How can we make our application responsive on mobile phones , on desktop it is working fine .
28-Feb-2024 08:54:AM by: mayurmehar003
Anybody using multiple schemas inside a single workspace? Any gotchas to be aware of?
27-Feb-2024 10:18:PM by: Travis Caruth
greetings - i have what might be an artifact of older methods from older version of APEX, but want to verify with everyone. we just upgraded to version 23.1. this behavior happened before the upgrade and is still happening. i have an apex page based on the "Right Side Column" page template. this page has four interactive grids on it. the user can click a button that opens a region that is defined in the "right side column" page position. when the "right side column" region opens, the interactive grids resize to be smaller/thinner since the region is opening on the right. the user enters data into standard items in the region and click the "save" button within the region. the "save" button uses javascript and ajax to save the data to the database, close the region defined in the "right side column" position, and refresh the interactive grids as the data being saved may change the rows in those interactive grids. my problem is that sometimes (not always), the interactive grids do not resize to become their original full size when the region in the "right side column" is closed. the regions of the interactive grids resize to their original size, but the IGs within them stay retracted/thinner. i can't figure out the proper JS to call to get them to redraw back to their original widths. suggestions?
27-Feb-2024 04:35:PM by: Shane Bentz
Hello everyone, I want to integrate object storage into my Oracle APEX application on Oracle Cloud. Currently, the architecture consists of an instance with Apache Tomcat and a DB system where APEX is installed. I followed all the steps in a video that explained the process, but I'm facing an issue. In the screen to generate the REST Data Source of type Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), in the next step, it asks me to configure an Oracle Wallet. My question is, which certificate should I configure in that wallet for communication, or do I not need to configure any certificate?
27-Feb-2024 03:24:PM by: Alberto Barrio
Hi guy's I have one error, In oracle apex I'm using cards feature , In one card I'm showing no. of assigned task , so In that the card is loaded only one time while login that's why it is showing same count after deleting , but when I login again it is showing correct count , is there any solution regarding this , I have used events too still same issue I'm facing , Please help me out .
27-Feb-2024 12:24:PM by: Prashant
Hi,how can we freeze IG width i.e user will not able to change the width of column
27-Feb-2024 08:17:AM by: mayurmehar003
Has anyone encountered the situation when the user navigates to a new page and non of the form elements are rendered? Header and side menu are rendered correctly, just the page elements are non-existent, renders a blank page, so to speak. When user clicks refresh, the page is rendered fully and correctly.
26-Feb-2024 11:26:PM by: davoro
Do any of you fine APEX humans know how to set the height of a select list drop down? My list contains 19 rows and I'd like to see all of the rows. Is there an easy way to do that?
26-Feb-2024 08:32:PM by: J. Peter MacKay
So, I'm heading out to my retirement party - last day is Thursday. I think I first started working seriously in APEX in 2008 and it's (mostly) been a great ride. I'll probably continue to work a couple side-projects on, but not that much. I want to say to all here that it's been a pleasure working with you all - especially the APEX team, but also everyone else here who shares their knowledge and experience of this great product. Best wishes to you all.
26-Feb-2024 08:31:PM by: Stew Stryker
Hey everyone! I am trying to improve the performance of a query that I have that uses APEX_DATA_PARSER.PARSE but am struggling a little bit. I have a 26 MB XLSX file and I am just trying to figure out how to get the function to not store data into an APEX Collection. While monitoring during query execution, I see that a large amount of time is spent inserting into the table `wwv_flow_collection_members$` when I don't want it to. Does anyone have any ideas how to prevent that from happening? Currently returning 4 rows takes about 40-45 seconds to return. Below is the query I am using to test. In my real query I am passing the real file profile generating from parsing the file once. I am currently on APEX 23.2.2 and Oracle Database 19c ```SELECT * FROM apex_application_temp_files f CROSS JOIN apex_data_parser.parse (p_content => f.blob_content, p_file_type => 1, p_file_profile => '{...}', p_detect_data_types => 'N', p_skip_rows => 1, p_max_rows => 5, p_force_trim_whitespace => 'Y', p_nullif => 'NULL', p_store_profile_to_collection => 'N');```
26-Feb-2024 07:53:PM by: EJ Egyed
Suggestions for updating a read only page item using either a process or dynamic action without causing a protection error? It seems to work fine if I change the value of a read only item on a page and refresh it, but once the page is submitted, during the page refresh it gives the "Session state protection violation". It is in a form region. Dynamic actions on the save and create buttons do the update and insert with PL/SQL code to avoid the "button DML" trying to insert/update the non-database item.
