Hi! I'm a newbie to Apex, so I'm started to learn by my self using version Xe with 5.0.4. I'm wondering: after I've done the development, How I can host or publish My app to web? And, How I can separate Production, Prototype an Dev environments? If someone can point me to a guide I'll appreciate that!
28-May-2017 03:47:PM by: marcsant
followed this thread:
27-May-2017 12:17:PM by: gabidragoi
Hi all, I would appreciate help with the following: I'm trying to import a CSV to an apex app (v5.0.4) to a separate table then run various processes on the data to do inserts and/or updates. I followed this thread and created DB directory, table ADHOC_CSV_EXT, crated the package, crated the page process(with the only change of replacing 'apex_application_files' with 'apex_application_temp_files' because I got a no rows returned error) The result is the processes run fine, in the db dir I get a log file, but I don;t know how to access the data.
27-May-2017 12:17:PM by: gabidragoi
@m_yasir_ali @maxime_tremblay thank you issue resolved of LOV
26-May-2017 06:37:AM by: muhammadubaid
Okay here's what I have with IR. I have a badge list plug-in with each badge linked with f?p url. All badges when clicked, they open the same interactive report page in modal dialog, just with different filters that are passed through the url. How would I do that in IG? For IR, I can simply pass parameters in URL with column names, or different where conditions (IRGT, IRN, IRNN, and so on). Would I be able to use IG instead of IR in this requirement?
25-May-2017 06:10:PM by: sejal
@sejal do you mean like having a master detail with two IG?
25-May-2017 01:07:PM by: maxime_tremblay
m_yasir_ali: Select2 sounds like a great plug-in. Would it support tree selections? Like expand a tree node and select the child nodes, or select the entire parent node, etc?
25-May-2017 01:07:PM by: sejal
maxime_tremblay: I understand IG has a lot more features, however I am finding it difficult to create drill down reports in IG. Its not as straight forwards as passing a column name into f?p url or link fields. Or am I missing something?
25-May-2017 01:06:PM by: sejal
I am using apex f?p url to filter reports (IR) and display as modal dialog in my app. It seems all filtering items and values are by default passed as 'and' conditions. Is it possible to have an 'or' conditions and display it using f?p url?
25-May-2017 01:04:PM by: sejal
can somebody help me with using REST web services as data source for charts? APEX 5/5.1
25-May-2017 03:52:AM by: bennyj
@sclauss can you remind me what the problem is/was
24-May-2017 07:26:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Does anyone has a solution for "fixed headers" in tabular forms within APEX 5.1.1 and UniversalTheme, without a custom template? I tried code from @maxime_tremblay and others, but it didn't work....
24-May-2017 06:53:PM by: sclauss
the left/top navigation menu is initialized using the user interface attributes, so you can only use one of these if you only need one level, you could use the link list template, otherwise, you'll need to come up with your own template
24-May-2017 05:42:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay my problem is that I can not have 2 navigation menus 1 SIDE and 1 TOP, that's why I was going the way of a simple LIST ...
24-May-2017 05:18:PM by: eureka7
@maxime_tremblay I thought of getting the html selector of it and apply some javascript but no result. But I think
24-May-2017 05:16:PM by: eureka7
@maxime_tremblay Ok now even on the pages where it displays my real issue is that how can I have the LIST behave like a left navigation menu? Meaning the arrow is just a link and not a hide and show
24-May-2017 05:15:PM by: eureka7
you might have changed the page level attribute on those pages :wink:
24-May-2017 05:12:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay Sorry I just realise it displays on some pages and not on others althought there is no condition on page 0
24-May-2017 05:11:PM by: eureka7
@eureka7 you might need to change your theme's default page template so that it's using the "Left Side Column" template instead of the "Standard" template Shared Components -> Them -> Universal Theme -> Component Defaults or if you're only going to be showing the region on a couple of pages, you might do the same at the page level
24-May-2017 05:05:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hi all, I am trying to have On left side column on page 0 a region type LIST with hierarchy. I want to be able to hide and show the children on click of the arrow right to the parent, but the arrow behaves same as entry label as normal link I tried replicate on `app 133786 - Opportunity Tracker Left Side LIST` but left menu does not get displayed
24-May-2017 04:46:PM by: eureka7
Strange question alert. I'm doing a presentation and was going to quote the number of worldwide APEX developers from some Oracle collateral (David Peake) but the figure shown is '400,00'. So, I wondering is that 40,000 (separator in the wrong place) or 400,000 (missing zero at the end)? I'm thinking 40,000 feels about right, but happy to be corrected.
