Hi Marc, I've created example, you can see it on ws: mypublicws user: mypublicws pass: mypublicws Page Employees and Employee. You can acomplish that in various ways, first thing that came up on my mind was to: 1. Create Form on Table with report using Apex wizard. Report as IR, and form as Modal page dialog. 2. On Form page I've added P3_CLEAR_EMPNO hidden field, and if that field is set to 1, on the same page I've created PLSQL process to clear P3_EMPNO sessio state value 3. On IR page, I've added ROWID column and used it to link to Modal page form, I've used same parameters as EDIT record link with addition to set P3_CLEAR_EMPNO value to 1.
25-Mar-2019 10:06:AM by: bozo030
I'm not APEX savvy, but I think that doing something simple like creating a copy of a record in a form shouldn't be this hard. I'm extremely frustrated. Can anyone tell me, simply, how to link from an interactive report (existing record) to the form with the field content and a blank/null id, so a user can make minor changes and save it? The EDIT link works. CREATE link works. Those are built in. Why can't I figure out a simple "copy fields to form" and use the INSERT / Create DML?
25-Mar-2019 12:34:AM by: Marc Visconte
Thank you bozo. Now It is working fine. Thanks:+1::simple_smile:
24-Mar-2019 10:55:AM by: arjun
Is there any solution or alternate method to achieve this.???
24-Mar-2019 05:54:AM by: arjun
If manager gives the comment to particular header then I have to display one image,if there are no comments then I need to display another image. But when I use dynamic value in url that control break related header is not working as expected.
24-Mar-2019 05:53:AM by: arjun
In my scenario manager need to give header level comments.
24-Mar-2019 05:48:AM by: arjun
What do you want to accomplish with image link beside manager?
23-Mar-2019 04:19:PM by: bozo030
I want to group manager column also same like other `JOB` columns.Could you please tell me how to achieve this??
23-Mar-2019 12:29:PM by: arjun
```APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL('f?p=&APP_ID.:35:&SESSION.::NO:35,RIR,CIR:P35_EMPNO,P35_SAL,P35_JOB:'||EMPNO||','||SAL||','||JOB)--NOT WORKING APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL('f?p=&APP_ID.:35:&SESSION.::NO:35,RIR,CIR:P35_EMPNO,P35_SAL,P35_JOB:'||7839||','||2000||','||'MANAGER')--Working fine```
23-Mar-2019 12:16:PM by: arjun
Hi Bozo, If I pass dynamic values in APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL then after control break is not working for "Manager ".
23-Mar-2019 12:11:PM by: arjun
I have changed the line which substrings header title to $(this).contents().first()[0].textContent=$(this).text().substr(6); Check the result.
23-Mar-2019 07:51:AM by: bozo030
Hi All, Issue Type: Unable to getting HTML part in header level. I am trying to display one Image Icon beside my column header but It is not appearing when I use below code. ```select ename,deptno,sal,job|| case when job IN ('MANAGER' ) then '<a href="'||APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL('f?p=&APP_ID.:35:&SESSION.::NO:35,RIR,CIR:P35_TEST_USE_PK,P35_ARJUN_PK,P35_HOME_PK:'||1||','||2||','||3||','||4)||'">' ||'<img src="apex_world/r/100/files/static/v2808/S_deactive.png" height="13" width="13" />' ||'</a>' else null end as job from emp;``` Report Type: Interactive Report Control Break Column: Job Added below code in dynamic action(after refresh the region) for header style: ```$('div#ARJUN_ARJUN_data_panel th.a-IRR-header.a-IRR-header--group').each(function( index ) { $(this).text($(this).text().substr(6)); $(this).css("font-size","14px"); $(this).css("color","#056abf"); $(this).parent().next().hide(); }); $('div#ARJUN_ARJUN_control_panel').hide(); $('.wrlabel').parent().css('width','60%') ``` Workspace: arjun_ind Username: arjun_ind Password: arjun_ind Url: How to get the Image Icon beside the header column ?? Please let me know what I miss in this. Thanks.
23-Mar-2019 05:55:AM by: arjun
Not really. See my previous response on using database links to work with multiple databases from a single APEX install.
22-Mar-2019 05:10:PM by: rich.soule
Zahid, Database links are the answer. If, for some reason you can't use database links, then you could investigate using REST services.
22-Mar-2019 05:09:PM by: rich.soule
I can guess ... in the link you are setting the value of P41_SKILL_PARENT. So I would expect you to use that item in your query (and not P41_ID which is - probably - NULL anyway).
22-Mar-2019 06:50:AM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman I am trying to implement the link we were discussing. Because I have multiple edit types, I created a Link column in the iReport. The link has a form page as the target. The link Set Items include P41_SKILL_PARENT, #ID#. Clear Cache for that page (this link), and Advanced has Request = REDEFINE On the edit page (41), I have a process defined. It is in the same band that process for AUTO RowFetch was placed: Type: PL/SQL code. Source is (simplified): SELECT null ID, Field2, Field3, :P41_ID as SKILL_PARENT INTO :P41_ID, :P41_Field2, :P41_Field3, :P41_SKILL_PARENT FROM source_table ST WHERE ST.ID = :P41_ID ; When I click the link, the only fields that are populated is the redord ID (which should have been NULL) and another field which is set through another process. The PL/SQL does is not being executed. Can you guess what I am doing wrong?
21-Mar-2019 07:49:PM by: Marc Visconte
is there any way that we could set app DB at runtime?