25-Feb-2024 08:19:PM by: Joe Kerr
Could I add feature to toggle in map region editor allows me to choose which layers load on map initialization (similar to the “Show Initially?” toggle in the mapbits plugin.
24-Feb-2024 08:56:AM by: Bilal Mohammad Mustafa Al-Haj Eid
Hello everyone, I come to you to explain my problem. I am currently running apex 22.1 under express. I activated the pwa on my application, when the connection is lost a page appears to inform that the connection has been lost and a button is present to retry the connection. (photo2) My problem is that this page is not displayed when the connection is lost and I try to launch a process via a javascript call in this form: A button with a redirect url and javascript code : javascript:apex.submit('SAVE'); Instead of showing me the connection loss page I get this error. (photo1) Do you know if there is a way to trap this error to display the error coming from the pwa or others? Thanks in advance :)
23-Feb-2024 11:13:AM by: Valentin Husiaux
Hi Team, I have found one plug-in name is Progress Arrow in the apex world. Can any one guide me how I can install that application in my free apex workspace. I tried but it's showing an error that the developed application was not the same workspace.
23-Feb-2024 04:20:AM by: Raghul
Hi. Is there a declarative way to add a trendline to a chart in APEX?
22-Feb-2024 05:47:PM by: abul_feed
I've seen others ask in the APEX User Forum if they can access the name of a page's Region. The answer has been to use: > #REGION_ID# But I'd like to reference that ID in a SQL query. I can't figure how to get that value to use that way. 1. What simple trick am I missing? 2. I'd *actually* like to get the region ID for the *Parent Region*. Is there a value for that?
22-Feb-2024 03:29:PM by: Stew Stryker
Join us _*live*_ for the official APEX Team Oracle APEX Office Hours - in 45 minutes! ```Build AI-powered apps with Oracle APEX```
22-Feb-2024 02:14:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
Hi, I understand that the Popup LOV uses the grid widget and we can therefore controls things such as column headings by using JavaScript initialization code. However, is there a way of modifying things such as column headings outside of using JavaScript initialization code, for example via a dynamic action? We are trying modify the presentation of columns in a LOV based on another value being set on the page. Thanks
22-Feb-2024 10:31:AM by: James Davies
Hello Experts, I have only 1 admin user and it is locked. How can I unlock this account? This APEX is in OCI ATP.
22-Feb-2024 07:31:AM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Hi there! I am setting up an APEX, with docker container, but I want to use HTTPS security with let’s encrypt certificate, anyone could help me with a tutorial? thanks in advance!
22-Feb-2024 12:06:AM by: Antônio Marcos Pereira
Objective: Enter data into an Oracle APEX page to be saved in Oracle tables (Onboarding form) (easy enough), generate a PDF from the data, send the PDF to a recipient for them to sign electronically, and have them send the form back with digital signature. Solution? Presently I am thinking AOP with a template to generate the PDF, then REST APIs to Docusign (Doesn't look like AOP does this @dgielis ) ? Something else? Any references, documentation on doing so from APEX with PL/SQL? I found the AOP and Docusign documentation (and have used AOP), but hoping for something that ties it together with some examples, or a better idea...
21-Feb-2024 12:54:PM by: Joe Kerr
Hi Im using apex.message.confirm (version 21) and I want to hide the close button. How can I do It ?
21-Feb-2024 08:08:AM by: Yarden Avraham
Does anyone have a nifty trick to allow downloading a blob from a table via an interactive grid? Customer originally wanted in an IR but then saw features of the Interactive grid and wants that instead.. Mainly the ability to delete rows in the grid versus how we do it in an IR..
