Hi everyone, I have a problem with the shutlle list I need to store more then 4000bytes and when i check the values from the shuttle list i get this error "Length of value to be encrypted may not exceed 4000 bytes." Is there any workarounds or a plugin i can use?
15-Oct-2018 11:21:AM by: shaier
Our dev environment has been patched to 5.1.4, however our qa/stage/prod etc environments are still on 5.1.1. I've done a full application export/install between dev/qa and it appears to work without issue. Anything I should be looking out for in particular or should double-check?
14-Oct-2018 07:06:PM by: trevorh
there's a great blogpost from John Snyders: beginning of post >An APEX dialog page is like any other APEX page except that it runs in an iframe in a dialog inside another APEX page. So in general the mechanisms for sharing data between pages should be the same. One page can access data entered on another page if that data has been saved in session state or an APEX collection or if it has been committed to a database table. >What should not be done is the dialog page directly accessing the DOM or JavaScript context of its parent page to read or write data. The reason is that a dialog is a reusable component that shouldn’t care or know anything about what page it is opened from. This is a general principal of dialogs in any GUI system. Also a dialog should not directly manipulate data of the caller because generally there is a Cancel button and if the user chooses to cancel then any changes made should have no effect. end of post: >Why not just have the dialog page branch to the parent page? Because that breaks the rule stated in the beginning about dialogs not knowing from where they were opened.
12-Oct-2018 01:35:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I see. What are the reasons for this, if you don't mind?
12-Oct-2018 12:34:PM by: ross.scottish
While it works you should not use a branch to close a modal to go back to the parent You should use a close modal action along with a dialog closed da on the parent page
12-Oct-2018 11:07:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Anyone ever come across a white webpage when using a simple branch to go from a modal page back to the parent normal page?
12-Oct-2018 09:58:AM by: ross.scottish
@eureka7 @shaun.mauer starting with APEX 18.1 you can have multiple Authentication Schemes in a single Application and switch them for your session by passing APEX_AUTHENTICATION=scheme name in a URL’s request parameter.
12-Oct-2018 07:58:AM by: peterraganitsch
@eureka7 - Would something like this help?
12-Oct-2018 06:31:AM by: shaun.mauer
Hi all, I am using the following custom authentication in apex 18.1.0 (just code body) The idea is to allow login using apex account if for any reason domain/LDAP authentication does not work. The problem is, if I log in using domain password, I cannot use `apex_util.create_user` api I get `apex_error_code: APEX.USER.NOT_ADMIN` although I am Apex administrator. I tried using apex account authentication and it worked fine. So is there a way to connect with LDAP authentication and still be able to call apex_util.create_user? ```begin l_user := l_domain || '\' || p_username; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('User: '||l_user ); l_session := DBMS_LDAP.init (l_ldap_server, l_ldap_port); -- start session l_retval := DBMS_LDAP.simple_bind_s (l_session, l_user, p_password); -- auth as user l_retval := DBMS_LDAP.unbind_s (l_session); -- unbind dbms_output.put_line ('LDAP-Auth' ); return true; exception when others then dbms_output.put_line ( 'Issue in LDAP session: '||sqlerrm||chr(13)||dbms_utility.format_error_backtrace ); dbms_output.put_line ('Apex-Auth'); begin return apex_util.is_login_password_valid (p_username => p_username, p_password => p_password); exception when others then return false; end; end;```
11-Oct-2018 07:30:PM by: eureka7
@ross.scottish isn’t copying very easy? But no, there isn’t any other way. Pages cannot be renumbered.
11-Oct-2018 05:20:PM by: peterraganitsch
Is there an easier way to renumber a page other than copying it to the correct number?
11-Oct-2018 04:22:PM by: ross.scottish
ok, thanks...i did try that but unfortunately i still have the issue...thinking i will just create a new form with the fields i need to create
11-Oct-2018 01:33:PM by: nmmisd
no problem :slightly_smiling_face:
11-Oct-2018 07:14:AM by: cneumuel
Awesome. It worked. Thanks alot :slightly_smiling_face:
11-Oct-2018 07:14:AM by: ashwinrao
Thought so. Coincidentally, I fixed a bug yesterday that limits this to 4 digits. Please enter a smaller number.
