If I have a classic report, in an APEX 22.2 instance that has a query that is built on the fly, and need to export the results as an xlsx file, does anyone have a easy to implement solution? Trying to us as_xlsx but it is erroring out with a date format not recognized from the presented query .. Are there any plugins that still deal with classic report out there?
14-Jun-2024 03:08:PM by: Tony Miller
For a REST data source sync, is there a way to paginate using an offset value specified in the response JSON ? I really need to set the _*since*_ URL param to the value in _*until*_. "since": 0, "until": 1717086586950, "self": "api/mydata?since=0", "nextPage": "api/mydata?since=1717086586950", "lastPage": false Thanks in advance!
14-Jun-2024 02:17:PM by: Si
Up for a problem? I am trying to Create Page as Copy fails with Bad Request HTTP Status Code: 400. APEX 23.2.3, Cloud ADB instance, patch version 3 Situation seems similar to this post: but I cannot see an obvious parent-child region to undo. Nor do I have a Cards region. It is a Data Load wizard page. FWIW. A Drag and Drop region, several items and Grids for viewing load-in-progress and errors. I did create a HAR following the directions in the above post. Can fwd that on to someone on request. I am NOT able to import the file into| - I get an interesting error message while importing, the head of it is: `Execution of the statement was unsuccessful. ORA-20001: call=wwv_flow_imp_page.create_page_da_event, id=70042579708757451, component=Dialog Closed, sqlerrm=ORA-02291: integrity constraint (APEX_230200.WWV_FLOW_PAGE_DA_E_TR_FK) violated - parent key not foundbegin wwv_flow_imp_page.create_ig_report_column( p_id=> ,p_view_id=> ,p_display_seq=>4 ,p_column_id=> ,p_is_visible=>true ,p_is_frozen=>false` `…` That might make sense to someone … I have yet to look up that constraint in an APEX instance. I am able to copy other pages in this app with no problem. But none of the three Data Load Wizard pages. Bigger issue is, as expected, I am not able to import this app into this same instance - the Import also fails with an HTTP 400 error. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc are welcome - thanks in advance.
14-Jun-2024 02:51:AM by: thtechnology
In QuickSQL is there a way to escape the / in a default value? Example: MYTABLE status vc50 /default N/A This causes issues because the / in N/A trips up the QuickSQL generation
13-Jun-2024 03:13:PM by: Jason Stortz
Is anybody aware of any whitepapers or best practices for configuring OCI Data Safe - Audit Policies for an APEX application?
13-Jun-2024 03:01:PM by: Si
Hi All. I had a query regarding *Interactive Report/Classic Report*. I want to achieve here *to display (either particular Properties filtered)* or *All of the properties without filtering*. Is there a way in *IR/Classic Report* to achieve this? Thanks for responding to that. :slightly_smiling_face:
13-Jun-2024 01:28:PM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad - I followed this blog to send emails in Oracle APEX. When I am sending the email to Gmail, the email is received by me. When I send it to my particular domain, the email is sent but doesn't receive me, but the email shows me in the log without giving any error. Please help me out with this problem.
13-Jun-2024 07:19:AM by: Prashant
Hello, Is it possible for the same application to have two different authentication schemes? We have an app that uses OCI Identity for an authentication scheme. We recently signed a contract with another company who is going to be a re-seller of this app, but they need to use their own Azure Activity Directory authentication. We have already gotten their authentication method working on a duplicated app. However, I am wondering if it is possible to have two different authentication schemes on the same app depending on who is logging in, or if there is a different link to start out. This way we only have one app. If I need to have two, any changes I make will have to be done twice.
12-Jun-2024 06:41:PM by: rgiljohann
Hi All, How to integrate EBS ireceivables module into oracle apex. Please help.
12-Jun-2024 03:12:PM by: Amit
what is this.. it's not my question ans..
