Hello all, is there a way to invert the y axis on a line chart without js?
18-Feb-2018 08:30:PM by: steven.gonzales
Hi, does anybody know how to export an imported feedback from DEV to PRD? I already imported feedback from production and closed it. But the new status (closed) of that feedback is not included in the export-file... ???
16-Feb-2018 04:19:PM by: maik.michel
Greetings all - I'm curious if anyone has used the JS and CSS sections of a list template. I put JS and CSS code into those areas of a list template, yet the JS and CSS is not rendered on the page at all even though that list template is being used to display a list on the page. Is there a substitution variable I need to reference within the list template? I put a console.log() and alert() into the JS section and nothing displays when the page loads. Thoughts?
15-Feb-2018 03:22:PM by: baconloversunite
But the result is wrong
15-Feb-2018 09:33:AM by: meysam_khashei
I want to make a chart for my details
15-Feb-2018 09:31:AM by: meysam_khashei
I use interactive grid,
15-Feb-2018 09:29:AM by: meysam_khashei
15-Feb-2018 09:25:AM by: meysam_khashei
Hello, has anyone hit and resolved an issue with modal pages not scrolling correctly on mobile devices? I’m using an iPhone and when scrolling a modal page, it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether it scrolls the modal or the parent page behind it. Cheers
14-Feb-2018 06:35:PM by: ojwaters
glad it worked! :smile:
14-Feb-2018 01:42:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Yes it did the trick (Y) thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
14-Feb-2018 01:41:PM by: kristjanvall
you can’t change the page template on page 0 itself, the page 0 is using the default page of the current theme so in order to change the template for the page 0, you will need to change the theme’s default page template. you can do so in : Shared Components -> Theme -> UT, then you’ll be able to set the default page template under the Component Defaults section
14-Feb-2018 01:31:PM by: maxime_tremblay
yes you can
14-Feb-2018 01:29:PM by: maxime_tremblay
but i can not change page 0 template like -> Marquee
14-Feb-2018 01:28:PM by: kristjanvall
you can create one or many conditional region on page 0, or have the query conditional to the page you’re on. It depends on what you need to do :wink:
14-Feb-2018 01:14:PM by: maxime_tremblay
yes or like global classic raport with data
14-Feb-2018 12:59:PM by: kristjanvall
you mean changing the page template? or changing the report on page 0?
14-Feb-2018 12:58:PM by: maxime_tremblay
mm.. maby i understand wrongly but when i add right side menu and add there like classic raport and i need it to a lot of pages and sometimes to change it. How can i do it more easyli
14-Feb-2018 12:56:PM by: kristjanvall
Okei i will try it :slightly_smiling_face:
14-Feb-2018 12:54:PM by: kristjanvall
You can change multiple page templates using Utilities -> Cross Page Utilities -> Grid Edit of all Pages So that you won’t need to go one by one to change you page template :wink:
14-Feb-2018 12:52:PM by: maxime_tremblay
you can always change the page template at the page level let’s say you have the right side menu page as your default. Then for the pages that you don’t need/want the right side region, you can change the page template for that page
14-Feb-2018 12:50:PM by: maxime_tremblay
okei, but is there any way to make global region for only some pages
14-Feb-2018 12:45:PM by: kristjanvall
@kristjanvall the page 0 template is based on the default page template defined for your theme Shared Components -> Theme -> UT, then you’ll be able to set the default page template under the Component Defaults section
14-Feb-2018 12:45:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello, is there any option how to great global left region in apex? I can not change page 0 layout. I hope, anybody can help me with this or give some tips :slightly_smiling_face:
14-Feb-2018 06:43:AM by: kristjanvall
Thanks @grlicaa! Exaclty what I need
13-Feb-2018 07:10:PM by: thomas
@thomas. Transatable message for this is APEX.IG.GO here you have link on doc
13-Feb-2018 07:09:PM by: grlicaa
I tried using good old jQuery to change it but it isn't reliable and often doesn't work
13-Feb-2018 07:01:PM by: thomas
Hey simple question, is there a way to modify the "go" button in interactive grid? I want to switch it from "go" to "search"
13-Feb-2018 07:01:PM by: thomas
how to avoid mouse click event for RDS region?
13-Feb-2018 03:47:PM by: paveengopal90
@maxime_tremblay Yes that also possible, got it. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks
13-Feb-2018 02:21:PM by: lsurana
you don't absolutely need to have your regions as sub-regions you can also do it with two "top" regions
13-Feb-2018 02:18:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay Thanks. I am trying sub-region next to next sub-region. I got solution. Created one static HTML region and added all region as sub-region and set new row property
13-Feb-2018 02:17:PM by: lsurana
@lsurana Are you using the Universal Theme? What page type are you using? Usually you only need to go in the second region's attributes and set the "New column" attribute to no (under Layout)
13-Feb-2018 02:15:PM by: maxime_tremblay
default subregion is coming below parent region
13-Feb-2018 06:18:AM by: lsurana
how i can place region and sub-region parallel
13-Feb-2018 06:18:AM by: lsurana
Hi All
13-Feb-2018 06:17:AM by: lsurana
In the Actions Section of IR Reporting under group by you can only add 8 functions. Does anyone know if in Apex 5.2 they will expand this to more?
12-Feb-2018 05:01:PM by: alatimore

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New Job Offer: Oracle, Singapore, permanent, on-site
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Rafael Trevisan  
Simple Checkbox for Interactive Grid
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18-Feb-2018 23:54:27 by: Juergen Schuster
Ronny Weiß    
New Plug-in: Moving Charts
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5.2 Favorite Features
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New Conference: 2 days, Spain, Malaga,, 31-May-2018
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Easier maintenance of buttons
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Video: How to use Interactive Grid
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Installing APEX on Digital Ocean
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New Job Offer: Oracle, Australia, Sydney, permanent, on-site
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New Plug-in: Googles Places Autocomplete
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Interactive Grid Preventing Lost Updates & Record Locking
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Enhance your Plug-in Performance dramatically
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Colorful Switch and Radio as Pills
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APEX Alpe Adria - A New APEX Conference That You Should Attend
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New Job Offer: Canda, Mississauga, permanent
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Automated Addresses with Google Places Autocomplete
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Using Font Awesome 5 Pro
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Session State for Beginners
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apex_application.g_f0x array in Oracle 12
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