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Plug-in namePlugin-in typeAuthorDate addedLast updatedLikesDescription
APEX Item Toolbar 2.0Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß06-Nov-201807-Nov-20182This plug-in is used to add a toolbar to textfield or textarea items. The following toolbars are available: - Add Emojis - Format String with HTML - Uno & Redo Option - Empty the item. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
APEX Copy Text 2 Clipboard 1.0Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß26-Oct-201826-Oct-20182This dynamic action plug-in is used to copy any text or the value of an item to clipboard when click on the text or on a button... Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
ojSelect / ojCombobox 1.5.1ItemAlan Arentsen22-Oct-201823-Oct-20184Oracle JET select list item with multiselect, grouping and type ahead search.
APEX Items with APEX Buttons 1.0Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß19-Oct-201819-Oct-20182This plug-in is used to move one or more APEX Button behind a Page Item. This is like the Plug-in "Textfield with Buttons" but you can use APEX Buttons, so you have full APEX Button and Theme Support. E.g. you got an Dialog Close Event when Close Dialog on Button Click. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
APEX Spotlight Search 1.4.0Dynamic ActionDaniel Hochleitner28-Sep-201805-Nov-20186APEX Spotlight Search is a powerful search feature (like on MacOS) to search. It provides quick navigation and unified search experience across an APEX application.
APEX Office Print (AOP) 18.1Dynamic ActionAPEX R&D27-Sep-201827-Sep-20184APEX Office Print (AOP) is a flexible engine for Oracle Application Express (APEX) to generate your Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), HTML, Text and PDF-documents in no time and effort - we make printing and exporting your data easy.
Markdown Region Plugin 1.0.1RegionMarko Goricki25-Sep-201826-Sep-20183APEX 18.1+ Region Plugin for converting Markdown static source to the HTML.
Code Mirror Code Editor 1.0.1ItemMarko Goricki21-Sep-201821-Sep-20183Oracle APEX item type plugin for code editing.
Clean IG Plugin 1.0Dynamic ActionRodrigo Mesquita12-Sep-201812-Sep-20181An Oracle APEX Plug-in to enable users to show / Hide Interactive Grid Toolbar.
excel2collections 0.906ProcessAnton Scheffer09-Sep-201809-Sep-20185Oracle APEX process type plugin to load an Excel file into an APEX collection.
APEX FancyTree Select 1.2RegionRonny Weiß03-Sep-201826-Oct-20185This Plug-in is used to draw a FancyTree with select option. Selected items can be saved (the values) into different items. This Plug-in works in apex and also in native web. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
Apex D3 Organization Chart 1.0.2RegionRonny Weiß23-Aug-201803-Sep-20186This Plug-in is used to a D3 Organization Chart in Apex. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
InteractivePrints 1.0ProcessMiro Masnoglav18-Jul-201818-Jul-20181Creates and downloads Excel and Word reports from Report regions (SR, IR, IG)
Image Gallery Plugin 1.1.3ItemNihad Haskovic24-Jun-201802-Oct-20185Image Gallery is plugin to display images based on prettyPhoto javascript library.
Item Spinner Plugin 1.0ItemNihad Haskovic20-Jun-201820-Jun-20183 Item Spinner is item based on JQuery UI widget spinner integrated with mousewheel features. It's allow you to enter value, choose value with click on arrows or choose your value with mousewhell functionality. The Plugin is supported for Interactive Grid too.
Modal LOV 1.3.1ItemMenno Hoogendijk28-May-201824-Aug-201822A modal LOV item plug-in for Oracle APEX
Year Planner Calendar 1.0RegionFerenc Toth23-May-201823-May-20182This region plug-in displays a full year view calendar.
IG - Set Column Value 1.0Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk07-May-201807-May-20182An Oracle APEX Plug-in to set column values just like the native Set Value Dynamic Action.
Close Inline Dialog 1.0Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk07-May-201807-May-20183Oracle APEX Plugin to close an Inline Dialog
Open Inline Dialog 1.0Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk07-May-201807-May-20182Oracle APEX Plugin to open an Inline Dialog
Multiple textfield 1.0ItemJosep Coves12-Apr-201812-Apr-20183APEX plugin which renders multiple textfield inputs and stores result as a single string, separated by scpecial character.
IG - Set items 1.2Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk03-Apr-201804-Apr-20185Set page items based on selected rows in Interactive Grid
Redirect 1.1Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk26-Mar-201827-Mar-20185Redirect the user using a Dynamic Action Plugin
Apex Tetris 1.0RegionRonny Weiß18-Mar-201818-Mar-20185This Region Plug-in is a funny Tetris game for Apex. Have fun! Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@. Thanks to Skybird Trill for your Pen:
Apex SweetAlert Confirm 1.2.1Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß13-Mar-201823-Mar-20182This Dynamic Action Plug-in is used to validate with the help of an input whether the next steps of the dynamic action can be continued or not. If you want to delete a dataset, for example, you can use this plugin to make the user aware of what he/she wants to delete, in order to prevent a marked delete. The comparison value is simply loaded from a page item. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
APEX-Month-Year-Picker Item Plugin 1.4ItemAlli Pierre Yotti10-Mar-201815-Mar-20181APEX-Month-Year-Picker Item Plugin is designed to allow user input for only a month and year when only that input is required. Clicking on the year, allows the user to jump ahead or back 12 years at a time. Clicking anywhere on the page, except on the month picker menu itself, will cause the month picker to hide. The Month Picker has lots of options for date validation, setting the start year, using an icon button, input masking, internationalization, localization and more. The Plugin is supported for Interactive Grid too
PDFRender 1.0ItemJon Sol09-Mar-201809-Mar-20182The aim of this plugin is the fast rendering of PDF files stored in a database table
IG Simple Checkbox 18.2.3ItemRafael Trevisan18-Feb-201827-Feb-20182This plug-in displays a single checkbox in Interactive Grids but allows you to set 2 values (one for checked and another for unchecked). It's perfect for Y(es)/N(o) or 1/0 type checkboxes.
