Hi Guys, Is there any way to capture page submit duration prior to submitting the page? I would like push the value to load animation for that particular second when the page submits. Thanks.
18-Jul-2019 03:31:PM by: ashwinrao
I wanted to know if it works for page load? I would like to see progress bar when page submits on click of a button.
18-Jul-2019 01:46:PM by: ashwinrao
thank you. I will try :slightly_smiling_face:
18-Jul-2019 01:45:PM by: ashwinrao
Hi @ashwinrao, please see the following:
18-Jul-2019 01:43:PM by: Stefan
Hello @Stefan, I am using the progress bar plugin mentioned in , but looks like it is compatible with 18 and higher versions. Could you please provide me the plugin which supports lower version (5.1). It will be really helpful. Thanks.
18-Jul-2019 12:49:PM by: ashwinrao
@Paul Brower What is your current setup for displaying the success message? YOu mention a form as well as an IG? Can you give more info as to your current setup and goal, or provide an replicated example on
18-Jul-2019 09:52:AM by: shaun.mauer
As a workaround, I’ve created another page with a success alert box, but this branch process (after user submits information) is interfering with the submission (processing) of form, so it never goes through. For execution options I’ve tried After Processing but then it doesn’t redirect to the alert page. And when I try under execution options Processing it comes up after user fills out form, but the form information isn’t processed
18-Jul-2019 12:23:AM by: Paul Brower
All, I want to display a success message after my form is processed but it’s not showing no matter what I do. My guess is that it’s because the success message is displaying on the interactive grid page, and my form does not pop up on top of the interactive grid page that it’s processing to, is there any work around for showing this success message?
17-Jul-2019 10:50:PM by: Paul Brower
Ok I got it to populate in the select list, but when I click it doesn’t populate into the text field and I get a ‘Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded’ error according to console
17-Jul-2019 06:14:PM by: Paul Brower
I manage to by pass this by using a dev option in RDS.
17-Jul-2019 06:04:PM by: Nicholas Seetaram
17-Jul-2019 05:57:PM by: Paul Brower
BTW. you don’t need to ask the question in multiple Channels. Chose the one that best fits the question (in this case, probably SQL) and ask it once. We’ll see it. :slightly_smiling_face:
17-Jul-2019 05:56:PM by: doug.a.gault
Ah thank you Doug!
17-Jul-2019 05:56:PM by: Paul Brower
Select lists need to have 2 columns in the SELECT statement a Display and Return value. They can be the same value from the table, but there must be 2 columns. ``` select t.my_col d, t.my_col r from my_table t ```
17-Jul-2019 05:55:PM by: doug.a.gault
To extend on this, I am however able to use the textfield with autocomplete to show the table entries (which it autocompletes) but you’d have to know the name of whatever entry you’re trying to select and we can’t use that method, we need a drop down list
17-Jul-2019 05:40:PM by: Paul Brower
Hi all, I keep getting ‘wrong number of columns selected in the SQL query’ error, all I want to do is display all of one specific column’s row entries to a select list. Thanks
17-Jul-2019 05:37:PM by: Paul Brower
The outage is only temporary. Should be back up soon
17-Jul-2019 05:24:PM by: doug.a.gault
Thanks for the suggestions all!
17-Jul-2019 04:31:PM by: Paul Brower
Hi @dmcghan , I have sent you credentials of mockup app in DM. Thanks
17-Jul-2019 12:51:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
17-Jul-2019 12:46:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
I want to use apex_item.date_popup2, apex_item.select_list_from_query in my report for interactive grid to give fixed index (p_idx) . Is it possible to do that in IG?
17-Jul-2019 12:46:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
Hi , I need suggestion. We are planning to buy Oracle Database Server with APEX which should be ON-PRIMISE. Which Oracle database version I should go and what is hardware Microsoft server requirement for this? How much it should cost. We are buying it for banking sector but need all in reasonable rate. I have gone through some documentation but not getting clarity. I am preparing proposal so need this all. bank is not much big. SO please guide what Oracle Database server license I should go. Thank You!
17-Jul-2019 12:42:PM by: Rishu
Hi ,
17-Jul-2019 12:37:PM by: Rishu
@Kinjan Bhavsar can you explain what you are trying to achieve exactly?
17-Jul-2019 12:30:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Like we can do using apex_item.hidden(1, value) which will show as f01 for that item
17-Jul-2019 08:58:AM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
Hi All, Is it possible to use selectList with harcoded id like f01 in Interactive Grid?
17-Jul-2019 08:57:AM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
was the issue only the static IDs?
16-Jul-2019 06:13:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay I was able to fix it.
16-Jul-2019 06:11:PM by: pritham9
Yes I tried that, when I try fixed width in that case only it is not working
16-Jul-2019 03:13:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
Honestly, iframes are tricky. You might be best setting a fixed width. Did you already try that?
16-Jul-2019 02:34:PM by: dmcghan
It would probably help if you could put a mock-up on and provide developer access.
16-Jul-2019 02:32:PM by: dmcghan
yes you would need to define the application item in every application that will be using it (and set the scope to global for each of them) and whenever you set some value to it, it will automatically carry on to the other applications
16-Jul-2019 12:09:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Would both applications have to have the same global variable declared in the "Application Items" ?
16-Jul-2019 06:06:AM by: Atish Mathura
I can’t the drag the panel to resize the regions in case of iFrame
16-Jul-2019 03:21:AM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
What version are you using?
15-Jul-2019 10:38:PM by: maxime_tremblay
From the error message it would seem that you need to set a unique region static ID (under the advanced section) for each interactive report you have on the page
15-Jul-2019 10:37:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi All. I have multiple interactive reports on one page when i click on report link column its throwing this error Region Static ID must be specified as the page contains multiple interactive reports. Can anybody let me know how to fix this
15-Jul-2019 10:09:PM by: pritham9
What doesn't work when you use an iframe?
15-Jul-2019 07:47:PM by: dmcghan
So used iFrame and opening pages in that frames.
15-Jul-2019 05:04:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
Need to open different pages in those region, on left we have a tree and on click of different nodes , different pages are opened
15-Jul-2019 05:04:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
Why use an iframe?
15-Jul-2019 02:27:PM by: dmcghan

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