Hi guys, I have form in popup page which has around 30-40 fields , When I click on button to open this popup screen it will take lot of time to open.Any pointers on how to debug the performance and what may be the cause? I have already checked debug stats but evrything seems okay there!!. Thanks
23-May-2018 08:00:AM by: ashwinrao
@maxime_tremblay I need to implement in all pages
22-May-2018 09:24:PM by: pritham9
22-May-2018 08:20:PM by: trevorh
22-May-2018 08:19:PM by: trevorh
:P272_VALUESLIST doesn't work either I presume? You might need to try something like `where values in (select * from(apex_string.split(:P272_VALUESLIST, ','))`
22-May-2018 08:19:PM by: trevorh
by just now I mean technically 23 minutes ago according to the git logs :wink:
22-May-2018 07:34:PM by: krisrice
oh rly! I've been try to get team members to use git + gitlab, I'd be very interested in that.
22-May-2018 07:33:PM by: trevorh
As @trevorh mentions those 2 scripts apxexp/apximp could be use together to sling an import to/from envs. I just now set on up to export using sqlcl inside a gitlab pipeline
22-May-2018 07:32:PM by: krisrice
SQLcl is da bomb
22-May-2018 07:31:PM by: krisrice
oh :slightly_smiling_face: there he is!
22-May-2018 07:31:PM by: trevorh
I've seen @krisrice about here on slack as well, so you might potentially be able to ask him questions about using SQLcl
22-May-2018 07:31:PM by: trevorh
see apxexp.js and apximp.js
22-May-2018 07:29:PM by: trevorh
And there are scripts for SQLcl to export and import Apex applications here:
22-May-2018 07:29:PM by: trevorh
@akashbr I believe this white paper has a section on automated exporting:
22-May-2018 07:27:PM by: trevorh
How to export the application from DEV to INT and INT to PROD automatically, for time being I am doing this process manually by exporting and importing the application which is not the best solution to do. Can you please explain me the process of achieving it with an example. Thank you in advance
22-May-2018 08:47:AM by: akashbr
@maxime_tremblay in my case the minified file was the issue, now it works , excellent, thank you so much.
22-May-2018 03:07:AM by: uyogi2008
if the file you changed also as a corresponding minified file, you will need to rebuild it as APEX is going to be using the minified file by looking at the plugin’s github repository, all JS file have a minified version. so that’s another possible reason why it’s not working I also like to rename the new file (I usually append something like `-custom`) and add it to the plugin, it can be useful when upgrading the plugin
22-May-2018 01:28:AM by: maxime_tremblay
The overall process is correct. It might be a browser cache problem.
22-May-2018 01:09:AM by: maxime_tremblay
I am using a plugin "Mailgun Email Validator" to validate the email address. I wanted to modify one of the javascript of that plugin to suppress an error message. Steps for plugin javascript modification is : On the Workspace home page-> Application Builder-> Application home page-> Shared Components-> Plug-ins. Click the .js file which has to be modified, Delete it & uploaded the new file-> Click Apply changes After clicking on apply changes, I get a message on the top as "0 rows updated 0 rows deleted" After execution, the changes I wanted is not reflecting on the page. Am I doing the plugin java script upload wrongly? do I miss any other step in this?
21-May-2018 09:44:PM by: uyogi2008
@kathrynbrooksgamble Awesome!
21-May-2018 12:52:PM by: sspendol
@sspendol APEX_050100 had lost the privs on sys objects (compared to non- upgraded system). I've reapplied those and we are back in business. Thanks very much for your help.:+1:
21-May-2018 12:52:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
@kathrynbrooksgamble That’s an important package, and not sure why it’s not recompiling based on those other objects. You may want to open an SR with Oracle to further diagnose what’s going on.
21-May-2018 12:36:PM by: sspendol
@sspendol There is one invalid package WWV_FLOW_F4000_PLUGINS which won't recompile These are the errors : • Error(2136,8): PL/SQL: Statement ignored • Error(2136,13): PLS-00201: identifier 'SYS.DIANA' must be declared • Error(2139,8): PL/SQL: Statement ignored • Error(2139,31): PLS-00201: identifier 'SYS.DIANA' must be declared • Error(2234,17): PL/SQL: Statement ignored • Error(2236,40): PLS-00201: identifier 'L_ITEM.NAME' must be declared • Error(2391,25): PL/SQL: Statement ignored • Error(2393,48): PLS-00201: identifier 'L_KEYWORD.KEYWORD' must be declared • Error(2483,5): PL/SQL: Statement ignored • Error(2484,19): PLS-00201: identifier 'L_LAST_TYPE' must be declared
21-May-2018 12:34:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
@kathrynbrooksgamble Check to see if there are any invalid objects - particularly in the APEX_050100 schema. If so, recompile and see if that does the trick.
