Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm looking for recommendations on QA tools for APEX development. What QA tools or frameworks do you use or suggest for testing APEX applications? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
24-Jul-2024 05:43:PM by: Alberto Barrio
Is anyone else experiencing issues with plugin custom attributes not being populated at runtime in version 24.01? We're using Dropzone 2, and we've noticed that p_plugin.attribute_01 is not being set at runtime, even though a default is specified. Any help would be appreciated :pray:
24-Jul-2024 04:04:PM by: Nigel Molloy
I need urgent help regarding Application Export from online demo Account ORACLE APEX Basically my application consist of 84 pages. i have also another one which includes 10 pages . the second one export quickly but 1st one which have 84 pages not export it gives error in oracle apex version 24.1.2 in old version 24.1 it export easily
24-Jul-2024 08:09:AM by: Mukarram Jamal
Hi All, question regarding faceted search. Is it possible to achieve that search facet searches exact value instead of "instr"?
23-Jul-2024 02:02:PM by: Martin Mirenic
Hello Comunity. Is there a simple way to enable rowclick on classic reports, similar to what we got on content row reports.
23-Jul-2024 12:39:PM by: Emmanuel Ulloa
Hi folks, can someone point me in the right direction? I have an app A and an app B. Both share different modal dialogs. This works very well. But both have different themes + styles. How can I tell the modal dialog which theme/style it should use, depending on the calling app?
23-Jul-2024 10:45:AM by: maik.michel
Good morning! Recently, I asked for help on how to include a search item for navigation menu options so that users could filter and quickly find the menu option they are looking for, and it seems that no one has encountered this need and I did not get any response. So, I'll give it another approach. Do you know in which views or tables the data of the navigation menu lists of Apex applications are stored?... maybe I can create my own searcher by directly accessing those views or tables. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Regards
22-Jul-2024 07:08:AM by: Juan Carlos Pérez
The "Sample Email Authentication" app does send an email, but I guess there is no place for me to configure a different SMTP server to send to, since this is probably configured globally for all users.
18-Jul-2024 08:28:PM by: Doug S
Hi - does anyone know if the "free APEX workspace" (url starting<workspaceid> ) is able to send emails? My company has been trying to understand an email issue and trying to test email sending from somewhere else to help understand it is on the APEX side or the email filter. Thank you!
18-Jul-2024 08:24:PM by: Doug S
Hi all! I am migrating application created in APEX 5.0 to APEX 20.2. Some pages contain one "Text field with autocomplete" item based on SQL query. This query returns the same dataset on APEX 5.0 and 20.2. In older version, this item works normally, but on APEX 20.2 this item has poor performance - entering some letters freezes entire app and it comes back after few minutes. Was it any important change in APEX since 5.0 which impacts this type of items? Maybe I am missing something?
18-Jul-2024 06:39:PM by: Wojciech Sowa
Hi :wave::skin-tone-2: I am having an issue with apex collection create_or_truncate procedure taking 30+ seconds to truncate the collection containing around 2000 rows. Has anybody had a similar issue and how did you resolve?
18-Jul-2024 03:01:PM by: Kyle Harris
Hi I want to hide the column - APEX$ROW_ACTION but when I do it, it show dots... Do you have a solution?
18-Jul-2024 09:27:AM by: Yarden Avraham
hello sir, we have created one dynamic page and in that using html css we have created file upload functionality , No page item is used from upload type its dynamic using html css, In backend we have PlSQL process that executes upload functionality request to object URL using static credentials we have to sent the document to PLSQL process AJAX call from java script , For upload document to object storage , we have created static web credentials and we are passing the credentials while requesting, because our object storage URL is not PAR , I'm trying to sent the document but to PLSQL process but it is taking in clob only , we have to use blob while requesting to object storage.
17-Jul-2024 08:08:AM by: ABHIJIT
Is there a way to get the correct styling for these "system" dialogs in place?
16-Jul-2024 11:30:PM by: Trev
The app theme is an old version of the Universal Theme (42). It's unsubscribed. I did try re-subscribing and refreshing, but it _destroyed_ the app.
16-Jul-2024 11:29:PM by: Trev
After upgrading an app from 5.0 to 23.1, I'm seeing unstyled "session expired" dialogs:
16-Jul-2024 11:27:PM by: Trev
Help on Debug. When troubleshooting performance and running the debugger, I find entries that take multiple seconds to execute and the message says: "Found item..." What does that mean? Thank you
15-Jul-2024 04:51:PM by: abul_feed
_*APEX Service Instance Version*_ I see that patchset 2 for APEX 24.1.0 is out. My APEX Service instance still has 24.1.0. What is the process, timeline, for patch sets being applied to APEX Service Instances?
