Hi. Anyone got any good examples of password protecting a file using PL/SQL. More specifically password protecting a ZIP file. We make use of both APEX_ZIP and Anton Schiffers AS_ZIP ( I did find a forum post, but it doesnt seem to be encrypting the files when I add them. (
12-Dec-2018 09:50:AM by: shaun.mauer
hi all
11-Dec-2018 08:47:PM by: Vinayak
Thank you very much guys! It’s always a pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:
11-Dec-2018 01:20:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi all, I have created a Bar chart in Oracle APEX. In Y-axis it is automatically getting sorted alphabetically, even I have used Order by clause. How can I off this automatic sorting. Thank you.
11-Dec-2018 12:53:PM by: Saurabh Sagar Sinha
Seconded! thanks @maxime_tremblay. You are setting an awesome example!
11-Dec-2018 10:03:AM by: Sullivan
Hello everyone. this morning I woke up with the desire to say thank you to @maxime_tremblay for the person he is. indeed, he is always there to help people to move forward he is reactive and thanks again for that.
11-Dec-2018 09:24:AM by: Souleman
You can use javascript:apex.navigation.openInNewWindow() and construct the APEX URL that way.
11-Dec-2018 09:19:AM by: Ross Henderson
Hi All, I have a modal dialog in my application. On click of a button opens this modal dialog which has a classic report in it. This Classic report contains a Link column. Onclick of this link the control closes the modal dialog and navigates to the target link in the parent. My requirement is to open the link of the Classic report in a New tab instead of navigating it to a parent page. When I use in my link it open a blank window in new tab. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
11-Dec-2018 09:16:AM by: Prashanth
@shaun.mauer - not that I am aware. I am working on a project now where we would like to do that with 20+ applications. The best we've come to making it happen is to attempt to put what we can into stored procedures/packages and then call that from all of the page zeros. Even though we have multiple page zeros, we have one place to maintain the code.
10-Dec-2018 03:37:PM by: Shane Bentz
@Dominique Denie how about: SELECT APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY(3,job,<your function call returning query as varchar2 string text>)job FROM emp
10-Dec-2018 12:11:PM by: Sullivan
Is it possible to have a common page 0 across multiple applications in the same workspace? So have it defined in a "master" application and then all other applications "inherit" that page 0, like we can do with themes and plugins?
10-Dec-2018 11:27:AM by: shaun.mauer
What plugin exactly are you using? I’ve seen some that were able to use a callback function instead of having everything in the title attribute
09-Dec-2018 03:12:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@Souleman Actually, I am not posting a big clob, the return string is of approx. 4200 characters, just a bit above limit. I am having a simple HTML table, summary of some form items and their values
09-Dec-2018 03:38:AM by: eureka7
Hi. for me, posting a clob in a tooltip is not a good approach. Now if you have to do it like that, you could only get the first 4000 characters using SUBSTR.
08-Dec-2018 01:02:PM by: Souleman
Hi All, I am using APEX Tooltip Plugin Item and I have more than 4000 characters in the text to display inside tooltip (which is returned by a function). It's displayed on classic report column. I am getting `buffer too small error`. If I declare as CLOB then I get `inconsistent data type`. ```select task_processed_by ,task_processed_on ,'<span class="req-overview" title="'||get_request_overview(case_id)||'"> <a href="#">'||regexp_replace(comments,'<p>|</p>')||'</a> </span>' as text ,case_id from wf_processing_record``` what to do?
07-Dec-2018 10:15:PM by: eureka7
07-Dec-2018 05:02:PM by: Gcon
07-Dec-2018 12:47:PM by: Souleman
Thanks, I was able to achieve it using JS functions.
07-Dec-2018 12:46:PM by: Prashanth
do not reinvent the wheel. :sweat_smile:. but you can use javascript functions. setTimeout () and clearTimeout (). To hide the success region after milliseconds
07-Dec-2018 12:38:PM by: Souleman
Is there any custom code if I don't want to use a plugin?
