see Validation, but the are error !!
23-Feb-2019 12:30:PM by: ERICKP
23-Feb-2019 11:55:AM by: ERICKP
seen : workspace :WHISKY passw: CIFopfp2 LOGIN:PANGUERICK8@GMAIL.COM
23-Feb-2019 11:55:AM by: ERICKP
my solde requette is ( select Numcompte, (D-(R+A)) SOLDE from (select c.NCOMPTE Numcompte, sum( case when o.type_operation='D' then t.montant else 0 end) D ,sum( case when o.type_operation='R' then t.montant else 0 end) R ,sum( case when o.type_operation='A' then t.montant else 0 end) A from TOPERATION o, TCOMPTE c, TTRASACTION t where c.ncompte=t.ncompte and o.type_operation=t.type_operation group by c.NCOMPTE ) )
23-Feb-2019 11:53:AM by: ERICKP
HELLO, I have a problem on my application. I would like to create a validation on the item P9_MONTANT. WHO gives an error message if the amount withdrawn is greater than the amount Balance of the account X
23-Feb-2019 11:52:AM by: ERICKP
23-Feb-2019 10:13:AM by: maheshdm
Thanks mheshdm it got it. Updated page is given below
23-Feb-2019 07:48:AM by: AHSAN
Hello, i want to change the " heading of Navigation Bar " of apex page given below. Appreciate to guidance from you.
23-Feb-2019 04:50:AM by: AHSAN
Hello. When i export a classic report that has Totals on a Break Column, the exported file includes html tags, specifically around the heading total, for example <b>Major Category Total:</b>. this is something automatically applied and I don't have control over it. Is there anything I can do to strip the <b> </b> during the export process? Thank you
22-Feb-2019 11:29:PM by: abul_feed
Glad it worked
22-Feb-2019 11:07:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay ignore my earlier message figured it out. Thanks for the info
22-Feb-2019 10:16:PM by: pritham9
@maxime_tremblay thanks for the info getting this error cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘open’ do i need to call it as part of div
22-Feb-2019 09:54:PM by: pritham9
in you case it would be ```$(this.affectedElements).dialog("open")``` having the affected element be the dialog region
22-Feb-2019 09:48:PM by: maxime_tremblay
you can either do ```openModal('region_static_id')``` or ```$("#" + region_static_id).dialog("open")```
22-Feb-2019 09:48:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay Thanks for that info. I have created a dynamic action for a button to open the region on click of button but it dosent work. In DA i am executing the java script code $(this.affectedElements).popup(“open”);
22-Feb-2019 09:34:PM by: pritham9
like this?
22-Feb-2019 08:03:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello all. Is there a way to open region has pop up on click of button. The button and region or on same page
22-Feb-2019 06:41:PM by: pritham9
hi all I have install oracle 18 c xe on centos with apex 5 on container xepdb1 and 'simple file upload download' apex demo app and need loading apps -6000 pdf files (from 1 mb to 10 mb - all format is pdf). Any try something like that? stability, speed, and other performances?
22-Feb-2019 07:46:AM by: nadrog
Hello all, I have two questions about APEX tree: 1. How can I locate a certain value in the tree and customize the display (bold or highlight etc...). I am searching the console to get the right selector. This `$("#requests-tree-id [aria-level=2]");` can only locate all the item on level 2 but how to specify 1 exactly and customize? 2. how can I collapse only the first 2 or 3 levels out of 6 because level 4,5,6 have a long list of elements and I want to hide them
22-Feb-2019 12:09:AM by: eureka7
Hi All. Is there a way to get Ldap group and store it in apex. My requirement is not to use app_user instead use ldap_group for authentication
21-Feb-2019 09:37:PM by: pritham9
I apologize for the non-APEX question, but I know we have a lot of experts out there who might be able to point me in the right direction. We have a Java program being called from a web browser. It makes a JDBC connection to run a packaged procedure in the Oracle DB. I need to access a browser cookie from within that packaged procedure and I'm running into all kinds of problems. In order to use the owa_cookie package to read the cookie, it looks like I need to run either owa.initialize() or owa.init_cgi_env() first or I get an ORA-06502 error. I don't get an error after initializing, but when I get the cookie into a variable like v_cookie, the value of v_cookie.num_vals equals zero (0). Anyone done this successfully? Have an example or a link to a solution?
