anybody seen any news about features that might be coming in the next update? assuming they're keeping the same release schedule, an update should come in May it seems like with 23.2 we were spammed with features and office hours, and this time theres been nothing.
11-Apr-2024 04:46:PM by: Travis Caruth
Hello Everyone, I am getting Ora-28817:PLSQL function returned an error. While using APEX_IR.EXPORT_SAVED_REPORTS() function. I have called this function on page submit process.
11-Apr-2024 09:19:AM by: Hocco
Using Apex Data loaded page when loading large files getting "Error: Gateway Time-out" after 5 minutes. We need atleast 10 minutes plus to process certain files. How can we address this in OCI? Thanks for your help
09-Apr-2024 07:35:PM by: Ravi Kiran
Ok, we have a set of applications that use an oAuth authentication scheme.. Each app has a Devl/Test scheme and a Prod scheme due to the url for the OAuth verification being different.. Is it possible to allow the scheme to switch based upon the environment it is running in? Majority of code is within auth scheme, when I tried calling via procedure/package setup scheme was crashing with pl/sql errors..
08-Apr-2024 05:04:PM by: Tony Miller
Our APEX OCI service stopping every 5-10 minutes. Re started few times but it's stopping after 5 minutes. Please advise what needs to be done. Thanks for your help
08-Apr-2024 02:59:PM by: Ravi Kiran
In an OCI policy what resource type is an APEX Service instance? If I want to set a policy to restrict who can create them what resource type is that?
05-Apr-2024 01:23:PM by: Jason Stortz
Hello everyone, We have recently configured all our oracle apex application with IDCS *SSO*. The authentication works fine but the problem is after users login we are redirecting users to different pages of the application based on their user role which is defined in database table. This step is failing because we are no longer using the Page 9999 for login. We are using the SSO which automatically logs the users when they launch the application URL. Please help on how to achieve this functionality. What are the other options available. I put plsql code ---function returning a page on Home page(Page 1) and point of execution in Before Header *DECLARE* *Psts VARCHAR2(64);* *result VARCHAR2(100);* *user_session VARCHAR2(20);* *BEGIN* *user_session := APEX_CUSTOM_AUTH.GET_SESSION_ID;* *Psts := APEX_UTIL.GET_SESSION_STATE('GLOBAL_STATUS_ITEM');* *If Psts='Admin' then result:= '2';* *ELSIF Psts='Manager' then result:='29';* *ELSE result:='28';* *END IF;* *-- Use the result as needed, or print it to see the value* *DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Result: ' || result);* *RETURN result;* *END;*
05-Apr-2024 05:11:AM by: mayurmehar003
Hi, had a question regarding setting page item value using SQL Statement. In the sql Developer, the query returns value something like *CG$CTRL->EVNT_ORDERBY_PB->CHANGE_EVENT_ORDER_BY*. But in apex the same query sets the value in page item with a different symbol *CG$CTRL->EVNT_ORDERBY_PB->CHANGE_EVENT_ORDER_BY.* If someone have clue about that, what could be wrong?
04-Apr-2024 10:45:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi. Getting this error with my application ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero after migrating to new platform. If someone can recommend how to resolve that? On other platform works perfectly fine
03-Apr-2024 08:03:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
The next big Oracle APEX related event is only 10 days away. If you have the option, you are all very welcome to join us in Maribor, Slovenia at the APEX Alpe Adria Conference. The agenda is again packed with full of insightful sessions by amazing experts I hope to meet some of you there in person :eyes:
02-Apr-2024 08:23:AM by: Aleš Kravos
Hi! Is it possible to customize task retention period value to be greater than 30 days?
02-Apr-2024 06:23:AM by: omar elsaid
Hi! Is it possible to disable alert on form update/insert?
01-Apr-2024 07:57:AM by: walla
Ok, a fellow developer presented an interactive grid challenge to me.. We have a grid based upon a table of participants.. When need to add a new participant, we want to have a column with a popup lov to select from a list of available people to add. When the item is selected in the popup lov, Need to populate value for the id in the new row and other columns (first, last, middle) was wondering anyone had done something like this? I normally would have free form text fields in grid for them to enter values..
