Thanks @matze276 and @gaspar both useful recommendations :+1: still interested to see if anyone knows how to APEX cache the nav menu, to supplement MV's & DB cache. This is possible for nav bars, just wondering if I'm missing where this is in App Builder
27-Jun-2017 01:32:PM by: ojwaters
@ojwaters you could cache the table at database level
27-Jun-2017 01:14:PM by: gaspar
@ojwaters: You could use a Materialized View for caching the result of your dynamic navigation.
27-Jun-2017 12:41:PM by: matze276
@shaun.mauer Hmm, :thinking_face: you could argue that a report is dynamic, but if the data rarely changes and you have a large volume of users, why not utilise cache? Our nav menu is based on a list query from another system that hardly ever changes, for performance reasons it would be great to cache this.
27-Jun-2017 10:35:AM by: ojwaters
@ojwaters Why do you want to cache something that is dynamic? Defeats the purpose of it being dynamic in the first place.
27-Jun-2017 10:24:AM by: shaun.mauer
Hi, is there anyway to APEX cache a dynamic navigation menu? Can't seem to find this in the App Builder anywhere...
27-Jun-2017 10:18:AM by: ojwaters
@cremy If you are able to manage the inset into batches, I would have a column (GUID) to identify each batch. Then create and after insert, for statement trigger to identify batches that have not been emailed, pull them out (csv is easy to generate with SQL, select into CLOB), and email then
27-Jun-2017 06:50:AM by: shaun.mauer
@shaun.mauer the data will inserted with a form page. on the page i have a plsql process with a insert into block. But i need to generate a csv pdf or html file to send this via mail. A subscription from an interactive report is not a solution because the mail should generate directly after the order was entered.
27-Jun-2017 04:54:AM by: cremy
@gaspar Hi! Yeah, @shaun.maurer showed me how to accomplish that using Interactive Report, that solve a lot of problem. Anyway, thank you!
26-Jun-2017 04:34:PM by: marcsant
@marcsant I think the logic is wrong (even if the code was generated). Duplicate rows only means your conditions are meeting each row. APEX has no way to generate duplicate rows cause it's all handled by the database. I'm not sure what you need because your question is based on a problem.. But to give you an idea, this is the code for a report with 3 filters, choosing each allows me to show/hide information in the report. WHERE 1=1 AND (nvl(:P7_CLIENTES,'0') = '0' or project = :P7_CLIENTES) -- This is a Select List AND (nvl(:P7_COORDINADOR,'0') = '0' or assigned_to = :P7_COORDINADOR) -- This is a Select List AND (upper(TASK_NAME) NOT LIKE DECODE(nvl(:P7_VACACIONES,'2'), '1', '%VACACION%') OR TASK_NAME LIKE DECODE(nvl(:P7_VACACIONES,'2'), '2', '%')) -- This is a Radio button selection of two values (show vacation or not)
26-Jun-2017 04:11:PM by: gaspar
@shaun.mauer The purpose to add the second column is: display the ticket number, and another column is just to edit the ticket detail. If there is an way to make this happen (list the ticket number and allow the user to edit it) it would be great!
26-Jun-2017 02:07:PM by: marcsant
@shaun.mauer Hi Mate, thanks for the prompt responses. I will dig into the first option... I'm looking for a form to browse the records (tickets) and edit the master and detail info (ticket number and ticket details). Maybe this form help me to archive that.
26-Jun-2017 02:06:PM by: marcsant
@cremy How are you inserting the data? Can you upload the data with a batch ID?
26-Jun-2017 01:14:PM by: shaun.mauer
Hi, im trying to generate a csv file. When someone will insert data to a table i want to store this data in a csv file to send it via mail. Someone knows how to generate this csv and store it to an table ?
26-Jun-2017 12:10:PM by: cremy
Thanks Shaun I'll give that a go...:+1:
26-Jun-2017 10:01:AM by: ojwaters
@ojwaters For a user to select them, you would need to probably give them a page like that, and allow them to select it, and then record the selection in the DB and retrieve it when rendering the page
26-Jun-2017 09:58:AM by: shaun.mauer
26-Jun-2017 09:57:AM by: shaun.mauer
Hi, we have a requirement where need to allow an admin end user in our app to be able to change a logo for one of the screens. Is there a way to display all of the font APEX icons that are available, so that a user can select one and feed it back into the app?
26-Jun-2017 09:49:AM by: ojwaters
@marcsant What is the purpose of the adding the column twice? If you want to display it, you could use a "Virtual Column" and set the HTML expression to #TICKED_ID#
26-Jun-2017 07:15:AM by: shaun.mauer
@marcsant Instead of using the Master Detail Form, you could use an Interactive Report and create you own Detail Modal dialog screen.. That way you get your search you are looking for, and you can customize what is shown in the detail
26-Jun-2017 07:11:AM by: shaun.mauer
@apexenthusiast This button was generated by Iterative Grid Wizard. I've done a similar search button, but this is so far more functional.
25-Jun-2017 03:40:PM by: marcsant
@marcsant doesn't it come out of the box?
