15-Dec-2017 02:46:PM by: turntablez
@zootolo You can create form page based on table having blob column (in which you want to store uploaded file) and then you can select 'Blob column specified in Item Source attribute; as storage type in File Browse item.
15-Dec-2017 10:57:AM by: maheshdm
Hello, How to set file-name while downloading file from blob column of a table? I am using this SQL in classic report --> select FILE_NAME as "File Name", sys.dbms_lob.getlength(blob_content) as "Get File" from RC_X_FILES; With this 'file name just comes as 'download' but I want 'something.docx'. Any idea?
15-Dec-2017 10:37:AM by: maheshdm
hello apex beginner here, I'm having trouble uploading BLOB files to my database. I've searched for awhile and thus far, I've only found the following solution: - Use the file browse item to upload the file to APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES, and then in a 'After submit' process, retrieve values from the APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES and insert them into my own table. Even though the above solution does seem to somewhat work, I have to go through an extra table to upload a single file. I was wondering if there is an easier way to pull this off. thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: APEX v5.0.4
15-Dec-2017 09:11:AM by: zootolo
Navigate to the column in question, in the property pallet there are attributes that will allow you to change the alignment of header and column value
15-Dec-2017 08:28:AM by: alex.nuijten
Could some one please help me out?
15-Dec-2017 05:04:AM by: sgtlaxman
Hi Everyone, I have an issue with interactive reports Column heading and Value alignment. This happens when I create computed columns, the column heading is center and value is right left aligned. Dont see any way to adjust them.
15-Dec-2017 05:04:AM by: sgtlaxman
@pierre here is a bit of code that can get you close to the amount of DB space that the app is using in apex but this is precision-guesswork so no guarantee on accuracy.
14-Dec-2017 07:59:PM by: jaughenbaugh
yeah just change that to select or the option at the top if the drop-down
14-Dec-2017 07:58:PM by: jaughenbaugh
remove the type condition and it should work
14-Dec-2017 07:57:PM by: jaughenbaugh
sounds like the type condition is nullifying the button condition
14-Dec-2017 07:56:PM by: jaughenbaugh
Could someone explain this.. I am working on a DELETE button. Under Server-side condition, When-button Pressed=DELETE, Type= REQUEST != VALUE, VALUE=DELETE. What is this means? Thx.
14-Dec-2017 07:55:PM by: cwong
@pierre if you are worried about the size of the export, you could split up your app into several ones. In that case the exports will be smaller. You might even need to deploy just one or two of those “sub-apps” instead of the big chunk.
14-Dec-2017 07:32:PM by: roelhartman
@pierre another consideration is that the app export is really just the script to install the application so it has extra amounts of code to facilitate this. The data in the database is smaller by any measure. So the quest to ask is are you looking for the amount of storage your app is taking in the DB or in the flat file format of the export?
14-Dec-2017 05:58:PM by: jaughenbaugh
I think you are probably going to have to create a procedure that iterates through the hierarchy or APEX tables. I’m not sure what you want in terms of “size”, though.. Number of pages, regions, items, buttons? that won’t give you the size of the export file, but would give you an idea of the size of the overall application.
14-Dec-2017 03:30:PM by: doug.a.gault
Thanks @doug.a.gault my question is not just for export. How to see the size on an application without necessarily exporting it. .. maybe there is a view where we can see the size of pages, regions, items, and the attributes....? Or maybe we can write a procedure that automatically calculates it, without to export it ?
14-Dec-2017 03:28:PM by: pierre
@pierre - because the definition for an application is all metadata that lives inside the APEX tables, and reconstituting that metadata requires calls to the APEX API’s you can’t “know” the size of an export until it’s created. It all depends on the number of pages, regions, items, and the attributes of said components. Can I ask why you need to know the size prior to export?
14-Dec-2017 02:59:PM by: doug.a.gault
thanks @maxime_tremblay . It is important for me to know how much my application weighs. Unfortunately I have to export it to know that
14-Dec-2017 02:32:PM by: pierre
@pierre the filesize of an exported application cannot be determined without actually exporting the file why do you need to know the size of the file?
14-Dec-2017 02:28:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi, Someone know if there is an apex view to see how much the application weighs? currently to see how much the application weighs, I am forced to export it. thank you in advance
14-Dec-2017 01:20:PM by: pierre
@muhammadubaid here is the apex 5.0 Version
14-Dec-2017 11:47:AM by: pierre
The release notes will be available as part of the patch. So be patient...
14-Dec-2017 10:00:AM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman is the list of fixed bugs :ant: / changes already available or will I have to wait for the roll out?
14-Dec-2017 09:58:AM by: p.ettinger
It will be available for download (through myoraclesupport) very soon. I guess later this week or next week. Either way … before Christmas.
14-Dec-2017 09:49:AM by: roelhartman
@maxime_tremblay can i use in apex 5.0 version?
14-Dec-2017 05:15:AM by: muhammadubaid
Hey @shaun.mauer, I'll do it but it's kinda easy to see that. If you go to (| and aim into Tabs Region (Example 1) while refreshing the page you'll see "Tab 2" and "Tab 3" jumping...
14-Dec-2017 12:00:AM by: trevis
@trevis Could you possibly use ScreenToGif ( to record what it is doing and upload it here so we can see?
13-Dec-2017 11:01:PM by: shaun.mauer
Any other suggestion?
13-Dec-2017 10:57:PM by: trevis
I'm thinking to initially have the Tab Container hidden and then display it after the "jumping" finishes... not sure how to detect "jumping done" or if that is actually the best approach.
13-Dec-2017 10:56:PM by: trevis
Hey guys, does someone else also get annoyed when, using `Tab Container` template region, you see all sub-regions jumping from below region to inside the region? I have few sub-regions and it isn't nice seeing them jumping every time user loads the page.
13-Dec-2017 10:53:PM by: trevis
@thomas what do you mean by table? DB table, or HTML table, or something else?
13-Dec-2017 09:24:PM by: maxime_tremblay
hey I'm not sure how to ask this question but is there any way to grab all the rows in a table and put into a javascript array?
13-Dec-2017 07:57:PM by: thomas
@maxime_tremblay thanks. It works.
13-Dec-2017 06:38:PM by: mingat.dalai
if using an IR, this should work ```.a-IRR-table tr.highlight td { background-color: blue; color: white; }``` when you have a look at the UT CSS, you can see that the background color and text color are defined at the td level you had your CSS defined at the row level so the td's CSS is going to override whatever you have at the tr level
13-Dec-2017 06:33:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@mingat.dalai if possible don't use important, you should adjust the CSS so that you override the correct classes/selectors
13-Dec-2017 06:27:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@mingat.dalai try ```.highlight { background-color: blue !important; color: white !important; }``` I guess your CSS is overwritten by color definitions from Universal Theme
13-Dec-2017 06:11:PM by: matze276
Any idea why it is not working as expected? THanks.
13-Dec-2017 05:36:PM by: mingat.dalai
and using ``` $("#rgnMasterInst table").on('click','tr', function(e) { $(this).addClass('highlight'); })``` to hightlight the row when it is clicked.
13-Dec-2017 05:36:PM by: mingat.dalai
hi I defined a css in Header: ``` <style> .highlight { background-color: blue; color: white; } </style>```
13-Dec-2017 05:35:PM by: mingat.dalai

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