20-Feb-2024 10:27:PM by: Tony Miller
On a page process I am TRYING to create a dbms_scheduler job, the code I am using is: dbms_scheduler.create_job( job_name => 'EUCG_ROLLUP_PROCESS', job_type => 'stored_procedure', job_action => 'BENCH_APPLICATION.eucg_rollup_wrapper', enabled => true ); The code compiles fine in page and when I run page I am getting my Success message but when I look in the dbms_scheduler active queue I do NOT see my job running.. Any suggestions? Even if I run it via sql developer within a begin end, job does NOT get into the queue as running?:anguished:
20-Feb-2024 04:31:PM by: Tony Miller
Hi All..! Is there any way we can exclude column from interactive report subscription email as a EXCEL attachment ? I have tried as below in column attribute and it is not working.
20-Feb-2024 11:20:AM by: Hocco
Hi All! Did someone try to invoke a HuggingFace model via their inference API? I have started setting up credentials and a REST Data Source but I am not sure which parameters I need to configure for the POST method. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
19-Feb-2024 02:32:PM by: Paola
Id have to experiment with this but there are css classes like is-active etc in the dom
17-Feb-2024 11:01:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
Objective is to identify currently active tab on an APEX page, and be able to change the active tab. To ID Tab tried the following but received ORA-010403 no data found. Also, Select * From apex_application_Tabs where application_ID=100; returns nothing `DECLARE` l_active_tab_static_id VARCHAR2(100); BEGIN -- Get the active tab's static ID SELECT tab_name INTO l_active_tab_static_id FROM apex_application_tabs WHERE application_id = :APP_ID AND Tab_page = :APP_PAGE_ID AND tab_id = apex_util.get_session_state('onboardform'); -- Replace with your session state variable -- Assign the static ID to a page item (e.g., P1_ACTIVE_TAB_STATIC_ID) :P147_ACTIVE_TAB := l_active_tab_static_id; END; suggestions?
17-Feb-2024 07:04:PM by: Joe Kerr
Breaking out a point that came up in @Alister Miller’s post above, a general question: > Not allowed to use plugins here, as the BAU team dont want the overhead of maintenance/upgrade, and are scared re a plugin becoming "end-of-life".... *Not* that any group would change a policy like this based on an online discussion, but... 1. Is this really a big thing, that APEX plug-ins become end-of-life? I've been using a couple of them for over a decade and never seen a hiccup. I know some APEX features get desupported, but that seems very infrequent. 2. If the above happens, isn't the source for each plug-in included, so anyone with basic PL/SQL and JS skills should be able to fix it fairly easily? I have *minimal* JS skills and I managed to enhance a plug-in with a little trial-and-error.
16-Feb-2024 04:46:PM by: Stew Stryker
Hi Guys, I was using an old phone for the Oracle Authenticator but lost it, I want to log in to my OCI. How can I get around this ?PS: There are no alternative login methods for this.
16-Feb-2024 12:55:PM by: bkintsiful
Here's a general UI question. Whats the best, most intuative way for a user to enter *times* in APEX? Theres a fair few plugins with fancy clock dials, and tumbler dials.... But Im thinking a user typcially wants to move fast through a form, and power-users often like to type/tab their way through a screen... and the less we can move from keyboard to mouse back to keyboard, the better (perhaps). We are currently using a 5 char field for times, where users type HH:MI.... (ie 24 hours clock) But users have reported that entering the colon is annoying... Anyway, just wanted to start a general discussion about how others feel is the best approach, and how they deal with entering times? Thanks, Alister (version 23.1)
15-Feb-2024 11:37:PM by: Alister Miller
Hi, our unsubscribe urls on our IR emails are not complete with environment url. Please can someone direct me to where this unsubscribe url is configured? Many thanks Chris
15-Feb-2024 04:10:PM by: Chris Hamilton
Does anyone receive this error using LDAP authentication scheme?
14-Feb-2024 10:00:PM by: Mclovin
Using APEX Service instance, cannot connect with SQL Developer, so is there way in the Web UI to create an ER Diagram of the schema?