12-Jun-2024 10:21:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
Has anyone used the Material Kanban Board Plugin? I'm trying to collapse all groups in the first column on Page Load but could need some help. Forum Link:
12-Jun-2024 08:49:AM by: Jochen Zehe
Hello, everyone, please share me how to do this? i have a one oracle apex interactive report, now my need when this reports 1st time excitation completed then this reports page again refresh or this page loaded to 1st refresh to after 2 minuets, before 2 minuets try to refresh or submit this page it's showing waiting message
12-Jun-2024 06:56:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
Hi All, I am trying to know which version of Universal Theme is installed in an application, so I can choose correctly at this website for Universal Theme ( Within my Theme 42, I found this section: I assume this means it's version 1.2 - but can anyone confirm? Thank you!
11-Jun-2024 05:55:PM by: Doug S
Hello Guys, In Oracle APEX, how do you guys create List of Values that have composite keys? (+2 primary keys) Creating the pages and all seem fine enough, but that I don't think I can solve with rowid or adding a new page item.
11-Jun-2024 11:36:AM by: Paulo Künzel
We are trying to set up our Apex Instance with Social Sign with Microsoft Azure. Our instance is onprem and have created a wallet, and added certificates from `` and from `` but we are still getting a certificate validation failure. Has anyone had this issue that can offer some guidance. I suspect that we don have the certificates installed quite correctly on the wallet.
10-Jun-2024 09:41:PM by: Leonel Nieto
I remember recently there was a tweet (?) that mentioned a set of hands-on-labs or tutorials about Workflows that built on one another, I can find the one HOL here ( But weren’t there more?
10-Jun-2024 08:31:PM by: Doug Gault
how can we show alert message instead if using ---- RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR(-20001, 'You have already reviewed the document.');
10-Jun-2024 12:08:PM by: mayurmehar003
hii guys,
10-Jun-2024 12:07:PM by: mayurmehar003
Have any of you seen cases of using the Popup LOV where we allow multiple values causes the form to jitter? I've tested this a few time, I've tried different separator values and I keep getting the same result. As soon as I select two entries from the Popup LOV the field starts to jitter. In fact the entire form jitters if I open the form where more than one values has been entered. As soon as I remove the second value the jittering stops. I'm on APEX 23.2.3 if that matters.
10-Jun-2024 02:14:AM by: J. Peter MacKay
This downloadable app shows up how to merge tables A, B, C, into TOTAL using simple code as MERGE( 'A,B,C', 'TOTAL' ).
09-Jun-2024 04:40:PM by: JESUS MORENO
09-Jun-2024 04:37:PM by: JESUS MORENO
Hi All. I have an html button in a page inside the application, I want to call another page inside the same application used to use: apex.navigation.redirect('f?p=&APP_ID.:11:&SESSION.::NO::') but it's no more working, can anyone help in that?
09-Jun-2024 01:06:PM by: Hany Khodair
Hi all. I had a question regarding, i am calling this modal dialog from a page, the dialog opens but i am not able to click on the buttons on this modal dialog and even not able to click on the Close (x) button. It still clicks on the page behind the modal dialog. If i have to change something in the settings? If someone can guide here? Thanks
07-Jun-2024 10:06:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Ok, I have a dilemma here on a project and would welcome ANY input.. I have an interactive report, that the source of it comes from a select with 9 function calls, which in turn have function calls to cull the data together. Normally this report is run for a set date range a month, 6 months, 2 years.. When implemented that way it runs ok on server. Customer has ASKED if we can take that report and now have it do a monthly breakdown of data.. When I have done is take the existing select with function calls and added a with clause joining into the existing query.. Now whenever I try executing it I am getting a server timeout.. I can post the query and an explain plan from when it runs within SQL Developer, but other than rewriting the function based select can anyone offer suggestions on improving the performance?
06-Jun-2024 06:41:PM by: Tony Miller
Hi, I am trying to use social sign-in authentication with web-credentials to azure AD. The authentication seems to work well, but the redirect URL to APEX configured in Azure fails. This error does not give me any details. How can I find the real issue behind? Unfortunately, using developer tool is not helping me. I tried OpenID Connect, and Generic QAuth2 Provider options but same error
06-Jun-2024 02:49:PM by: eureka7
Hi guys, I'm having some people asking meif there are any issues with using Oracle APEX on triple composite primary key For them, as it is, it would be too much work to change this right now. At the same time, the Oracle APEX wizard only allows for 2 keys to be entered as a primary. I think that it's just a matter of adjusting for the third one after creation. But I wanted to know if someone else had any issues with it.