25-Jun-2017 03:16:PM by: apexenthusiast
Alright, If I left query like this: select TICKET_ID, TICKET_ID AS TICKET, SUBJECT, DESCR, CREATED_BY, CREATED_ON, CLOSED_ON, ASSIGNED_TO, STATUS -- Coluna da Tabela Status Lookup from TICKETS, STATUS_LOOKUP where TICKETS.STATUS_ID = STATUS_LOOKUP.STATUS_ID AND UPPER(subject) LIKE '%'||UPPER(:P200_SEARCH)||'%' Everything goes fine. But, If I add the second column to search: AND UPPER(subject) LIKE '%'||UPPER(:P200_SEARCH)||'%' OR UPPER(status) LIKE '%'||UPPER(:P200_SEARCH)||'%' The dup occurs... But, if I remove the TICKET_ID as TICKET from the query and keep the second OR, the query results set working as expected! Really strange isn't?
25-Jun-2017 11:27:AM by: marcsant
I figured out what is making this duplicated records: If I remove the search filter they gone: AND UPPER(subject) LIKE '%'||UPPER(:P200_SEARCH)||'%' OR UPPER(status) LIKE '%'||UPPER(:P200_SEARCH)||'%' But, removing them make the search function int the form useless, since I need to search in both columns (subject and status)
25-Jun-2017 11:16:AM by: marcsant
And the most weird is that running this SQL query in SQL Workshop the results set are correct:
25-Jun-2017 11:00:AM by: marcsant
Hello! I'm working with a Master Detail Form, and in the query that retrieve the database records I have a column that I want to duplicate. So, I just put an 'as' to rename the new column... But when I run the app again the records that are retrieved from database are duplicated, not just the column. Below is some pictures to better explain:
25-Jun-2017 10:54:AM by: marcsant
hello how can i do that users stay logged in (phone users) apex. Is there any tutorials. thx
24-Jun-2017 10:59:PM by: kristjanvall
@maxime_tremblay so easy but not so obvious when you're learning alone... It's easy, after we know how to do it :slightly_smiling_face:
24-Jun-2017 05:13:PM by: franklin.jr
@maxime_tremblay I already gave it a shot, couldn't quite figure out how it was happening. And plus, it only happens in chrome
24-Jun-2017 11:19:AM by: farzadso
To freeze a column click on the column's header and click on the freeze button (snowflake icon)
24-Jun-2017 10:20:AM by: maxime_tremblay
@franklin.jr I can't have a look at it right now but from the sound of it it's using an interactive grid with freezed columns
24-Jun-2017 10:19:AM by: maxime_tremblay
@farzadso you might want to have a look at the actual image and try to replace it. It should have a transparent background. Or you might have some custom css that adds a background color to the image in some way. Try to activate the hover action from the chrome dev tool to have a look at the active css
24-Jun-2017 10:17:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Sure this is an easy question: website has a "feedback entries" section (after logging in, just click upper menu Team Development -> Feedback, and then click "Feedback Entries"). This section has a report which is divided in 2 parts - left side is static and has only "number" and "feedback" columns, but right side can be moved horizontally, has lots of columns. How is it done in APEX 5.1? Thanks in advance.
24-Jun-2017 06:04:AM by: franklin.jr
Has anyone run into this bug ... When creating a collapsible region, the hide and show button flickers on mouse hove and focus, i've created an example on|, here's the link : It's noteworthy that this glitch only happens in chrome I've also created a gif :
24-Jun-2017 05:11:AM by: farzadso
Ok I think the reason is that because the BC is an cascade LOV based on BU, so when BU get changed by the DA, the BC is populated by the BU based sql again. I added another Javascript DA which triggered by BU changes, which fixed the issue.. Thanks
23-Jun-2017 03:23:PM by: mike286
Hi all, I am having trouble using the Set Value DA for some cascade LOV fields, here is my requirement: I have a form with 3 fields: Application Name/BU/BC: Application Name is an LOV based on table A, table A have Application_name,BU BC column butBU/BC can be null so some application doesn't have BU/BC/some have BU but no BC Both BC and RC are LOV based on Table B while RC is a child LOV cascaded from BU, Table B has BU/BC fields Now here is my requirements: when customer choose an Application Name, I have an on change/Set Value DA which will query table A based on the application being chosen and return the related BU/BC to the BU/BC fields; Here is the issues: 1. if in Table A, the application doesn't have BU/BC, it's fine as the BU/BC will be null and customer can still choose from the LOV 2. If in Table A, the application do have BU/BC, the BU field is correctly populated to the BU field, but not the BC field, it remains null instead of the correct value 3. if I change the BU/BC field to text field instead of LOV, the set DA works fine. Any thoughts? I have put a demo here : workspace: cbsspace login: guest/demo Thanks in advance
23-Jun-2017 03:03:PM by: mike286
@maxime_tremblay very cool. Thank you a lot.
23-Jun-2017 12:03:PM by: lucashir
@lucashir when the file is uploaded it's going to be a blob. You can have your files uploaded to the APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES table. Then you can convert the corresponding blob as a clob using `APEX_WEB_SERVICE.BLOB2CLOBBASE64`
23-Jun-2017 11:57:AM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello, any idea how to store a file as a BASE64 CLOB while uploading from apex or after that? Thanks!
23-Jun-2017 10:36:AM by: lucashir
@shaun.mauer Application Express, did a fresh install
23-Jun-2017 08:17:AM by: gabidragoi
@gabidragoi Whats your Apex version? I think SS/TLS is only supported from 5.0 and up
23-Jun-2017 08:17:AM by: shaun.mauer

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