Hello, I have to maintain an application developped sometime ago in apex 4.2 and when I run the app from apex builder I don't see the developer toolbar at the bottom of page. I have checked the template and the substitution string `#DEVELOPER_TOOLBAR#` is there. Also there is no specific code to hide it; somebody has an idea how this can be hidden in execution? Thanks
16-Jan-2017 08:50:PM by: eureka7
For Interactive grids in 5.1 is there an option to refresh the entire report instead of just the submitted row?
16-Jan-2017 04:40:PM by: vito.campanelli
Hi, I am trying to use a procedure which calls APEX_MAILS.SEND to send mails on click of a button. I am passing the primary_key value through the procedure. this primary key value determines the value of the receiver. Any idea on how to implement it?
16-Jan-2017 03:35:PM by: sonikabmishra
Yes, I have read through that, which is why APEX v4.2 was configured pointing towards the CDB as I expected it to be able to access schemas within the PDB as well. The username I choose was just `APEX_TEST` which I confirmed wasn't already in use.
16-Jan-2017 02:59:PM by: chrisleopard
That looks like it's an issue with the username you chose
16-Jan-2017 02:56:PM by: lancem
I tried to create a new workspace with a new schema, but it errored at the end with what looks like a permissions issue: `ORA-20987: APEX - Unable to create user`
16-Jan-2017 02:55:PM by: chrisleopard
I've not tried using a PDB but... Have you read that? It looks about right.
16-Jan-2017 02:55:PM by: lancem
@lancem I see some schemas, yes. They're schemas associated to the CDB$ROOT in 12c. The schema I want to use in within the PDB (I'm hoping that this makes sense, apologies if not!).
16-Jan-2017 02:54:PM by: chrisleopard
... I can see your issue is it's not there. ok do you see anything at all?
16-Jan-2017 02:52:PM by: lancem
@chrisleopard do createworkspace > add name > re-use schema: yes > use dropdown
16-Jan-2017 02:51:PM by: lancem
I've never tried that, but why would you use that workspace? Create a new workspace entirely. I would imagine you'll break something / it won't work as expected if you try and use the INTERNAL workspace for your app.
16-Jan-2017 02:49:PM by: lancem
@maxime_tremblay @lancem thanks for the help! so far, I'm signed in as the `ADMIN` user into the `INTERNAL` workspace and can see that there is a default workspace with the `APEX_040200` schema assigned. I've tried assigning a new schema to the `INTERNAL` workspace but the schema I want to use doesn't appear in the list and I've also tried creating a new workspace but the same issue arrises when I go to select an available schema.
16-Jan-2017 02:45:PM by: chrisleopard
@chrisleopard have a look at the "Workspace to Schema Assignments" to make sure that the workspace has the the schema assigned. You can access it from the internal workspace. Then make sure that the application is using the correct schema as its parsing schema.
16-Jan-2017 02:36:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I would imagine it's because the instance is looking at <WORKSPACE> username tables,views etc. rather than existing_user.tables.
16-Jan-2017 02:24:PM by: lancem
Hi all, I'm very new to Apex and I'm currently stuck on a problem. Essentially, I have a 12c database with schemas in the pluggable database that I want to work on in Apex. However, these schemas aren't accessible and I believe it could be because the listener is configured for the root container and not for the pluggable database. Not knowing how Apex works, could this potentially be a cause as to why I don't see the schemas I want to work on?
16-Jan-2017 02:06:PM by: chrisleopard
Hi! try this! Guess why! 'select * from dual connect by level <= 10 connect by level <= 1 connect by level <= 3;'
16-Jan-2017 01:22:PM by: kuz
Hello all. I am trying to implement a search field that searches across multiple tables and multiple columns. I was able to implement it using Oracle Text, however, I can only search for one term at a time. If I put more than one term in the search field, the query doesn't return anything. Has anyone implemented something like this? I know it's probably doable using INSTR but the reason why I am using oracle Text is because i want to be able to do fuzzy search.
15-Jan-2017 05:42:AM by: abul_feed
@eureka7: You might try using the #TIMING# substitution variable in the region footer (shows processed time per region). Or you can try to use the apex access logs (assuming logging is enabled) using a dynamic action after page load. But my first response (question) is: Why? What is the business value for this requirement?
14-Jan-2017 10:27:AM by: roelhartman
@eureka7 I'm pretty sure you can do a show time on page load.. and after processing do the math and show the results..
