@dietmar.aust I changed the application compatibility mode to 19.1. Still, the RTE accepts text more than Max Length value. Is there any other settings which I missed?
17-Jun-2019 10:39:AM by: Prashanth
What you could do is have the link submit the page and call your process on page submit
15-Jun-2019 07:50:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I mean to say is this possible to call oracle plsql procedure in apex url ?
15-Jun-2019 06:11:PM by: Sahil
what do you mean call your proc on the url?
15-Jun-2019 05:10:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Respected all, There is a apex url in my classic report i want to call my proc on that apex url is this possible? If yes please share any link or guide
15-Jun-2019 04:10:PM by: Sahil
14-Jun-2019 05:27:PM by: Renato Nobre
Anyone know the best way in APEX to playback and .wav file stored in the database as a BLOB
14-Jun-2019 04:05:PM by: mrgaddy
Thanks. I will try this.
14-Jun-2019 06:12:AM by: Prashanth
Hi All, I built an APEX 5.0 application integrated with Oracle EBS. User navigates to APEX application from Oracle EBS responsibility. It does have any Authentication scheme. Authorization Scheme attached to the application checks if user has a valid Oracle EBS session to view the application. User creates a transaction in APEX app and it sends an approval email using APEX_MAIL. Email contains basic transaction information in HTML tables. Now my questions are: 1. I want to include a hyperlink in the email body to allow approver to view transaction. When I click on the hyperlink added using APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL and primary key to view transaction, I get authorization scheme violation error since I don't have valid EBS session. Alternative I thought is to create a duplicate standalone APEX app with no authorization but authentication scheme based on EBS API fnd_web_sec.validate_login to validate EBS credentials. Disadvantage of this approach is duplication of code. 2. Other requirement is to approve the transaction directly from email. I'm not sure how I can achieve this without going to transaction page. Please advise. Thanks.
13-Jun-2019 03:18:PM by: Kishore Ryali
There is no counter, though.
13-Jun-2019 03:09:PM by: dietmar.aust
Starting with APEX 19.1 it now respects the maximum length. But you need to switch the compatibility mode to 19.1 in order to make it happen.
13-Jun-2019 03:08:PM by: dietmar.aust
Thank you Maxime, The tabular form works. It just take me long time to check every time it's not functioning. I will play this log process. Appreciate your help!
13-Jun-2019 03:05:PM by: reps
Hi All, How can I display a Character Counter in Rich Text Editor item like how we have the setting in TextArea? I want to restrict the length of the RTE to 3500 chars. Adding it in "Maximum Length" attribute is not working for RTE and it accepts more than 4000 chars. I am in APEX 19.1
13-Jun-2019 02:33:PM by: Prashanth
Great - thanks @doug.a.gault!
13-Jun-2019 01:43:PM by: gilcrest
There are a number of APEX Specific hosting companies that are probably better for a small application than the Oracle Cloud is at the moment. You can find a list of them here: Can’t really point you to one in particular, but maybe others here have recent experience they’ll share.
13-Jun-2019 01:40:PM by: doug.a.gault
hey everyone - it's been a while since I've dabbled in Apex, but it looks like it's thriving! I'm considering building an apex app for a client of mine. I'm trying to understand what are the best options for a really small shop, with minimal transaction load in the cloud, but am baffled by Oracles cloud pricing options... What are people using these days to host a small oracle db/apex app in the cloud?
13-Jun-2019 01:31:PM by: gilcrest
can anyone help that how to highlight row in IG using dynamic action or javascript api??? can anyone give example for how to use $( ".selector" ).grid( { highlights: { "hlid0001": { seq: 1, row: true, color: "#FF7755" }} } );
13-Jun-2019 10:06:AM by: Zahid Waheed
```begin if :apex$row_status = 'C' then ...log insert method... elsif :apex$row_status = 'U' then ...log update method... elsif :apex$row_status = 'D' then ...log delete method... end if; end; ``` make sure that you set the corresponding tabular form region for the corresponding attribute
13-Jun-2019 01:10:AM by: maxime_tremblay
has this tabular form ever work? what you could do is add a custom plsql process that could be used to log everything
13-Jun-2019 01:02:AM by: maxime_tremblay
eg. I have two PK in this view of page. But I configured 1 as "Hiden Column", then if I click "Apply Changes" button, this field will not send to backend. So many other rows will also get updated. But is there a way I can debug this, to see the update query it's sending backend, so I can see I'm missing the one PK in the query
12-Jun-2019 08:43:PM by: reps
Thanks for the quick reply. I just click the apply changes button but no changes made. I know it could be the trigger is not working. But I also want to know how to debug it, to see what exactly it's doing with the backend
12-Jun-2019 08:34:PM by: reps
can you describe the problem are you having?
12-Jun-2019 08:32:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Does anyone still use APEX 5, and know how to debug the Tabular Form? Like how the MRU process is doing, is there a way to see the actual update query it's running? Thanks
12-Jun-2019 08:31:PM by: reps
You need to create manual data save process.
12-Jun-2019 04:35:PM by: mayurvaghasiya22
Please help!!
12-Jun-2019 04:08:PM by: lavanya.seshadri
I have an interactive grid being populated from table A .. I want to insert into table B from the rows in the interactive grid populated by table A upon clicking a button. This should also include any update/delete/inserted rows.. How can i achieve this.
12-Jun-2019 04:08:PM by: lavanya.seshadri
Hi All,
12-Jun-2019 04:06:PM by: lavanya.seshadri
@sam run this in sql workshop. The first parameter is your app id. ```begin apex_util.set_app_build_status(103, 'RUN_AND_BUILD'); end;```
12-Jun-2019 02:02:PM by: turntablez
how can i aceess/edit my applicaiton ?
12-Jun-2019 01:24:PM by: sam
i am buidling my applicaiton ..i did try to chnage some of the page preferebnces/settings after built it . to have some user control. unfortunately after i myself with admin not able to access that page. it gives me below error ...
12-Jun-2019 01:24:PM by: sam
HI All ,
12-Jun-2019 01:23:PM by: sam
Hi there, anyone has experience with combining "multiple tasks per row" type Gantt with "Hierarchical Tasks"?
12-Jun-2019 08:49:AM by: oakdemir
Thanks @NJ it worked like a charm. I will now try to understand what each line does
12-Jun-2019 05:27:AM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
@NJ I will try this and will let you know:+1:
11-Jun-2019 05:10:PM by: Kinjan Bhavsar
You have to provide some identification for text inside your PL/SQL dynamic content region. so best way to do that is wrap your output/content inside a DIV having ID. for that set 'Header Text' as `<div id="myDynamicContent">`(or whatever ID you like) and 'Footer Text' as `</div>` as your region property. Now on your button click JS or DA, you can execute this code to copy to clipboard. ``` var selectionArea = document.createRange(); selectionArea.selectNode($('#myDynamicContent')[0]); window.getSelection().removeAllRanges(); window.getSelection().addRange(selectionArea); document.execCommand("copy"); //window.getSelection().removeAllRanges(); ``` Uncomment last line if you don't want to display your text as selected when button is clicked.
11-Jun-2019 04:48:PM by: NJ
Hi All, I am printing a json store in a clob using htp.prn in PL/SQL dynamic content region so employees can copy that json when need but they need to select json using mouse drag. How to implement copy to clipboard feature for pl/sql dynamic content? I know about how to do it in item but I am not able to do it for PL/SQL dynamic content region. Can someone guide me? Reference for copying item data
11-Jun-2019 11:50:AM by: Kinjan Bhavsar

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