15-Jul-2024 04:41:PM by: Jason Stortz
Are data loading pages working for anybody in 24.1? I created a new table, a new data loader definition, a new page and am still getting this error: ```Data profile and uploaded file do not contain any target table column.```
15-Jul-2024 03:26:PM by: Travis Caruth
DECLARE filename VARCHAR2(500) := apex_application.g_x05; filetype VARCHAR2(500) := apex_application.g_x06; l_blob_real BLOB; -- Declare the blob variable l_request_url VARCHAR2(1000); -- Declare the URL variable l_response CLOB; -- Response variable for storing HTTP response BEGIN INSERT INTO TABLE1 (NAME) VALUES ('1'); -- Convert the base64 encoded string (assuming g_x02 contains base64 encoded data) l_blob_real := utl_encode.base64_decode(apex_application.g_x02); -- Example: Insert into your TABLE1 INSERT INTO TABLE1 (NAME) VALUES ('3'); -- Construct the request URL (example: object storage URL) l_request_url := 'https://bmxh5ioecamstorage/o/' || apex_util.url_encode(filename); -- Make REST request for each file l_response := apex_web_service.make_rest_request( p_url => l_request_url, p_http_method => 'PUT', p_body_blob => l_blob_real, p_credential_static_id => 'creds_3' ); -- Optionally, handle the response if needed -- DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Response: ' || l_response); END;
15-Jul-2024 11:48:AM by: ABHIJIT
apex.server.process("upload", { x02: file, x05: filename, x06: filetype }, { success: function(pData) { console.log("File saved successfully"); alert("File uploaded successfully!"); }, error: function(pError) { console.error("Error saving file", pError); alert("Error uploading file. Please try again."); } });
15-Jul-2024 11:47:AM by: ABHIJIT
hello all, I'm trying to sent file from JavaScript code to plsql process , using apex.server_process but unable to request for upload
15-Jul-2024 11:47:AM by: ABHIJIT
Hi all. Just facing slight issue with bar chart. I am using this plugin *HTML 5 Bar Chart (Plug-in) apex ,* the length of bar chart is not changing in my case. Tried to change the attributes for the plugin too but that doesn't affect the bar. If someone have an idea what could be the issue? Thanks
15-Jul-2024 11:06:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Why redirect to page from menu is too slow in oracle apex 24.1
12-Jul-2024 02:42:AM by: Mukarram Jamal
helllo guys , anyone have implemented Auth0 in oracle APEX? I need some docs or videos to understand the process. thank you.
10-Jul-2024 07:32:AM by: erij tiss
Hello everyone - I have a little question. I have a checkbox group and I need an insert into a seperate table, and I have to loop over the entry's in the checkbox group that I get for every value a row in the table . But I have no idea.
09-Jul-2024 02:09:PM by: Andi Oberhauser
Hi all, Maybe some experience in this group regarding Azure grants Sharepoint/MSgraph. I have a Azure Tenant + clientId and secret that is working fine getting the JWT token - i got the response back and all ok, validated the Token as well. But when trying to do some sharepoint magic(creating a Folder) i get the: *Tenant does not have a SPO license* message, trying to find out why - sharepoint license holders/users are in the tenant/app group but still this error.. Know where to click in Azure but after reading many blogs still dont know why it is presenting this SPO license error... Anybody had same challenge? Token roles: "roles": [ "Files.ReadWrite.AppFolder", "Files.SelectedOperations.Selected", "Sites.Read.All", "Files.ReadWrite.All", "User.Read.All", "Files.Read.All", "Application.Read.All" ],
09-Jul-2024 02:05:PM by: Thomas Tromp
APEX 23.2. I created a columns chart with dates on the x axis. I have set he x axis Value->Format to "Date-Short". Still it shows as full date datetime format like this 2024-06-20T00:00:00 . This is the source SQL: SELECT TRUNC(DAYDATE) ,COUNT(USER_NAME) FROM RELEAVNTACTIVITYROWS GROUP BY TRUNC(DAYDATE) ORDER BY 1 ASC The element shows like this upon inspection: <text dominant-baseline="text-before-edge" x="70.89508928571429" text-anchor="middle" fill="rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65)" font-size="12px" id="_dvtActiveElement944732163" aria-hidden="true">2024-06-20T00:00:00</text> Any idea why would it show as 2024-06-20T00:00:00 when my SQL returns dates?
08-Jul-2024 12:29:PM by: Karim Masarweh
Anyone have a simple solution to the following: I need to take a column from a table (199 rows) and pivot it into one returned row of data.. its actually a comment in a view that I need to use in a column header for an export to xlsx. All examples of pivot I have found use an analytic function, whereas I just need to "pivot" each row into a column of data, and yes there are duplicate values just to add to the fun..
05-Jul-2024 01:53:PM by: Tony Miller
Hey...can we implement gen ai feature at oracle apex page where we add some prompt in input and get result in output
04-Jul-2024 10:33:AM by: mayurmehar003
Good morning! In some of the applications I have developed, the options menu has grown a lot and users ask me if it would be possible to have a search field to quickly find the desired option. Is it possible to implement a search field to filter menu options? Thank you very much for your comments and greetings
04-Jul-2024 07:40:AM by: Juan Carlos Pérez
I'm going thru the process of upgrading a bunch of APEX 5.0/5.1 Applications to 23.2.6 (yessss!) I have an item template called "Required- Above, Large, Stretch" which is a copy of the default "Required - Above" template with Large and Stretch set as the default. After the upgrade, I manually copied and pasted the new Definition html across (Before Label, After Label, etc), but doesn't have "Required Indicator" setting. Do i need to re-create this template as copy? Will i then need to go thru all the items and change them to use this new template? What's the best way to handle "upgrading" these templates?