07-Dec-2018 12:09:PM by: Prashanth
you can go to there are excellent plug-ins that do that. ;)
07-Dec-2018 11:50:AM by: Souleman
Hi All, Is there a way to Fade Out success message after a few seconds? Currently, user needs to manually close it every time. I am currently on APEX 18.2. Thanks in advance
07-Dec-2018 11:46:AM by: Prashanth
Hey guys. I've been looking up how the login process works and I haven't been able to figure out this question: On login can you pass a value to an item id on the home page?
07-Dec-2018 09:24:AM by: Ross Henderson
on the parent page create a dynamic action and set 'When' attribute on 'Dialog Closed'
07-Dec-2018 07:21:AM by: wojciechsowa
No, how
07-Dec-2018 07:18:AM by: Gcon
Hello! Did you try 'Dialog Closed' dynamic action?
07-Dec-2018 07:14:AM by: wojciechsowa
Hi. I am facing this issue after upgrading application from apex 4.2 to apex 18.2. When i navigate between pages source code is showing up. I have set enabled in frames to allow also. can anybody let me know how to fix this
07-Dec-2018 06:30:AM by: pritham9
okay thanks for confirmation:blush: @maxime_tremblay
07-Dec-2018 05:17:AM by: Ketan
Thanks kiran
07-Dec-2018 03:55:AM by: anjlesh8
You may get these msgs to spam folder.. please check @anjlesh8
06-Dec-2018 09:45:PM by: Kiran D
Hi, how can I refresh parent page by closing modal dialog? I use Apex 5.1.4
06-Dec-2018 08:01:PM by: Gcon
Ok. I will try out. Thanks
06-Dec-2018 03:12:PM by: Prashanth
Thanks Maxime
06-Dec-2018 02:44:PM by: anjlesh8
I'm afraid this has nothing to do with APEX as it's a browser feature/behaviour
06-Dec-2018 01:23:PM by: maxime_tremblay
you can change it at the application level using shared components -> application definition attributes in the properties section: Application Email From Address ```Determines the email address to use as the from address in the application. This from email address is used when sending email from interactive report email download and subscription in the application. This value can be a literal string containing a valid email or a static substitution reference defined in the application using substitution syntax. Oracle does not recommend using an item substitution at the application or page level since it only works for email downloads, but not in a subscriptions. Examples: &MY_APP_EMAIL_FROM.```
06-Dec-2018 01:17:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Sounds like you'll have to add some javascript event listening for that. You can use static id, onmouseover event, and apex.navigation.dialog api to call a modal page.
06-Dec-2018 01:06:PM by: Ross Henderson
Hi , how Can i change from email address in mail send interactive report download feature . by default its showing from email address is "".
06-Dec-2018 10:19:AM by: anjlesh8
Hover text shows only label name
06-Dec-2018 07:34:AM by: Prashanth
Hi my application i am doing login with encrypted(using JS) password field and in plsql authentication process matching the value with stored encrypted password value. while saving password in chrome it is saving as plain text and in firefox,safari it is saving as a encrypted text(check image). So the issue is when i try to login in firefox and safari using saved password it would not allow to login. i am not sure whether it is browser's issue or apex's password item. Any help appreciated.
06-Dec-2018 07:34:AM by: Ketan
Hi APEXPERTS, I have a requirement to show item help text on hover of the question mark icon. Currently, it only displays the Item Lable on hover. How can I display the full help text on hover of the question mark icon? Thanks,
06-Dec-2018 07:33:AM by: Prashanth
Hi All. Can we create table dynamically from oracle apex application without sql workshop. How the project is laid out is user should have capability to create table from UI. Tried Quick sql but that doesn’t work for this requirement
05-Dec-2018 10:07:PM by: pritham9
if you want you can wrap it in an application LOV using your function you’ll then be able to use it in multiple places
05-Dec-2018 12:44:PM by: maxime_tremblay

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