27-Mar-2024 08:15:PM by: Tony Miller
Hello everyone! I'm trying to create REST Data Source, but a problem that resulting JSON does not have an array. Sample JSON: ```{ "Квадрат_100_1,0037": { "prodAmount": 111, "prodId": "Квадрат_100_1,0037", "prodMaterial": "1,0037 | St37-2 | S235JR | Ст3" }, "Квадрат_100_1,0570": { "prodAmount": 440, "prodId": "Квадрат_100_1,0570", "prodMaterial": "1,0570 | St52-3 (St55) | S355JR | 17Г1С | 09Г2С" } }``` I use Oracle APEX 23.2. Can anyone guide me how to fix it?
27-Mar-2024 06:14:PM by: alexey_br
Thanks for the reply!
27-Mar-2024 01:12:PM by: Alberto Barrio
You cannot use temporary tables in an APEX context because these are tied to a database session. And you don’t get the same database session on each APEX request. You should definitely switch to collections.
27-Mar-2024 01:09:PM by: roelhartman
Hello everyone, currently I'm working on an application that was migrated from Oracle Forms. On one page, there was a temporary table being queried. Sometimes I retrieve information from the temporary table, and sometimes I don't. Should I switch to using Oracle APEX collections?
27-Mar-2024 01:06:PM by: Alberto Barrio
Is down for anyone? I'm currently getting this error
26-Mar-2024 06:01:PM by: EJ Egyed
Is there a way in a cards region to have it display in 1 Column? Out of the box the lowest # of columns seems to be 2 and I have a need to display a list of "cards" in one column..
25-Mar-2024 06:15:PM by: Tony Miller
Using Social Sign-In auth, Where and how I can add validation, example is account locked or not, so user will see nice error message?
25-Mar-2024 01:49:PM by: Indrek T
In OCI APEX, clicking on object browser is giving CREATE option instead of NAVIGATING to object browser...This suddenly happened and there is no way to go to objects! Please help or is there any alternative way to see objects!? Thanks
25-Mar-2024 01:26:PM by: Ravi Kiran
hello, am trying to upload my plug-in into apex world, but it gives me this if you could help me please !
25-Mar-2024 01:11:PM by: ouadia
Hello all, I would like to know how to use a short and meaningful URL to redirect to the long apex URL, hiding all the parameters. Just to have something like this: where is this configured? Any good Doc? We are using Apex 19.2 on Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition Release
22-Mar-2024 08:15:PM by: eureka7
Modernizing the eye clinic module in Oracle APEX! :rocket: Introducing a single-page solution for doctors to examine and highlight eye issues using interactive eye anatomy. Enhancing patient care and efficiency in ophthalmology clinics.
22-Mar-2024 05:39:AM by: Awais Majeed
Anyone looking for a contract gig with a gov't client? I can forward your info onto the manager of the company looking. His name is Chris Ullrich, a good manager I worked for previously.. Must be a US Citizen and able to obtain a Public Trust security clearance..
21-Mar-2024 04:16:PM by: Tony Miller
We'll be live in 5 minutes!! Join us!|#orclAPEX|@oracleAPEX We're going to have another fun and fantastic hour today!
21-Mar-2024 01:54:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
In APEX 23.2 compared with previous version have we changed how in `Collapsible Region` value `Remember Collapsible State` is stored? Was it previously stored in local storage and now in session storage?
21-Mar-2024 01:12:PM by: Indrek T
I was doing some changes in my app - added css classes to make a floating button on a page. I did the changes in the application working copy but after the merge CSS styles are lost. Is this expected behavior?