21-Feb-2019 06:19:PM by: Shane Bentz
@steffi That's probably the reason then, i am using APEX 18. Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:
21-Feb-2019 03:03:PM by: tmon
@tmon Hi! I'm using the after refresh event too, and fire on initialization = true. I haven't used in on Apex 18, only Apex 5. Which version do you use?
21-Feb-2019 02:09:PM by: steffi
@steffi Which event are you using in the dynamic action? I was trying to use this with 'after refresh' on IR but nothing happens.
21-Feb-2019 01:36:PM by: tmon
There is some info on Stripe Integration.
21-Feb-2019 12:41:PM by: Jason Aughenbaugh
Hello, someone has already tried to create a dynamic list with APEX 18.2, I tried for a while to display _*attribute1*_, but no results. *select level, label, target, attribute1 from xxx*
21-Feb-2019 11:03:AM by: Souleman
on Step 2 Generating Payment form
20-Feb-2019 08:05:PM by: Adeel
I ams tuck with this Gateway
20-Feb-2019 08:05:PM by: Adeel
any one who have experience in Payment Integration with Apex 18
20-Feb-2019 08:05:PM by: Adeel
Hi Every One
20-Feb-2019 08:04:PM by: Adeel
evening all - is there a way of finding the date when an app was created?
20-Feb-2019 06:55:PM by: NintenDad
I use it everyday... compile plsql and write some JavaScript...
20-Feb-2019 01:57:PM by: maik.michel
Hi, Is there any way to disable interactive grid edit mode via dynamic action? I have a dynamic action that refreshes an interactive grid whenever an item changes. If the user has enabled editing by double clicking an IG column the refresh errors out.
20-Feb-2019 11:26:AM by: Sorin
Hi All, I have 2 copy of application in development instance with different changes. Is there any way i can merge the changes of 2 application into 1 application?
20-Feb-2019 09:26:AM by: ashwinrao
Hi All, Is there any way to debug which apex page hangs a database? In database session i found one query which looks like DML process of page as there are bind variables like(:B1,:B2 and so on).
20-Feb-2019 05:57:AM by: Ketan
Ah yup. Well I pretty much never touch stored proc's in sql dev these days.. just develop in VSC, then compile directly. Have a number of co-workers doing the same. Running an anonymous block I switch into sql dev to run it
20-Feb-2019 01:49:AM by: trent
right I'm not concerned yet on the how to connect there's a few choices more trying to see how many folks use it and how right now.
20-Feb-2019 01:39:AM by: krisrice
I use it to compile code, wraps around sqlplus/sqlcl. But a mechanism to query the database would be neat. I know I can do that in my sqlplus wrapper, but some basic column sorting by UI would be cool imo. Also, I send the output to the task window, so sometimes the formatting might not be that great. I know if I used SQLcl `set sqlformat ansiconsole` it would format it better, but I tend to use sqlplus for compilation purposes
20-Feb-2019 01:29:AM by: trent
@maxime_tremblay (and @here) If you were to mate VSCode with SQL DEV (or probably a better example SQLcl) What would you want they love child to look like? What would you want to be able to do from within VSCode?
19-Feb-2019 11:10:PM by: doug.a.gault
Obviously not all of sqldev would make sense so trying to get to a decent list of things to add in
19-Feb-2019 09:19:PM by: krisrice
Yes Everyday
19-Feb-2019 09:18:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Anyone here use VSCode for sql/plsql development ?
19-Feb-2019 09:17:PM by: krisrice
Ok, but how would you that? In my case I call an ajax-callback-process, which in fact returns a generated URL. The URL is generated by apex_utl.prepare_url and opens a modal page... ?
19-Feb-2019 06:58:PM by: maik.michel
Have you tried the floating scrollbar plugin? We use it in interactive reports and our customers like it :slightly_smiling_face:
19-Feb-2019 04:29:PM by: steffi

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Installing Oracle Database 18c XE and Oracle Application Express (XE Version)
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blank report when using rtf report layout
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