21-Mar-2019 05:39:PM by: Zahid Waheed
Is there an easier way in Oracle to allow all types of Alphacharacters? I.e. accented characters and other languages?
21-Mar-2019 10:59:AM by: Ross Henderson
i want to connect my apex application with multiple databases, please guide me how to get there?
21-Mar-2019 07:48:AM by: Zahid Waheed
Or you could also have a look at the dropzone plugin
20-Mar-2019 10:33:PM by: maxime_tremblay
thought that might be the case. thanks Maxime.
20-Mar-2019 10:33:PM by: trevorh
@trevorh instead of an inline dialog you could use a standard page dialog Then on dialog close you could refresh anything that needs to be on the parent page
20-Mar-2019 10:32:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@roelhartman Thank you, Roel. I just saw your response. I'm looking for information on that today, but I'm still trying to recover from other errors I created earlier, so, I may not have that totally digested for a little bit. I think that what I'm hearing from you and Maxime is, I have been approaching incorrectly (due to not understanding how the intrapage stuff is done). I appreciate the help.
20-Mar-2019 10:31:PM by: Marc Visconte
Any known work around for this?
20-Mar-2019 10:30:PM by: trevorh
There is no error if I do not select a file to upload.
20-Mar-2019 10:30:PM by: trevorh
apex 5.1. Trying to use a 'File Browse" item in a "Inline Dialog". Save button triggers a DA that has a Pl/SQL block which gets and saves values, but I'm getting a 404 error. "server/wwv_flow.ajax not found". I assume that means there is a server side error (which I have no access to)?
20-Mar-2019 10:30:PM by: trevorh
I would simply have two parameters for your two use cases P2_ID : would be used to edit a current record P2_COPY_FROM_ID would be used to copy from another record Then in your form page load processes you can fetch the values from either the record or the record to copy There’s no need to pass all values. You only need the ID :wink: Then if you ever change the table you only need to change it at the form page level And not for every place you have your link
20-Mar-2019 03:41:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Yes, there is. Just pass the ID (and maybe a request “COPY”) and define a Process in that Edit page to fetch the record data based on the passed in ID.
20-Mar-2019 03:38:PM by: roelhartman
> *itemNames* >Comma-delimited list of item names used to set session state with a URL. > >*itemValues* >List of item values used to set session state within a URL. To pass a comma in an item value, enclose the characters with backslashes. For example: > >\123,45\ >Every character sequence except backslash comma (\,) can be enclosed with backslash.
20-Mar-2019 12:30:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@Marc Visconte have a look at this
20-Mar-2019 12:29:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I ran into an issue I didn't see coming: Some of the data in one VARCHAR field has embedded special characters. Possibly TAB, but probably CR and LF. When I passed this field to an APEX FORM page, the result was that the containing ITEM field showed only partial data, subsequent ITEMs contained remaining data, and all of the rest of the ITEM fields had their data pushed down a similar amount. ?? What is the simplest to PREVENT this? The data comes from records, shows up in an iReport, and gets passed to the form page through the page link: Name: P41_DESCRIPTION, Value: #DESCRIOPTION#, etc. Can I used functions in the link field? (I suspect not) [ Note: After looking at the report content, the characters that are breaking this are ... COMMAs. How the heck can COMMAs be causing this much grief? Is this going to happen with OTHER "special characters"? Some of the descriptions have double-quotes (") and single-quotes/appostrophes (') ! And what will happen if there are embedded #, &, or : ? Oy! ]
20-Mar-2019 03:44:AM by: Marc Visconte
Any one has idea
19-Mar-2019 09:52:PM by: Guangyu Mao
19-Mar-2019 07:34:PM by: dgielis
Hi All, Issue Type: Oracle APEX AOP I have created and IR report using `case` statement and I want to download as excel by using AOP plugin. In my SQL query two `case` statements are there but pulgin is returning only one column values. I need to download all the column which are contain in IR. I have created sample demo in| Kindly any one help me in this. workspace:arjun_ind username:arjun_ind password:arjun_ind Application:44885 Page:23 Excel output; Apex R & :anguished: Custom Excel Template {#aopireportdata} {ENAME} {DEPTNO} {MY_SAL} {/aopireportdata} {aaaa_region_name} In this `less sal` column data is not showing if I add manually template not working properly.(column don't have any conditions)
19-Mar-2019 06:38:PM by: arjun
Try to set up a language selection page like that on my app. Anyone have idea how to create page like that. Any source that I can follow with. Thank you for any help.
19-Mar-2019 06:31:PM by: Guangyu Mao
I thought as much, but thanks for confirming! :slightly_smiling_face:
19-Mar-2019 08:42:AM by: Ross Henderson
original est is column 1 and revised est amt is column 2 when tabular form coming from clicking of create button then original est is editable and revised est amt is uneditable and when it's coming from cliking on revised button then original est amt is uneditable and revised est amt is editable . this will solve using this qurey is it the correct method @maxime_tremblay begin for i in 1..apex_application.g_f01.count loop update test set REVISED_EST_AMT = apex_application.g_f05(i) where PROJECT_id = apex_application.g_f03(i) and flex_id=apex_application.g_f04(i); --and nvl(revised_est_amt,0)=0; end loop; end;
19-Mar-2019 05:20:AM by: Amit
Did anyone know how to fix it?
19-Mar-2019 02:45:AM by: Guangyu Mao

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