03-Jul-2024 11:59:PM by: Trev
Hi all - In APEX WORKFLOW - there is a type: "Human Task - Create" where you can define the Deadline date. Thing is that when the DEADLINE is past it keeps triggering TIMEOUTS actions that ends up in multiple subFlows in my workflow. Maybe I dont understand, but why is this - When a deadline is met I would expect 1 TIMEOUT trigger. Do I miss something here?
03-Jul-2024 04:44:PM by: Thomas Tromp
anybody having issues with the data workshop in 24.1? trying to load from a csv into an existing table and it never progresses. i checked the debug log and it said theres a cursor leak
03-Jul-2024 03:00:PM by: Travis Caruth
Error ORA-20022: Email template not found in application Anyone know how to fix this error? The workspace was set and the application ID fix to one I know is correct. The name of the TEMPLATE is correct too. Any idea?
03-Jul-2024 01:46:PM by: Jorge Cribb
Hi All, how to integrate stripe payment gateway using Oracle APEX.
03-Jul-2024 07:30:AM by: Amit
Hi Everyone, how to integrate a payment gateway using Oracle APEX that includes ACH payment includes USD amounts using Oracle APEX. Please help on this one.
02-Jul-2024 12:51:PM by: Amit
Hi all, I want to use a popup menu on a card. Can you point me to an idea on how to start? ThanX :wink:
02-Jul-2024 08:45:AM by: maik.michel
Hi, I want to show hidden columns (header_id) in my interactive grid when I download it to excel. please guide
01-Jul-2024 10:17:AM by: Hamza Chishti
Hi all, Question for the community: Is there any app publicly available (sample/productivity/Open source) that mimics a chat? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
29-Jun-2024 07:07:PM by: gaspar
Hi, I am only getting headers only when I am downloading an Interactive report Excel through the action menu, I have noticed that this only happens in IR where I have used a parameter Condition for eg; header_id = :P9_HEADER_ID please help, Thank you.
28-Jun-2024 11:42:AM by: Hamza Chishti
Is there a view for seeing the push notifications history (like there is the apex_push_notifications_queue view for seeing the queue)?
27-Jun-2024 04:15:PM by: Paul
:rocket: *Exciting News! WhatsApp API Integration with Oracle APEX on* :rocket: We are thrilled to announce that our website,, now offers seamless integration of the WhatsApp API with Oracle APEX! This powerful combination enables businesses to leverage the robust communication capabilities of WhatsApp directly within their Oracle APEX applications. Whether you need to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, or boost sales, this integration provides the tools you need to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.
27-Jun-2024 06:48:AM by: Musavir Ali
26-Jun-2024 09:46:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
you cannot use the IN clause dynamically - you will have to use pattern matching such as using *like* and %'s surrounding your pattern ie. (... *col like '%Apples%' or col like '%Oranges%'* etc if you are concatenating then something more *like col like '%' || :P100_TYPE!RAW || '%'*
26-Jun-2024 09:01:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
I even tried a return value of #Apples, Oranges#. I also tried: where (:P100_TYPE is NULL or FOOD_TYPE in '(' || :P100_TYPE!RAW || ')' None of these attempt worked.
26-Jun-2024 07:25:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
Passing a select list value to a {where FIELD IN} selection in my query.... I have a dropdown in my application where I can choose Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Oranges, Strawberries, Cantaloupe. I am able to pass this to my query that contains a where statement of: where (:P100_TYPE is NULL or FOOD_TYPE = :P100_TYPE) This works perfectly. But I want to add one more selection to my dropdown of "Apples and Oranges". If I create that dropdown value with a return of "Apples, Oranges" then the comma breaks stuff. I tried it with using an IN statement. where (:P100_TYPE is null or FOOD_TYPE in :P100_TYPE I also tried: where (:P100_TYPE is null or FOOD_TYPE in '(' || :P100_TYPE || ')' These don't work because the comma in the return value of the select list get's misinterpreted. It messes everything up actually. Also the IN statement does not get interpreted properly either. I understand the problem is the comma, but is there a way to do what I'm describing? So I can choose Apples, or I can choose Oranges or I can choose Apples & Oranges?
26-Jun-2024 07:19:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
Do any of the APEX team have any update on the following Bug please? (it doesn’t appear to be publicly available): *Bug 35631737 : APEX_UTIL.SET_SESSION_MAX_IDLE_SECONDS NOT WORKING*
26-Jun-2024 01:20:PM by: Si
Hi all APEX 23.2. I have a query bringing data for a bar chart with this result (see picture). when the chart is plotted, the dates in the x-axis are showing at the beginning of the bar chart (left side). How can I make them show in the middle? Thank you
26-Jun-2024 08:19:AM by: Karim Masarweh
Hello Everyone, if I create a Oracle Apex application for web development. so can I access same application on Android device and iOS device. Same functionality and same look and feel is it there is it possible. Or I have to create two different applications. Please help.
25-Jun-2024 07:53:AM by: Amit

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