11-Oct-2018 07:13:AM by: cneumuel
it has been set to "99999999"
11-Oct-2018 07:11:AM by: ashwinrao
@ashwinrao Go to Instance Admin > Manage Instance > Security. It is in the region "Development Environment Settings"
11-Oct-2018 07:10:AM by: cneumuel
where do i find this option ? @cneumuel
11-Oct-2018 07:09:AM by: ashwinrao
@ashwinrao Did you set "Account Password Lifetime (days)" to some very big number?
11-Oct-2018 07:06:AM by: cneumuel
Hi guys, I am trying to update workspace user logging in as ADMIN , but i am encountering error as "Error updating user. ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0" . Any idea how to overcome this.
11-Oct-2018 05:18:AM by: ashwinrao
Delete the IG and create a new one
10-Oct-2018 08:18:PM by: h.hopkirk
not sure what you mean by recreate the region (or page)?
10-Oct-2018 07:50:PM by: nmmisd
It's a known bug(I think). Just recreate the region and if it still shows try the page.
10-Oct-2018 07:49:PM by: h.hopkirk
Hello, I have an Interactive Grid with Add Row turned on. However, when I select add row, in the column I have designated as the PK, I get a default value of t1001, t1002 and so on for each new row I add. Is there a way where I can have that value hidden from the user so they don't get confused? I tried setting a default, but the t1001 shows instead. I am on 5.1
10-Oct-2018 07:47:PM by: nmmisd
Can IG work with a table that contains 1Million Records : YES Can IG Display 1 Million Records all at once : I doubt ANYTHING could do that. IG works with record sets and pagination.You can filter and retrieve the records the user is interested in and allow them to operate directly on those. If you customer really wants to display 1 Million records all at once, then i think it's a customer expectation problem rather as that's insanity.
10-Oct-2018 06:43:PM by: doug.a.gault
Hi, does IG can work with 1 million records or not. My client need this
10-Oct-2018 06:11:PM by: vjekoslav
Thanks @maxime_tremblay However, I was looking something similar to file browse item plugin.
10-Oct-2018 12:43:PM by: ashwinrao
Hi Joel. Thanks for the feedback
10-Oct-2018 12:22:PM by: shaun.mauer
Did you have a look at the dropzone plugin?
10-Oct-2018 12:17:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi Shaun - yes, the new certification is actively being developed now. We hope to have something out by the end of the calendar year, but I can't provide 100% guarantee that we'll make this date.
10-Oct-2018 12:11:PM by: joelkallman
Hi Guys, Did anyone come across ajax file upload plugin compatible with universal theme . I tried using this plugin in universal theme , but it is not working and throwing error in console. Any pointers?
10-Oct-2018 11:53:AM by: ashwinrao
Can you replicate this in an workspace. It might help to look at it directly.
10-Oct-2018 11:07:AM by: jaughenbaugh
Hi Is it possible to highlight or change background color for all NULL fields in APEX 18.2 form?
10-Oct-2018 08:38:AM by: badanikareem
@cczarski @joelkallman @orcl_dpeake - Are there any plans to revive the Oracle Apex Certifications? The Oracle Education page states _At this time, there are no APEX Certifications available_
10-Oct-2018 07:50:AM by: shaun.mauer
Could any one help me on this - function returning sql query error?
10-Oct-2018 05:17:AM by: sharma.harish1
I'm creating a new web source module, passed header and url parameters. REST API is working in Postman, but APEX 18.2 in is giving "Discovery error: HTTP 400: Bad request" and server response shows "<Response> <status> <version>1.0.0</version> <code>-5</code> <msg>Invalid Parameter in Request</msg> <total>0</total> <page>0</page> <pagesize>0</pagesize> </status> </Response>". How do I see the request generated by Web Source Discovery?
09-Oct-2018 04:40:PM by: aragorniiit

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