06-Jun-2024 01:32:PM by: Paulo Künzel
Guys - id appreciate if any of the APEX / ORDS teams are able to help escalate an SR which seems to have dropped into a black hole. We had an OCI APEX env (accessed via LB) which suddenly started "flapping" on port 443 for around 3 hours yesterday (16:20. UTC). Meant that APEX application was unavailable - giving 502 and 504. Support are pushing me between LB team and ADB team. Appreciate any help :pray:
06-Jun-2024 06:25:AM by: Si
Hello, does anyone know of any repositories of APEX Themes apart from the default 6 or so in Universal Theme? Yes, I know I can use theme roller, but I am color blind and not good at figuring out what goes with what. There are countless custom CSS themes out there like from websites like this:, and I was wondering if anyone has ever done anything similar for APEX themes.
06-Jun-2024 02:09:AM by: rgiljohann
Vote for your favorite Oracle tech!
05-Jun-2024 11:54:AM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
Hi Everyone hope doing well. I have a requirement to upload image into table through APEX page. So for this i did added a column with BLOB datatype in table. And in page added *Static Content region*, under that added a *page item* with *Image upload* type, and given properties as shown in below screen shot. So far looks everything fine, *in page it's asking me upload image*. after submitting the page other than image everything is storing. but image it's not appearing in table in BLOB column. And also want to display this image in the interactive grid report, there also image is not appearing. Hope given information is correct and kindly suggest me where i am missing.
05-Jun-2024 08:39:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Hello all, By any chance do we have any playground for the oracle FAW(FDIP)? If yes how can I get it Thanks Sridhar
04-Jun-2024 07:15:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Hi All, Debra Lilley is looking for an APEX developer who works with Fusion Apps to participate in a VB v APEX panel at Kscope24. If you are attending Kscope this year an would like to participate, please let me know. Thanks!
04-Jun-2024 01:43:PM by: Jackie
Hi all, We are using Oracle Apex 20.2. We have 2 authentication scheme for 1 apex app. Okta SSO & Custom Auth. And we have 2 URL that points to same app. 1. 2. When user login with URL 1 then Okta SSO Authentication should be used. with URL 2, Custom Auth should be used Can above scenario possible in Apex 20.2?
04-Jun-2024 06:48:AM by: Shitul Borad
Hi All, I’m having issue with a page in apex app after google chrome update. Getting out of memory error, not enough memory to open this page. Page is a form with multiple tabs and page items in each tab. We did some debugging and found that the issue is happening with a specific LOV which doesn’t have a where clause. LOV is fetching from a table with 17000 rows which I think should be okay. We can’t have a where clause so looking for some inputs on LOV optimization or suggestions on how to fix the error. Thank you!
04-Jun-2024 02:32:AM by: Pavani Vishaka
Hi All. I had a question Regarding the Interactive Report. *I have added one extra row in the IR* to Display the Total Sum of couple of coloumns, So *for the last row i only want to display the values for relevant coloumns* and *all the rest i don't want to show (Including Edit Icon, Progress Icon, Summary Icon).* Someone can help here? Thanks
03-Jun-2024 02:58:PM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi All I need to show a pivot table which contains currently 104 columns (projects) and 102 rows (offers). I'm getting the following error when trying to display all projects. *ORA-06502 PL/SQL numeric or value error character string buffer too small* Is there any solution to this other than lowering the number of columns? Thank you
03-Jun-2024 09:48:AM by: Karim Masarweh
