hi @daljitraju you have exactly understood my case. And I will implement your suggestion and we will see what happens :wink:
16-Feb-2019 06:52:PM by: Souleman
Thanks @daljitraju i’ll check it out.
16-Feb-2019 08:51:AM by: jimmccluskey
Good evening everyone. I am looking for a solution. here is my case. I am on a form of creation and I have a list of value which does not contain the information that I want. how can I save the information in the LOV table and update the lov of the creation form and pointing to the information I just recorded :nerd_face:
16-Feb-2019 12:38:AM by: Souleman
Hi everyone:slightly_smiling_face: I posted an Issue but somehow it's not shown on however, I would be super grateful if someone could help me Thanks and best regards Leo
15-Feb-2019 09:28:AM by: Leo Stalder
Hi All, This is probably a stupid question but I am having issues in a classic report when I refresh the region using a dynamic action, it seems to refrsh the report back to page 1. I have created a test case here The first report is using an sql query as the report source. I paginate to the second page in this report and click the refresh region button. This causes the report region to refresh and stay on the correct page exactly how I would wish. The second report is using plsql returning sql. I paginate to the second page in this report and click the refresh region button. This causes the report to move back to the first page. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Thanks Jim
14-Feb-2019 09:25:PM by: jimmccluskey
Hi. Is there a way to hide button based on tab selection in a region
14-Feb-2019 08:48:PM by: pritham9
Yes I am. It's normal in this business... But main questions are: Does APEX have bug ? or Does APEX have hidden limitation ? Mybe somebody from Oracle team can says something.
14-Feb-2019 06:56:AM by: apexutil_an
:astonished: you're displaying 10k lines/items to the users in a single page?
13-Feb-2019 07:04:PM by: maxime_tremblay
it's not native tabular form it's report with dynamic items. We process orders with 10000 and more rows
13-Feb-2019 03:36:PM by: apexutil_an
are you trying to submit a tabular form with 10k lines?
13-Feb-2019 02:27:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi We have problem with apex bug/limitation. Yesterday we asked oracle forums but no response. Maybe you can help:
13-Feb-2019 02:24:PM by: apexutil_an
try something similar to that
13-Feb-2019 11:37:AM by: turntablez
If your doing your own process on a tabular form you dont need to reference the apex_application.g_f01 items. You can do it like this ```begin case :APEX$ROW_STATUS when 'C' then insert into emp ( empno, ename, deptno ) values ( :EMPNO, :ENAME, :DEPTNO ) returning rowid into :ROWID; when 'U' then update emp set ename = :ENAME, deptno = :DEPTNO where rowid = :ROWID; when 'D' then delete emp where rowid = :ROWID; end case; end; ```
13-Feb-2019 11:36:AM by: turntablez
screen shot also shared
13-Feb-2019 11:23:AM by: Amit
what i did wrong id is primary key here please help me on this.
13-Feb-2019 11:19:AM by: Amit
actually i put never to this process into tabular form APPLY_MRU and APPLY_MRD and write our own update process like begin for i in 1..apex_application.g_f01.count loop update abc set jan = apex_application.g_f06(i), feb = apex_application.g_f07(i), mar = apex_application.g_f08(i), apr = apex_application.g_f09(i), may = apex_application.g_f10(i), jun = apex_application.g_f11(i), jul = apex_application.g_f12(i), aug = apex_application.g_f13(i), sep = apex_application.g_f14(i), oct = apex_application.g_f15(i), nov = apex_application.g_f16(i), dec = apex_application.g_f17(i) -- where id = :P9999_ID and org_id = :P9999_ORG_ID; where org_id = apex_application.g_f03(i) and id = apex_application.g_f18(i); end loop; end;
13-Feb-2019 11:18:AM by: Amit
Hi all when i am going to update tabular form in 5.0 then i got this error Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process.
