Will explore that and get back to you @maxime_tremblay
22-Jan-2019 12:02:PM by: Kiran D
>This example shows how you can control the ability to update or delete on a per row basis. See the CTRL column that implements a simple rule that managers and presidents cannot be edited or deleted. This column is selected in attribute Edit: Allowed Row Operations Column. Remember to set Source: Query Only to Yes for any column that is an expression that cannot be updated. > >Rows that cannot be edited are show in a darker color when in edit mode.
22-Jan-2019 12:00:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Have a look at the sample interactive grid package application The example “Protected Rows” is exactly what you want
22-Jan-2019 11:59:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Ok :wink:
22-Jan-2019 11:58:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Sorry, rows*
22-Jan-2019 11:57:AM by: Kiran D
You want to disable the columns or rows?
22-Jan-2019 11:56:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi All, My scenario is I have to disable "deptno 10" related columns in IG and rest of the department columns should be editable. How to achieve this in IG??
22-Jan-2019 10:54:AM by: Kiran D
You will need to use a REST service to do it. It's normally really quite easy to do.
21-Jan-2019 09:29:AM by: Ross Henderson
Hi ,bug in apex18.2 : when i use popup lov colums in interactive grid for label in chart show me this error 'no_data_found'
20-Jan-2019 09:28:PM by: meysam
19-Jan-2019 02:58:PM by: Nadine Bri
2 hours lifetime wasted for a non-existent option :ballot_box_with_check:
19-Jan-2019 02:57:PM by: Nadine Bri
Must be an error :sweat_smile:
19-Jan-2019 02:53:PM by: maxime_tremblay
19-Jan-2019 02:53:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I checked again. It's really there in the documentation, see screenshot. Here the URL:
19-Jan-2019 02:11:PM by: Nadine Bri
Ah, OK, thanks. I read in the documentation somewhere that I should have 18.2 in the selection. Therefore I thought that something went wrong...
19-Jan-2019 02:05:PM by: Nadine Bri
5.1/18.1 is the latest so you should go with that one
19-Jan-2019 02:04:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I did some time ago and it’s working :wink:
19-Jan-2019 02:00:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi all, I upgraded APEX to 18.2. However, in the app settings compatibility mode, I cannot set the compatibility mode to the current version. There is no 18.2 or 'current version' entry in this dropdown field. Maximum is 5.1 / 18.1. According to documentation, there should be an entry for current version. I already searched the instance settings for a global option which prevents me from doing this, and I also upgraded all offered application items in the app utilities, but without result. Any ideas on this?
19-Jan-2019 10:35:AM by: Nadine Bri
Thanks Maxime! I read this and it sounds like a solution. However, I did not try it out yet.
19-Jan-2019 10:29:AM by: Nadine Bri
Hi, Does anyone have experience sending SMS using APEX application?
18-Jan-2019 09:54:PM by: Didou
Hello !! How create the page of reset password on apex5 ??
18-Jan-2019 11:23:AM by: ERICKP
I don't think there is a way to get the MAC-address. You can run this in the SQL Command window, to see what kind of CGI information you might get. begin owa_util.print_cgi_env(); end;
18-Jan-2019 11:16:AM by: svenweller
Good idea! The log seems to have the info, but it is dificult to distinguish between the various developers. Apex_application_pages is also promising. But it seems empty when looking at it from inside an app. I could grant access to the base tables, but that option limits its usefullness to environments where we can set such a thing up. Also there is the cookie ORA_WWV_REMEMBER_UN which often has the info I want.
18-Jan-2019 11:03:AM by: svenweller
Hello all. if i have multiple Interactive Reports on one page and I need to have an export to CSV button for each of them instead of using the download option under actions. I know I can use this link f?p=&APP_ID.:&APP_PAGE_ID.:&SESSION.:CSV: if I have one report on a page. Does anyone know how I can modify this link to work on multiple IR's on one page, each having its own Export to CSV button? thank you!
17-Jan-2019 09:15:PM by: abul_feed
you could try to query apex_workspace_activity_log
17-Jan-2019 07:02:PM by: peterraganitsch
My default solution for this problem is to use two items. One to display which is not stored and one hidden to store.
17-Jan-2019 06:21:PM by: svenweller
From inside an apex app, is there a way to find out which developer is currently logged on/working? Like the APP_USER of the page designer app itself.
17-Jan-2019 06:13:PM by: svenweller
Colleague got it working, I made a mistake (y)
17-Jan-2019 10:54:AM by: Ross Henderson
It doesn't seem unfortunately. I forgot to mention that the key is generated on page load by returning a random 16 digit string via a function. So if I call it again by the computation it will return a new key, not the one that's displayed.
17-Jan-2019 10:16:AM by: Ross Henderson
Thanks Maxime, I'll give it a go today!
17-Jan-2019 08:47:AM by: Ross Henderson
the trick is to set the display item's save session state attribute to no then you will still have the DA populate the displayed value on page submit you will need to have an after submit computation that will set the corresponding value using the same process used to display the value
16-Jan-2019 04:39:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hey guys, stupid question. I'm trying to generate a key that gets insert into a display only page item, because I don't want the user to be able to edit it. I then I want to use this value to insert into a table via an ARP. But if I insert it using a DA it breaks the session state, and if I use a page load procedure it keeps overwriting it with null. Read Only text-fields also don't work. What silly thing am I doing wrong?
16-Jan-2019 04:33:PM by: Ross Henderson
there’s the article I mentioned hope this helps
16-Jan-2019 04:08:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I'll keep that in mind. Luckily, with a closer look at the documentation, I found my error in passing a URL parameter to the web service. Thanks for the help though!
15-Jan-2019 07:39:PM by: jhaut
When I did this I used prepare_url to pass ALL the items back in.
15-Jan-2019 03:13:PM by: Ross Henderson
You should be able to integrate a jquery plugin easily in your app Or even better create a plugin for it
14-Jan-2019 10:28:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Do you have the ORDS debugging option enable and printing to the page? This might also be able to help you
14-Jan-2019 10:27:PM by: maxime_tremblay
There is a way to do it but it requires some work You will need to change some attributes of the CKEditor regarding the file manager you will also need to create an APEX page that will handle the file upload and select And on top of that you will need to have a rest service that will handle the file downloading There was an article about how to do all of that
14-Jan-2019 10:23:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi experts, I have in my application, a page that is based on form, and i have another page that is a modal tree that open when click on button in the form. When we select the node from tree page, we pass between the modal page to the form page, with apex_util.prepare_url , the selected node id. My issue is when we fill the form and when we set the page items manually, and after we send back the select node id, the data on items that we filled disappear. And the only page items that are on the form, is the selected node id. I understand it happened cause the apex_util.prepare_url and the only item we send to the page based form(selected node id). APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL('f?p=' || :APP_ID || ':10:'|| :APP_SESSION ||'::NO::P10_ITEM:ABC as link In the form items there is 10+ items, how can i avoid to use a "dummy" hidden items for each item in the form. Please correct me if im wrong and if its possible to keep on session the items, that when we sent back the selected node id, we will not loosing data on items. Thanks.
14-Jan-2019 08:49:PM by: Lior

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