21-May-2018 12:17:PM by: sspendol
@kathrynbrooksgamble Has whatever is hosting ORDS been restarted? Had similar issues before where ORDS wasnt fully shutdown and started back up again
21-May-2018 12:17:PM by: shaun.mauer
@shaun.mauer - sorry 3.0.9 is the ORDS version
21-May-2018 12:16:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
@shaun.mauer Yes ORDS 4 . All the applications are fine. But in designer I cannot edit any page when I edit any page (even page 0) and I cannot create a new app.
21-May-2018 12:16:PM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
@kathrynbrooksgamble How are you accessing Apex? With ORDS?
21-May-2018 12:10:PM by: shaun.mauer
@sspendol Its all the applications - its the apex designer itself that's throwing the error so there's nothing in the Debug under Utilities. Is it a known issue when upgrading from 12.1 to 12.2?
21-May-2018 11:58:AM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
21-May-2018 11:56:AM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
@kathrynbrooksgamble Edit the application that is throwing the error and then select Utilities > Debug Messages
21-May-2018 11:52:AM by: sspendol
My DBA has upgraded the database from 12.1 to 12.2 Now Apex apps still work fine but when I go into the Apex designer and try to edit a page I always get "Error in PLSQL code raised during plug-in processing." Contact your administrator. Details about this incident are available via debug id "xxxxx". How do I access this debug information?
21-May-2018 11:28:AM by: kathrynbrooksgamble
because, the way to do it is to add an icon in the post element text that will, when clicked, changes the item type from a password type to a text type and back to a password when clicking again. if you need to have it everywhere, you can do the above using an on page load JS function that will add the icon after the item for every page in your app
18-May-2018 09:36:PM by: maxime_tremblay
do you want/need to do it for all password items in an application or only the one on the login page?
18-May-2018 09:33:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi. Is there a way to show eye icon next to password field so when user clicks on it password is visible to validate?
18-May-2018 08:00:PM by: pritham9
Hi guys, The rich text area is saving data with html entities for ex : £ for £ symbol. Is there any way to escape these html entities while saving into db? I am currently using AR P processing to save data.
18-May-2018 11:42:AM by: ashwinrao
Dear @doug.a.gault @patrickwolf_oracle if this issue is difficult for fixing then I kindly ask you to say what workarounds could be applied for solving it (I need to use more than 2 Interactive grids on the page ). Thank You!
18-May-2018 08:11:AM by: ilia_g
Each time I make a modification on IG public report (I set an authorization scheme), I have to refresh the page to have the save ,edit and delete button enable. I wonder how the authorization scheme is evaluated to enable the buttons.
17-May-2018 04:55:PM by: phanny
Yup.. Definitely reproducible. @patrickwolf_oracle you want to have a look at this??
17-May-2018 03:04:PM by: doug.a.gault
Unfortunattly the issue is there (( I used Chrome 66.0.3359.170 user = guest passwor = demo2018 User action (After page load) - steps - for rows in 1st region: 1. Step1: 1.1 "Department" - click "ACCOUNTING" 1.2 "Employess" - double-click: - MILLER - KING - CLARK 2. Step2: 2.1 "Department" - click "SALES" 2.2 "Employess" - double-click: - "SMITH" - "ADAMS" ... Error in console : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'serverOffset' of null Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '7521' of null at Object.getRecordMetadata If no error now - do next step for "Department" = SALES etc. Error will occur (( The same error in Chrome 66.0.3359.181 and IE 11.0.9600.19003 also
17-May-2018 02:26:PM by: ilia_g
I’m not seeing the error you’re describing. I’ve followed the steps you outlined and I’m not getting any console errors at all. I used both Chrome 66.0.3359.139 and FireFox 59.0.2
17-May-2018 01:35:PM by: doug.a.gault

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