20-Mar-2024 07:45:PM by: pocelka
Hello! We have migrated the app from 18.2 to 22.2 and now we are having a hard time with the new datepickers. Datepicker shows every month beginning at day 2 and the days are offset by one day with the week day, e.g. 20th March - Thursday instead of wednesday In globalization we have: • App Primary Lang: PT-pt • Application Lang Derived From: FSB_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE (_that is set to PT-pt_) • html header: <html class="no-js page-31 app-A1101" lang="pt" > For reference: Dom = Sunday Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to solve this? Thanks.
20-Mar-2024 12:55:PM by: hmarques
Hi. I had a question regarding the *table owner* in Apex, *i want to select the table from different User Schema but here in Table owner i am not able to see that schema.* Checked in the *workspace settings but there the schema is assigned to workspace*, for Table owner does that need to be set from somewhere else or some grants are required? If someone have an idea about that? Thanks.
20-Mar-2024 11:51:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hi, I have a GANTT chart, but I want to restrict the hours displayed each day, to only business hours, to more efficiently use the horizontal space. (As I will only have tasks with a start_time >= 8:00 and end_time <= 18:00) At the moment, it just shows from 00:00 to 23:59, effectively wasting the red marked area in the attached image... This is a similar concept to calander region settings: pOptions.slotMinTime = "08:00:00"; pOptions.slotMaxTime = "18:00:00"; A *second* question - does anyone know how to completely supress the "progress" bar under a task. (I dont need to show it at all) Regards, Alister (Apex 23.1)
20-Mar-2024 06:00:AM by: Alister Miller
Anyone worked with Oracle Analytics Cloud with older versions of Apex (5.1)? We are trying to work out how to invoke a report from Apex and get the resultant PDF as a blob. This blog post is very close but the apex API calls don't exist or a different in 5.1
20-Mar-2024 01:12:AM by: Trev
Hello experts, I have an oracle transportation management (OTM) Rest API. Eith this API, I was able to get data from OTM using the apex rest data source feature and I wasn't able to POST data back to OTM. How can I achieve this? Can I be able to do this using PLSQL functions? Can anyone please let me know possible approach? Thanks in advance Sridhar
19-Mar-2024 06:30:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Hello Guys, Just wanted to share an AI Project I'm developing using Oracle APEX + OCI + GPT + Live2d. If you have a moment. please take look and share your thoughts with me[…]415849283584-SlBb?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop
19-Mar-2024 05:37:PM by: Paulo Künzel
hey all, how can we restrict particular date in calendar based on our predefined dates( predefined Holiday list )
19-Mar-2024 08:50:AM by: mayurmehar003
Hi All, I am facing an issue with the large datasets in the BI Publisher Desktop report. It works fine for normal datasets. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this? *ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small*
18-Mar-2024 06:40:AM by: Awais Majeed
Anyone with experience defining Oracle APEX REST APIs accessing OAuth2 based isolved APIs with bearer tokens and credentials? (Also posted a more detailed question in Oracle APEX developer forum)
16-Mar-2024 11:04:PM by: Joe Kerr
Hi all, We have a SIMPLE APEX application with 1 million rows in ONE Table. -Total 20 columns in table -No blob/clob or heavy data -Max column text size is VARCHAR2(1000) characters Application has only ONE FORM/report(IR) to view&edit this data. This app is downloaded to MOBILE on first browser access and edit data. At peak, we expect 700-1000 concurrent users logged in and searching data(all indexed columns)&updating data row by row. Btw, we are using simple custom Table stored USER/PWD authentication. How many EPCU we need to support and how much roughly it may cost in OCI? Is this(1000+ concurrent users) something OCI APEX can handle without any crash? Should we go for Oracle apex cloud or APEX in OCI? Appreciate any guidance Thanks
15-Mar-2024 04:00:PM by: Ravi Kiran
Why when using x01 in URL gives error? ```ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item "X01" in application "161496".``` Error is under: Utilities->Debug Messages->Debug Message Data
15-Mar-2024 02:58:PM by: Indrek T
Anyone have a way on a standard date picker within APEX 22.1 to allow selection of time along with the date?
