Has anyone ever encountered this issue: Funny characters (yellow highlight) inside apex builder preventing from saving changes. It occurred when copy/pasting a piece of code from another apex page. Now how to get rid of it?
21-Sep-2018 08:28:PM by: eureka7
21-Sep-2018 06:38:PM by: maxime_tremblay
That works nicely Maxime. Thank you very much
21-Sep-2018 06:36:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
here’s one way to workaround (there might be a better way to do) it’s based on the tooltip events you can remove the replace in your query and set this as you JavaScript Initialization Code: ```function( options ) { $( document.body ).on( "tooltipopen", function( event, ui ) { ui.tooltip.html(ui.tooltip.html().replace(/(\n)+/g, '<br>')) }); return options; }```
21-Sep-2018 06:26:PM by: maxime_tremblay
:disappointed: ah well, I thought I was missing something.
21-Sep-2018 06:08:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
you’re correct, I was testing on 5.1 18.1 is escaping HTML
21-Sep-2018 06:06:PM by: maxime_tremblay
using sql to get the tooltip as part of the region source (non computed) and specifying this column in the region attributes
21-Sep-2018 05:42:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
21-Sep-2018 05:41:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
What version are you on?
21-Sep-2018 05:41:PM by: maxime_tremblay
it seems to escape any html that I put in and cos its declarative I'm not sure how to stop that happening
21-Sep-2018 05:39:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
i tried that and it doesnt work.
21-Sep-2018 05:38:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
you’ll need to replace linebreaks with ‘<br>’
21-Sep-2018 05:28:PM by: maxime_tremblay
There shouldn’t be any problem I’ve seen it run on low end machine just fine are you using an apache server with ords?
21-Sep-2018 05:22:PM by: maxime_tremblay
what do I need to add to the text to get the break to render?
21-Sep-2018 05:21:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
in a tree using the tooltip attribute
21-Sep-2018 05:21:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
in an html tooltip using the title attribute?
21-Sep-2018 05:20:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Is there a way to get a line break into a tooltip ( on a tree - or other places in Apex).
21-Sep-2018 05:19:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
Hi all, Are there any problems with running APEX on Windows Server 2012 R12 and are these specs good enough to handle APEX? One of our clients has APEX installed with this setup but working in the APEX workspace is painfully slow. Thanks in advance.
21-Sep-2018 04:12:PM by: g0ldmagik
on a side note, you should obfuscate your passwords if this code is going to be used in production. Plenty of blogs available that explain how
21-Sep-2018 03:12:PM by: klostrie
Hi all, I have an issue saving a user in apex table in another workspace. In short and to make it simple: We have workspace WS1 and SCHEMA1 that contains Apex Application. We have also workspace WS2 and SCHEMA2 in same DB. We have users saved in Apex WS2 by calling a stored procedure SCHEMA2.create_user using `APEX_UTIL.CREATE_USER` api. We validate login credentials calling SCHEMA2.validate_user using `APEX_UTIL.IS_LOGIN_PASSWORD_VALID (p_username => v_username, p_password => v_password);` In both cases we receive Internal error. I check the DEBUG but nothing indicates issue. It seems to me to be related to session State Protection... Any help?
21-Sep-2018 02:11:PM by: eureka7
20-Sep-2018 03:21:PM by: wamarobert316
20-Sep-2018 03:20:PM by: juergen.schuster
Thanks for your inputs @art.rinberger. will wait for others response in this channel
19-Sep-2018 12:24:PM by: rprashu4u
Doh! You are correct- that works for Interactive Reports but not Interactive Grids. For an IG, you can declaratively set each column to be included in exports or when printing, so you could set the HTML to not export and the hidden, plain-text column to export. Unfortunately, hidden columns don't get a label, so that column would appear without a column header in the export. Maybe someone else knows a way around that, but I haven't seen it yet. :confused:
19-Sep-2018 12:21:PM by: art.rinberger
@art.rinberger Seems like this REQUEST condition works only for IR and not for IG. As in IG it wont set any REQUEST during download. Correct me if I am wrong
19-Sep-2018 12:04:PM by: rprashu4u
@rprashu4u There is no way to strip the HTML from a column only for download. However, if you already have a plain-text version of the same data, you could add that column to the IG query and give the two columns opposite PL/SQL conditions. For the HTML column, it would look something like this: `NVL(:REQUEST,'EMPTY') NOT IN('CSV','XLS','PDF','XML','RTF','HTMLD')` .
