. Whether you're a developer, analyst, or business user, this session promises valuable insights into optimizing your reporting processes within Oracle APEX. Thursday, November 30 11:30 AM IST / 2:00 PM SGT / 4:00 PM AEST Enroll button
30-Nov-2023 04:40:AM by: Apoorva Srinivas
Hello everyone, I have a question about the interactive grid hooked up to a Rest Data Source. Why does the grid not display the changes of cells (editing, adding row, deleting) after pressing the "save" button? The changes are being propagated to my API, I can confirm that by using postman, but they aren't reflected on the interactive grid instantly. Even after refreshing the page, closing it and re-opening, the changes are still not visible. I'd appreciate anyone's insight on this, thanks!
29-Nov-2023 09:28:PM by: Daniel Carrera Lavao
I am having an issue with REST synchronization. It is scheduled to run every day but it is not. I can run it manually without issue. Please help.
29-Nov-2023 07:46:PM by: pc
Can I get feedback on whether this process would make sense to do via APEX? We have a daily process that: 1. Uses Oracle SQL (that changes slightly from year-to-year) to fetch data 2. Embeds that data into HTML template files (that can also changes annually) 3. To generate multiple HTML pages 4. Those pages are ftped to an external vendor site 5. The vendor eventually copies those into our production website on their server 6. So that site visitors can view them This feels like it could be done *much more simply* via APEX, at the very least for steps 1-3, if the vendor can't reference the APEX pages directly (via iframe or similar).
29-Nov-2023 04:44:PM by: Stew Stryker
Creating multipart upload and using `apex_web_service.append_to_multipart` / `apex_web_service.generate_request_body` but where I can get then `boundary` value?
29-Nov-2023 03:14:PM by: Indrek T
I have workflows that have been triggered as part of dev/test. I have some tasks that are complted and canceled. I want to: 1. Remove one all together (like get rid of it from the system) 2. Remove them all for a clean slate What is the proper way to do this?
29-Nov-2023 12:29:AM by: Jason Stortz
I assume the new Ubiquitous Search feature isn’t available for APEX Service instances as they are based on 19c?
27-Nov-2023 11:50:PM by: Jason Stortz
Hi Team Members, does any know what could cause this error after deploying ords in tomcat and any solutions?
27-Nov-2023 09:34:AM by: Richmond Asamoah
Does anyone know how can we replace null values in excel report downloaded using AOP?
27-Nov-2023 07:33:AM by: Hocco
Hi. I got stuck at the "Accessing PostgreSQL databases using psqlODBC in Oracle" chapter. I found a "documentation" after which I followed the link: 20Database%20Gateway%20for%20ODBC,v12%20using%20PostgreSQL%20ODBC%20Connector. Unfortunately, at point 7, when querying with isql, the answer is that it cannot be connected. To be more explicit, I have two virtual machines, one with Oracle Linux 7 and postgreSQL on it and the other with Oracle Linux 8 on which I have Oracle 23c with APEX 23.2. Does anyone have an idea what I could do to access the data from the postgreSQL database? Thank you in advance.
27-Nov-2023 07:30:AM by: Liviu Sandu
My admin account is locked, how can I get it unlocked? Does anyone have any ideas to unlock it
27-Nov-2023 06:34:AM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Happy Thanksgiving to the Apex Community!
23-Nov-2023 08:01:PM by: Tony Miller
Check out my new dedicated Oracle APEX 23.2 Expert for the newest APEX23.2, created by OpenAI ChatGPT:
23-Nov-2023 03:21:PM by: Alittis
I am trying to display an item on a summary page based on the shuttle values(LOV based) selected on previous page. My summary page item is set as below: Surprisingly, when I select single value from the shuttle, the summary page item does show the display value from the LOV. However, when I select multiple values from the shuttle, it doesn't show display values of all of them. It instead shows null! Does anyone have any idea about this? Is Apex not capable of doing lookup for multiple values?
23-Nov-2023 12:36:PM by: Nikita Bafna
We have an APEX Service instance in OCI. We upgraded yesterday to 23.2. Now, when I visit the Quick SQL Page I get this message: QuickSQL is not available. This is likely due to an insufficient version of ORDS. Minimum ORDS version required is 23.3. Access denied by Page security check When I navigate to SQL Workshop > RESTFul Services, I see the ORDS version is *23.2.3.r2421937*
22-Nov-2023 06:27:PM by: Jason Stortz
In the new 23.2 combobox, is there a way to color-code the values? Manual entries ideally have a different color than the entries selected from the LOV. That way the user knows whether the item is "validated" or not.
22-Nov-2023 02:14:PM by: klaas
I want to delete users from application using button, On click button should invoke a API and delete user. Could anyone help me with this? I want API and it's working process
22-Nov-2023 02:44:AM by: Sridhar Utukuri
When creating a custom authentication scheme using social sign in, has anyone been able to move their custom after login procedure to a stored proc or package?
21-Nov-2023 07:32:PM by: Tony Miller
Do we have Wallet experts here? I have SSL cert where is more than one DNS name (example *,, *, * I think this can be problem why I'm getting ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure.
21-Nov-2023 01:10:PM by: Indrek T
Which field is better and easy to learn in Oracle for a fresher. 1: Oracle forms and reports 2: Oracle Apex ?
21-Nov-2023 06:21:AM by: Yousaf
I have a question
21-Nov-2023 06:19:AM by: Yousaf
Hello everyone, I hope u r all doing well. i am M Yousaf from Pakistan. Thank u admin for giving me a chance to be a part of your comunity. i am a fresher in Oracle technology. I hope all of u will help me in learning Oracle Apex.
21-Nov-2023 06:05:AM by: Yousaf
Can anyone know how to configure APEX with OTM Database and get the data to APEX to develop forms?
20-Nov-2023 05:01:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri

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