Apex Particles 1.0Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß15-Feb-201815-Feb-20183This dynamic action plugin allows to render three different moving canvas. You can choose between Particles.js, Bubbles and Circles & Crosses. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
Googles Places Autocomplete 1.1.0ItemNeil Fernandez07-Feb-201828-Sep-201818Address autcomplete for Page Items and Interactive Grid
APEX Peekaboo 18.2.0RegionRafael Trevisan01-Feb-201815-Feb-20186This plug-in pack provides a set of a few standard APEX components (like region, text field, radio and checkbox) with a built-in visibility setting that is meant to implement show and hide actions with an easier and faster way than using Dynamic Actions.
APEX Simple Checkbox 18.2.0ItemRafael Trevisan18-Jan-201812-Feb-20182This plug-in displays a single checkbox but allows you to set 2 values (one for checked and another for unchecked). It's perfect for Y(es)/N(o) or 1/0 type checkboxes.
Dynamic Tooltip 1.1Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß04-Jan-201826-Sep-20185This plug-in is used to dynamically show a tooltip on any page element. With mouse-hover the content of the tooltip is loaded live from the database. Filter attributes in the desired element can then be used to filter the select. E.g.: <h2 id="myID" pk="1", sk="2">test</h2> So when you make a mouse-hover then the select uses the two attributes pk and sk to filter in sql statement. There is also a third one "tk". To submit these values you need three setable items on the page and these where set on hover. Then they where submitted and can be used as filter in sql statement. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
APEX Confirm Plugin for APEX 1.0Dynamic ActionAlli Pierre Yotti27-Dec-201727-Dec-20172A Apex Confirm plugin that provides great set of features like, Themes, Animations and more. This plugin is actively developed, I would love you have your suggestions. Login: demo/demo
Ajax Jstree Lazy Loading Plugin Version 3.3.3 1.0RegionAlli Pierre Yotti22-Dec-201722-Dec-20173This Jstree is the new Version for Login: demo/demo
Chartjs Line Plugin 1.0RegionAlli Pierre Yotti22-Dec-201721-Dec-20171Chartjs Line Plugin for Oracle Application Express Login: demo/demo
Notification Menu 1.1.1Dynamic ActionRonny Weiß18-Dec-201703-Sep-201817This dynamic action plugin allows to render a notification menu which gets its information through an SQL statement. It also has many configuration options and an automatic refresh (if desired). Unfortunately, it is only available with the Universal Theme 1.1 in Apex 5.1.1 or above. If you want to use it in older Themes then you have to customize the CSS style. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
Documents Cloud Applink v0.2-beta.1RegionPatrick Monaco13-Dec-201713-Dec-20173This plugin displays the content of either a folder by relying on applink feature of Oracle Content & Experience Cloud Service (formerly Oracle documents Cloud Service).
SkillBuilders Session Timeout 1.0.0Dynamic ActionSkillBuilders01-Dec-201722-Nov-20175For a while now APEX has had a “Maximum Session Idle Time in Seconds” attribute in the Security Settings of an application. . The SkillBuilders Session Timeout plug-in adds this type of client side behavior to APEX applications quickly and easily.
SaveFilesToDisk 1.0ProcessMiro Masnoglav25-Nov-201725-Nov-20173Saves files uploaded with File Browse item to disk
JS-Tree Item 0.0.1ItemMoritz Klein23-Nov-201723-Nov-20173JSTree Item Plugin for Oracle Application Express
Date Dropper 1.0.1ItemErick Diaz22-Nov-201722-Nov-20172An Oracle APEX Item Plug-in based on the jQuery UI datepicker Datedropper.
Time Dropper 1.0.0ItemErick Diaz22-Nov-201704-Dec-20172An Oracle APEX Item Plug-in based on the jQuery UI timepicker Timedropper.
Master Detail Item 2.0.1ItemMarko Goricki20-Nov-201720-Nov-20175Oracle APEX Plugin for declarative master-detail regions
Advent Calendar 1.1RegionRonny Weiß06-Nov-201709-Nov-20182This Avent Calendar is just a funny thing that you can use to suprise your users on Christmas. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
FancyTree Plug-In 1.0.2RegionMT AG Germany06-Nov-201708-Nov-201710Region Plugin to show data in a tree structure using a SQL query. It features functionality like drag-and-drop, a right-click menu, checkboxes, grid display and a possibility for master-detail trees.
Extend IG Toobar 1.0.2Dynamic ActionMarko Goricki01-Nov-201712-Mar-20184Oracle APEX Plugin for customizing Interactive Grid toolbar.
AnimAPEX 1.1.0Dynamic ActionVincent Morneau30-Oct-201722-Nov-201714A dynamic action plugin to easily animate any APEX component
AmandaDocxPrinter v1.6.1Dynamic ActionAldo Cano12-Oct-201726-Feb-201812Dynamic Action Plugin for Report Printing using Docx Templates and JSON
JET StatusMeterGauge 1.2.1RegionRoel Hartman09-Oct-201721-Oct-20182Region Plugin to show one or more Status Meter Gauges based on a SQL statement.