19-Sep-2018 11:50:AM by: art.rinberger
Here's the answer, directly from Christian Neumueller and David Peake on the Apex team: we had to desupport wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout for security reasons. You can get the expected behavior like this: 1. Add an application item, e.g. G_LOGOUT_URL 2. In the authentication scheme's Post-Logout URL region, enter Go To: URL URL: &G_LOGOUT_URL. 3. You need to set G_LOGOUT_URL, based on the user's login method and the network. I would probably do that in a Post-Authentication procedure. 4. The normal logout via apex_authentication.logout will perform the substitution and redirect to the value you set for G_LOGOUT_URL.
19-Sep-2018 11:33:AM by: j4john
working now. Thanks
19-Sep-2018 10:28:AM by: anjlesh8
Hi APEXPERTS, I have an interactive grid with one Display on Column which has HTML tags in it used for formatting. I used the setting "Escape Special Character" to No so that the HTML tags won't get displayed in the report. But the issue is whenever I export the data to CSV this HTML character gets added in CSV file. Any option to strip the HTML's during export? Thanks,
19-Sep-2018 10:21:AM by: rprashu4u
also I wouldn’t uppercase the password
19-Sep-2018 10:12:AM by: maxime_tremblay
the parameters need to be `p_username` and `p_password`, try renaming them. >This function must return a boolean to the login procedure that calls it. It has 2 input parameters ‘p_username’ and ‘p_password’ that can be used to access the values an end user entered on the login page.
19-Sep-2018 10:10:AM by: maxime_tremblay
thanks ,its working now .
19-Sep-2018 08:38:AM by: anjlesh8
now i am getting Invalid Login Credentials
19-Sep-2018 08:34:AM by: anjlesh8
function my_authentication ( p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2 ) return boolean is l_user users.username%type := p_username; l_pwd users.password%type :=p_password; l_value varchar2(400); begin select 1 into l_value from users where username = l_user and password =l_pwd ; return true ; exception when NO_DATA_FOUND then return false; end;
19-Sep-2018 08:33:AM by: anjlesh8
now i have changed my function
19-Sep-2018 08:33:AM by: anjlesh8
You need to change the formal parameters of this function. As the online doc says: This function must return a boolean to the login procedure that calls it. It has 2 input parameters 'p_username' and 'p_password' that can be used to access the values an end user entered on the login page.
19-Sep-2018 08:11:AM by: cneumuel
I want to create custom authentication in oracle apex , i have created one function and written in plsql section of custom authentication scheme, in function name i have written authenticate_user, when i am try to login it showing error wrong number of argument. function : FUNCTION authenticate_user(username_in IN VARCHAR2 ,password_in IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN IS l_value NUMBER; l_returnvalue BOOLEAN; BEGIN BEGIN SELECT 1 INTO l_value FROM users WHERE 1 = 1 AND upper(users.username) = upper(username_in) AND upper(users.password) = upper(password_in); EXCEPTION WHEN no_data_found OR too_many_rows THEN l_value := 0; WHEN OTHERS THEN l_value := 0; END; l_returnvalue := l_value = 1; RETURN l_returnvalue; END; kinldy suggest what is missing. thanks ,
19-Sep-2018 05:51:AM by: anjlesh8
Thanks again Maxime. I know they're desupported, which is the reason for my question. apex_authentication.logout entry doesn't do the same job:
18-Sep-2018 11:14:PM by: j4john
18-Sep-2018 10:14:PM by: maxime_tremblay
This might help you: > The API calls to wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout, wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout_then_go_to_page, wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout_then_go_to_url, and apex_custom_auth.logout are desupported and will raise a runtime error instead of logging out from the Oracle Application Express session. Instead, use the apex_authentication.logout entry point.
18-Sep-2018 10:13:PM by: maxime_tremblay

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