Hello everyone, I have used code 1 for concurrent login, and it's working fine. And also, I have implemented SSO login, and using code 2, it's working. But I want a concurrent login with an SSO login. I have combined both codes. But the concurrent login is not working; you can check the given code. Maybe it's not destroying the session ID. code 1 -----------> procedure post_auth is l_workspace_id number; begin select workspace_id into l_workspace_id from apex_workspaces where workspace = ( select workspace from apex_applications where application_id = :APP_ID ); for session_rec in ( select apex_session_id from apex_workspace_sessions where workspace_id = l_workspace_id and user_name = :APP_USER and apex_session_id != :APP_SESSION ) loop apex_session.delete_session( p_session_id => session_rec.apex_session_id ); end loop; end; code 2 ---------------------> procedure load_dynamic_groups as l_group_names apex_t_varchar2; begin --adding names to l_groups for i in 1 .. apex_json.get_count('groups') loop apex_string.push ( p_table => l_group_names, p_value => apex_json.get_varchar2( p_path => 'groups[%d].name', p0 => i )); end loop; --save name in session apex_authorization.enable_dynamic_groups ( p_group_names => l_group_names ); end; combined code -------------> PROCEDURE post_auth_and_load_groups is l_workspace_id NUMBER; l_group_names APEX_T_VARCHAR2; BEGIN -- Retrieve workspace_id using the application_id SELECT workspace_id INTO l_workspace_id FROM apex_workspaces WHERE workspace = ( SELECT workspace FROM apex_applications WHERE application_id = :APP_ID ); -- Clear existing sessions for the current user in the workspace FOR session_rec IN ( SELECT apex_session_id FROM apex_workspace_sessions WHERE workspace_id = l_workspace_id AND user_name = :APP_USER AND apex_session_id != :APP_SESSION ) LOOP apex_session.delete_session( p_session_id => session_rec.apex_session_id ); END LOOP; -- Populate dynamic group names FOR i IN 1 .. apex_json.get_count('groups') LOOP apex_string.push ( p_table => l_group_names, p_value => apex_json.get_varchar2( p_path => 'groups[%d].name', p0 => i ) ); END LOOP; -- Enable dynamic groups using the collected group names apex_authorization.enable_dynamic_groups ( p_group_names => l_group_names ); END;
03-Jun-2024 05:51:AM by: ABHIJIT
Dear all, good day, without an administrator user but the user is a developer, now the users without administrator are not exported to the application please share how to configure it
03-Jun-2024 03:50:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
Please share how to set application 1 user login to only one device, not login to multiple devices at the same time
01-Jun-2024 02:07:AM by: MD.SHAJALAL SAGAR
hello all, Is it possible to download multiple file(pdf,images) in single zip folder for particular row entry ?
31-May-2024 10:32:AM by: mayurmehar003
Hello, has anyone ever implemented the countersign function of Workflow?
31-May-2024 07:46:AM by: Vincent.LogiCorner
Hi All, do you have any advice on how to easily compare and merge 2 APEX apps which have the same core functionalities but the other have some added features? Version is 22. TIA.
30-May-2024 11:21:AM by: Richard Pavia
30-May-2024 07:59:AM by: Muhammad Ahmed Khan
Anyone have tried to identify the "component id" and related information to make a customer authorization role?
29-May-2024 03:47:PM by: Jorge Cribb
in table level it's storing as below
29-May-2024 10:46:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
the result is appearing as below in page
29-May-2024 10:45:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Hi Team, Hope all are doing well. As part of my development i have two fields as below P5_BATCH_ID (1001) P5_BATCH_NO (B3) So based on Batch No(B3) i am able to set p5_batch_id(1001), but in batch_no column in table it's storing the batch_id (1001), but i want to store batch_id (1001) and batch_no(B3).. So could you please help me on this team, thanks in advance
29-May-2024 10:33:AM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
is APEX run-time-only environment possible in oracle cloud ?
29-May-2024 07:21:AM by: Fahd
Hi Team, Hope all are doing well. As part of my development i have two fields as below P5_BATCH_ID (1001) P5_BATCH_NO (B3) So based on Batch No(B3) i am able to set p5_batch_id(1001), but in batch_no column in table it's storing the batch_id (1001), but i want to store batch_id (1001) and batch_no(B3).. So could you please help me on this team, thanks in advance
28-May-2024 03:06:PM by: Harsha Vardhan Reddy
Good morning.. I just had a co worker ask me an interesting question.. they wish to setup a function that returns if a page item is visible or not based upon a data condition, and wanted to "know" what page item is being looked at when running this function. Is there an APEX API that returns the current page item when processing?
28-May-2024 02:28:PM by: Tony Miller

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