13-Feb-2019 11:15:AM by: Amit
Hello. When i export a classic report that has Totals on a Break Column, the exported file includes html tags, specifically around the heading total, for example <b>Major Category Total:</b>. this is something automatically applied and I don't have control over it. Is there anything I can do to strip the <b> </b> during the export process? Thank you
12-Feb-2019 08:23:PM by: abul_feed
I'm using and trying to get an Apex app to authenticate using Social Sign-in with ADFS - anybody on here tried this before? I'm looking for ideas on how to debug..
12-Feb-2019 02:43:PM by: John Phillips
Glad to help
12-Feb-2019 01:05:PM by: shaun.mauer
@lschilde No problem
12-Feb-2019 01:05:PM by: shaun.mauer
@shaun.mauer What can I say? Genius. Thank you I got it working now.
12-Feb-2019 01:04:PM by: lschilde
Appreciate your thoughts on this one
12-Feb-2019 12:42:PM by: lschilde
@shaun.mauer Let me give that a go now. I didn't get it right first time around. :slightly_smiling_face:
12-Feb-2019 12:42:PM by: lschilde
@vincent.morneau Check the forums for an answer to your question as well. Working example on same page above
12-Feb-2019 09:20:AM by: shaun.mauer
@lschilde - A workaround, define the column as `'<img src="apex_world/r/files/static/v5/FNDCANCE.gif" />'` and mark the column as an `HTML expression` with the value `&IMG_SRC.`. Update your `Detail View` -> `For Each Row` to be `<div class="t-Card-titleWrap"><h3 class="t-Card-title">&NAME.</h3>&IMG_SRC.</div>` Working example
12-Feb-2019 08:30:AM by: shaun.mauer
Any one had this issue on Interactive Grid Detail view -> Appreciate your feedbacks
12-Feb-2019 05:14:AM by: lschilde
I am quite new to Apex. I wanted to check if there is possibility of writing a trigger on table APEX_WORKSPACE_DEVELOPERS. Ultimately I want to automate adding an end user to a custom application automatically as soon as user is given access to a workspace. I tried writing a Trigger. Initially I got an error asking to use INSTEAD OF trigger, after I updated the Trigger, I am getting an error saying that I do not have sufficient privileges.
11-Feb-2019 01:30:PM by: rosyparmar
Looking at the HTML in the emailed report that is missing headers, the entire "headers" row is missing.
10-Feb-2019 09:13:PM by: trevorh
Apex 5.1.4. An interactive report with multiple "Public" formats(?) created against it. Users are subscribing to these reports and they are getting the emails, BUT, some of them don't include the column headers, and others do.
10-Feb-2019 09:11:PM by: trevorh
I'm trying to integrate Oracle EBS 12.2.5 with APEX 18.2 installed on separate database. I'm following Mark Wereen's blog I created a package APPS.XX_APEX_EBS_AUTH_PKG with function check_ebs_credentials in EBS db, gave execute grants to APPS_EBS_EXTENSION schema in EBS db. Then I created private synonym XX_APEX_EBS_AUTH_PKG in APEX_EBS_LOCAL schema on APEX db and called it in APEX Authorization scheme. The issue is check_ebs_credentials function has apps.icx_sec.getsessioncookie, it is returning -1 instead of actual session cookie. Please advise.
08-Feb-2019 08:26:PM by: Kishore Ryali
I figured out the problem. For example if my static region id is TEST, i was putting in the URL IR[RTEST] to match IR[R<region_id>] but it looks like I don't need to add an 'R' before the static id. that worked!! thank you so much
08-Feb-2019 04:03:PM by: abul_feed
when I set a static ID (under the region's advanced attribute) I can see that the download request is using that static ID and not the region's ID
08-Feb-2019 03:58:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I looked at our different environments and it seems that the region id's are the same but I am not sure that it's guarranteed
08-Feb-2019 03:49:PM by: abul_feed
I tried that, it didn't work
08-Feb-2019 03:48:PM by: abul_feed
try to define a static ID for the region
08-Feb-2019 03:47:PM by: maxime_tremblay

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