14-Feb-2024 08:03:PM by: Jason Stortz
Anyone know how to use as_xlsx package with APEX? trying to find way to format currency within an xlsx cell using it.
14-Feb-2024 03:37:PM by: Tony Miller
We have a interactive report and for one of the column we are selecting type as multiple avatars. I need to join two columns into one and select type as multiple avatars is it possible to concatenate two columns and use type multiple avatars?
13-Feb-2024 02:27:PM by: pritham9
Approvals component question: Based on the documentation and the prototyping I've done so far it looks like: - A task's potential owners and business administrators are set at the time of task creation, and not updated if users are granted those roles later - The APEX_APPROVAL API has a procedure to add potential owners but not business administrators So it looks like there is no way to add a business administrator after a task is created. Can anyone confirm that? (@Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM?)
09-Feb-2024 08:42:PM by: Jess Reed
Can you create an apex automation and have it take parameters from a page? I have a procedure that takes over 9 minutes to produce output and want to have process run as a scheduled job and send output to user via email. I started out building a dbms_scheduler job and call procedure to build scheduled job via a page process but it is still running within page and timing out.. Any thoughts? Trying to do this in APEX 22.1.. Thanks! Tony Miller White Rock, NM
09-Feb-2024 05:22:PM by: Tony Miller
Hi all. Just had a general question about *IG-Region -> Attributes -> EDIT* 1. *Edit Enabled with (Insert, Update, Delete) all checked.* 2. *Edit Enabled with (Insert, Update, Delete) all un-checked* What's the main difference between 1 and 2? And which one is used for what? If someonecan give their expert opinion about this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
09-Feb-2024 10:31:AM by: Muhammed Sharjeel Arshad
Hello, I have a pie chart that when a user clicks on a slice it links to a different page with an Interactive Report. The functionality works well with Chrome/FireFox and Edge but does not work with WebKit browsers like Safari? Does anybody know if this is a bug or it is an issue with WebKit browsers? You can see an example in the Sample Charts application on page 4. Thanks
08-Feb-2024 01:55:PM by: vito.campanelli
Hello Indrek, Thanks for the response. select- Item Advanced CSS Attributes: data-valid-message=" Custom Meassage." This logic worked for me. Thanks, Sridhar
08-Feb-2024 01:40:PM by: Sridhar Utukuri
Hello experts, I wanted to get APEX.PAGE_ITEM_IS_REQUIRED, #LABEL# must have some value. in some other language. How can I customized this message. Thanks in Advance, Sridhar
08-Feb-2024 08:04:AM by: Sridhar Utukuri
is there any way to limit which validations a button checks on page submit? i have two related forms on the same page, and want to use the ootb validations and error messages for each of them. is there any api to check validations without a page submit? do i have to use html patterns as validation?
07-Feb-2024 09:42:PM by: Travis Caruth
I have following query for a LOV in the sql Commander I get a result but my LOV in my App shows nothing - any Ideas?
07-Feb-2024 07:56:AM by: Andi Oberhauser
Hi guys, using this example that we have in our gallery. Is there a way to split this in two Classic Reports? Or do something that looks two Classic Reports? (It must be dynamic, it can be more than 2). Thanks.
06-Feb-2024 04:05:PM by: Eric Sacramento
How to get a checkbox on the same line with other elements? Using template options Top-Margin helps, but still not perfect
06-Feb-2024 11:37:AM by: Indrek T
In OCI ATP-Serverless, is it possible to see the history (timestamps) of APEX versions which have been applied to the instance?
06-Feb-2024 10:55:AM by: Si
The IG option is likely the best option overall tbh
05-Feb-2024 08:28:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
Instead of separate IR's you could also have one main page with a branch onload that checks the authorization and redirects to distinct other pages that could have these other IR reports (1 per page) - the redirect would be seamless to the user. Several options - just not direct on that select list for the IR
05-Feb-2024 08:27:PM by: Jayson Hanes - Oracle APEX PM
Having an authorization on the IR would be a good idea :wink: (
05-Feb-2024 08:08:PM by: maxime_tremblay

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