14-Mar-2024 07:34:PM by: Tony Miller
Hello all, I've got a Sample Database Application installed on my instance, where I cannot access via browser. How can I remove this app including all the database supporting objects, like tables, triggers, packages, etc.? I've already prepared something like this, but I can't see any switch regarding the supporting objects actions ```begin apex_application_install.set_workspace('YOUR_WS'); apex_application_install.set_keep_sessions(false); apex_application_install.remove_application(100); commit; end;```
14-Mar-2024 12:03:PM by: Wojciech Sowa
It is the ONE thing it lacks!
14-Mar-2024 12:33:AM by: Blake
When will Apex have WYSIWYG editor like VBS?
14-Mar-2024 12:33:AM by: Blake
Hi all, need your help, want to use voice as a command in Oracle APEX page so that user will not be clicking any button rather user will be speaking on tab or mobile device, can you please guide on it, how it can be done, what are pre requisites, any plugin or something else
13-Mar-2024 02:28:PM by: Zahid Waheed
Hi all. I wanted to ask that i would like to create a seperate HELP page containing some text and images related to the Help regarding the application. How can i achieve that? Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:
13-Mar-2024 09:07:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hey all, Quick question, I'm currently using Oracle Xe 21c and Apex 23.2, I know I have to pay support to get the latest patchsets for apex, but I cannot find where to register o sign up for this, can anyone help me?
12-Mar-2024 04:04:PM by: Isaac Lañado
Hi, I had a question regarding the bar-chart if someone can answer. Here *i want to display the names of the Series alongwith these 2 small boxes on the right side of the graph*. This is done from *Tooltip properties or i am missing some property* for this? Thanks
12-Mar-2024 08:18:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Priority is fine. I don't need dates. Planned for next release, or 10 releases from now, might be handy
11-Mar-2024 06:06:PM by: Doug S
Has anybody accessed an ADB-S (private endpoint) APEX app on OCI via Site-to-Site VPN, private LB etc? Any tips greatly appreciated!
11-Mar-2024 05:11:PM by: Si
They will never say “when” (as a date). The best thing we can hope for is a priority list :wink:
11-Mar-2024 05:08:PM by: roelhartman

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Avoid wrapping text in Reports
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10-Apr-2024 23:13:10 by: Juergen Schuster
Zoran Tica  
Improve APEX_ZIP performance dramatically
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David Lang  
Enhance your Login-Page
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New Plug-in: Oracle Map info Picker
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Marc Sewtz    
23.2 Patch Set Bundle 6 is out! (35895964)
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New Job, Permanent, India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
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Member of the Month March: For 3 great blog posts!
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Open API documentation with APEX
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Dev Ops for APEX
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Align Navigation Menus across different apps
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Monica Godoy    
New Office Hour: APEX Tutorials
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APEX Office Print 24.2 is out!
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Juergen Schuster  Other
New Job, Permanent, W2 only, USA, Alabama, Auburn
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Matt Mulvaney  
Using AI to generate Theme Roller Styles
AI, Universal Theme
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Marc Sewtz    Other
23.2 Patch Set Bundle 4 is out! (35895964)
APEX 23, Bugs
12-Mar-2024 03:28:57 by: Maxime Tremblay
Matt Mulvaney  
Enable REST calls to use your Virtual Private DB and tenant
REST, Security
11-Mar-2024 17:59:19 by: Juergen Schuster
Kehinde Adeyemi  
Display image in Navigation Bar
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New Job: Contract, Germany, Munich
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Saving Richt Text Editor via AJAX
Rich Text Editor
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New Job: Experienced Oracle APEX Instructor, Part-Time Remote
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New Commercial Plug-in: FlowForms (24.1)
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Richard Baldogi    
New Plug-in: APEX Scroll Progress Bar
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Workflow Options in APEX
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JSON Duality View for APEX apps
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Oracle APEX Sample Document Generator App!
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PWA not working in the EU with Apple
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PDF generation with OCI
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