24-May-2017 01:20:PM by: pbrookes
@muhammadubaid what version of APEX are you using, if you're using 5.1, you might want to use the Interactive Grid it has a lot more feature. One thing to note as well is that the tabular form is a now legacy component in 5.1 If the requirements are to have everything editable, the grid is your best option The items are only rendered once for each column and are reused when editing the cells Still have a list with a large amount of elements is not a good idea for a tabular form/interactive grid The lazy loading option from the manual select2 from the blogpost @m_yasir_ali mentionned could do the trick
24-May-2017 01:11:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@m_yasir_ali @maxime_tremblay do you have any blog post which shows how you created you're plugins ?? thanks
24-May-2017 01:02:PM by: ravi
Still I hope if some one devise easy solution for @muhammadubaid 's problem
24-May-2017 12:47:PM by: m_yasir_ali
Well I guess explanation &details and terminologies can mix up among the tech,functional & non-tech talk.. by the way, @maxime_tremblay thanks for the additional clarification. I guess when concepts are repeated they become memory.. :coffee:
24-May-2017 12:46:PM by: m_yasir_ali
@m_yasir_ali @roelhartman was refering to item plugins :wink: of course dynamic action plugins can be used anywhere
24-May-2017 12:35:PM by: maxime_tremblay
there are some plugins that work with custom tabular forms. you might checkout
24-May-2017 11:50:AM by: m_yasir_ali
Item Plugins don’t work in *ANY* Tabular Form. They _MIGHT_ work in the Interactive Grid … if they are adapted for that purpose. (but you could use some Dynamic Action wizardry to achieve a result that looks and acts similar)
24-May-2017 11:48:AM by: roelhartman
@roelhartman is right its the 32K problem and not any 500 or 1000 rows , However , I specifically repeated the original question wording, and suggested some plugins . However, Plugins won't work in Tabular form in below APEX 5 version I guess.
24-May-2017 11:44:AM by: m_yasir_ali
And FYI it is not a “1000 rows” issue, it is a 32K issue. So it is dependent on both the number of rows in your select list as the number of rows in your tabular form. And apart from that, a regular select list with 1000 entries is usually not a brilliant idea. The “Select2" plugin is a better implementation in that situation.
24-May-2017 11:20:AM by: roelhartman
too bad the plugins can’t be used in a tabular form…
24-May-2017 11:18:AM by: roelhartman
@muhammadubaid , I hope most of the plugins have resolved the 1000 rows issue
24-May-2017 11:16:AM by: m_yasir_ali
24-May-2017 11:11:AM by: m_yasir_ali
24-May-2017 11:09:AM by: m_yasir_ali
24-May-2017 11:05:AM by: m_yasir_ali
24-May-2017 11:05:AM by: m_yasir_ali
which version of APEX you are using
24-May-2017 10:37:AM by: m_yasir_ali
then we can move to the technical side
24-May-2017 10:35:AM by: m_yasir_ali
my approach would be to functionally approach the problem and see if there is any kind of filers that can you can apply to reduce and manage the values to less than 1000 rows.
24-May-2017 10:34:AM by: m_yasir_ali
as there is many solutions to the same problem , may be someone would provide a different perspective
24-May-2017 10:33:AM by: m_yasir_ali
If you are able to replicate in a demo app on oracle apex and share the credentials, we would checkout
24-May-2017 10:32:AM by: m_yasir_ali
in this case what we can do for that?
24-May-2017 10:31:AM by: muhammadubaid

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