13-Jan-2017 08:18:PM by: gaspar
Hello there, I need to display at the bottom of the page, the elapsed time, in my case, the time it took a page to display/to load after I submit. how can I do that? I was thinking of setting an item to the actual time with seconds when I submit the page and do a DA after page load to get the time and then try to make the difference and display but then I want the format xx minutes : yy seconds Is there a simple and fast way to achieve that or a plugin maybe?
13-Jan-2017 07:04:PM by: eureka7
I raised an SR with oracle and this is what they came back with also :slightly_smiling_face:
13-Jan-2017 03:54:PM by: lancem
13-Jan-2017 03:50:PM by: lancem
@lancem See
13-Jan-2017 03:50:PM by: eberhje
The oracle documentation in the troubleshooting only has reverting to 4.2... is it the same to roll back to 5.0 just with the difference schemas?
13-Jan-2017 03:09:PM by: lancem What's the easiest way to roll back to 5.0 should my application not work in 5.1?
13-Jan-2017 03:03:PM by: lancem
Hi. Is it possible to make items in a dynamic list conditional? Navigation menu is based on dynamic list of 'Function returning SQL query', do I need to do that in the function itself?
13-Jan-2017 02:56:PM by: shaun.mauer
One feature I do miss in tabular forms is giving hidden columns a header - sounds contradictory but is helpful for developers who struggle trying to find out which columns must have a value. See below.
13-Jan-2017 01:33:PM by: franklin.jr
Hi. Is it possible to use substitution variables in the filter of an IR? Need to have an "All rows" and a "My rows" based on who is logged in. Want to save each one as different public reports. All rows wont have the filter, My Rows need to have the filter.
13-Jan-2017 09:33:AM by: shaun.mauer
Hi, I have an interactive report which has 2 APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_LOV. One LOV has distinct 3 values and pne LOV has more than 20 values.. therefore I ma able to apply filter on the first one but not on the second column with more values in LOV.. Please help me to resolve this
13-Jan-2017 09:21:AM by: ritika
@pierre I would make a table to hold any metadata you have about the files, including the filename and location in the filesystem. With that information, you could create an interactive report that links directly to each file and gives your users a good way to search them without having to upload them to the database. You should be able to reference a file by prefixing the location and filename with file:/// I think.
13-Jan-2017 03:05:AM by: art.rinberger
In an Oracle APEX interactive report with search bar, is there a way for me to set one of the report columns as default on search text? If so, how can this be done?
12-Jan-2017 06:13:PM by: franklin.jr
@pierre I would do something crafty.. like call a Process that will look for the file(s) your user is looking for (as an argument), then invoke the .print() within the Windows OS (big assumption here). I don't know if that .print() function exists in *nix. What you can't do is access and print a file in the Browser without being previewed.
12-Jan-2017 04:07:PM by: gaspar
@svenweller thank you
12-Jan-2017 02:28:PM by: shaun.mauer
@shaun.mauer I did a similiar thing once. The base concept was to create a second list, that just is a select query on based upon the apex repository for the "master" list.
12-Jan-2017 02:25:PM by: svenweller
@matze276 The App is only to make for User Easy to print the File: Now The Users must go in the Directory and Search all the PDF File that he want to Print. That is not User Friendly. What iwant to achieve is that the Useres can only enter the Name of the PDF in a Textfield and then the APEX APP Look in the Directory and Print the File
12-Jan-2017 02:18:PM by: pierre
@pierre thats difficult because it hurts several browser security features. Some browsers seem to have workarounds for this. See It would be easier to fetch the files from the webserver or maybe even from the database server. You can however have the user upload the file first and then print it.
12-Jan-2017 02:18:PM by: svenweller
12-Jan-2017 02:12:PM by: matze276
@matze276 My Problem are : I have already PDF Files in a Directory in my Local System. This PDFs are too Much. I want to use Apex to select the File with the Right name a Print it
12-Jan-2017 02:10:PM by: pierre
@danielh made a presentation at DOAG about printing files as pdf and save it on a local computer with Electron.
12-Jan-2017 02:07:PM by: matze276
Somebody know how to print PDF File locate in my locate Computer Using APEX?
12-Jan-2017 02:01:PM by: pierre
Hi. I want to reuse the Desktop Navigation Menu to drive a Cards List Region, but would like to exclude the home page from the cards, but but in the menu If I put a condition on the list item based on "Not Current Page", then it doesnt display in the menu. Is there a way around this, how would I define the condition to only exclude when in the region and not in the menu?
12-Jan-2017 01:49:PM by: shaun.mauer
@bryan I am not really sure about this one, there should be before column API. Maybe have a look at example as an idea.
12-Jan-2017 01:42:PM by: lschilde

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