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slideover execute plsql spinner range lazy-appending comments datepicker Universal Theme News picker drag GPS Diagram Digital Clock JET Slideshow network visualization screenshot file multi canvas excel copydown Time csv html Button Nested auto numeric max size Intearctive Report hover organization documents dynamic_action spotlight jquery-ui Oracle APEX DOCX design zoom FONT Application Title oauth2 attributes captcha Timeline indicator chatbot jet hide Warning helper JSON-schema drawing background grayscale snippet template component arrow CARD confirm Hide Options tags growl D3 chat build options camera break Tag Cloud Chart scroll zip background job qr contact save live maps image dropdown tree kpi Calendar checkbox CodeMirror clob d3 collapsible Heatmap Chart Heat Map Data Visuvalization Mode sankey Apex guided tour tutorial check privacy addresspicker IG notification websocket socket Line Chart number numbers selectlist drop down mobile popuplov date zone jquery AJAX Footer 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Plug-in namePlugin-in typeAuthorDate addedLast updatedLikesCommercial / Commercially SupportedDescription
Multi Purpose Card 1.0Template ComponentFarooq Ahmad25-Nov-202325-Nov-20230NoMulti Purpose Card
QR Contact Save 1.0Template ComponentFarooq Ahmad14-Nov-202314-Nov-20231NoQR Contact Save
Pretius Button Builder 23.2.1Template ComponentPretius03-Nov-202303-Nov-20230NoA reimagining of Universal Theme's Button Builder as a Single Template Component. Shows buttons in IR Columns.
Empty State 1.0Template ComponentLouis Moreaux01-Nov-202301-Nov-20232NoDisplay an empty state
Vertical Timeline 1.1Template ComponentRodrigo Mesquita01-Nov-202315-Nov-20236NoVertical Timeline Plugin with Menu Options.
Dashboard Cards 1.0Template ComponentRodrigo Mesquita01-Nov-202301-Nov-20237NoCreate nice cards with this template component plugin.
Progress Arrows 1.0Template ComponentMichael Abele30-Oct-202330-Oct-20231NoA simple template component to display the status or the progres of an item
LinkifyBadgeTC 1.0Template ComponentJens Kaschuba30-Oct-202330-Oct-20231NoLinkifyBadgeTC improves the standard TC Badge and the possibility to add a Link via Actions
Parallax Region 23.1Template ComponentUnited Codes30-Oct-202330-Oct-20231NoParallax scrolling is a visual effect where the background of a web page appears to stay still while the foreground shifts vertically or horizontally. Parallax scrolling is used to add visual interest to a website and engage users as they scroll through a web page. With this template plug-in, users can easily create declarative parallax regions. It has a feature to be used as a single or multiple instance template with many declarative options. With this plug-in, you can achieve consistency, save time, and scale effortlessly with our 'Reusable' feature in APEX.
BBC Results 1.0Template ComponentPlamen Mushkov29-Oct-202329-Oct-20231NoThe BBC Results Template Component Plugin allows you to display the result of a single game (an upcoming one, one that is played current or a finished one) or a list of games. You can optionally display the goalscorers.
MinimapTC 1.0Template ComponentJens Kaschuba29-Oct-202329-Oct-20232NoMinimapTC is a Template Component Wrapper for the Minimap Widget, which is delivered with APEX.
Conference Cards 1.0Template ComponentPlamen Mushkov29-Oct-202329-Oct-20232NoConference Cards Template Component plugin allows you to create personalized Speaker cards for any conference. It allows setting up custom logos, colours, speaker image, talk topic, etc.
Flip Card 23.2.0Template ComponentAndrej Grlica27-Oct-202327-Oct-20232NoOracle APEX template component to elevate your website with stunning and interactive content using Flip Card effect.
Multiple Avatars 1.0Template ComponentLouis Moreaux27-Oct-202327-Oct-20233NoDisplay multiple avatars
IR_Row_Selector 1.0.0Template ComponentHayden Hudson26-Oct-202326-Oct-20231NoA Plugin for Interactive Reports to imitate the Interactive Grid row selector functionality
Playing Cards 1.0Template ComponentVelimir Corovic26-Oct-202326-Oct-20231NoVisualization of playing cards, with built-in support for card flipping and customizing card images.
Scrollable Date Picker Plugin 2.0ItemRodrigo Mesquita24-Oct-202325-Oct-20237NoAn Oracle APEX plugin to allow you to quickly choose a date.
Ganttabi 0.2Template Componenthachemi zakaria23-Oct-202323-Oct-20231NoTable to represent ressource schedule
Check Marks 23.2.1Template ComponentMatt Mulvaney23-Oct-202323-Oct-20232NoDisplays Truthy (T, Y, 1) & Falsey (F, N, 0) as an Icon with alternative icons for Null and Other values
Sortable Report 1.0Template ComponentRyan Lee20-Oct-202320-Oct-20232NoA stylish sortable report template component
Chart JS TC 1.0Template ComponentRyan Lee20-Oct-202320-Oct-20231NoEasy to use ChartJS template component for your reports
Multi selector layer 0.6ItemNovoshore18-Oct-202318-Oct-20232NoIntroducing a simple yet effective multi-selector component that allows users to conveniently pick multiple items from a list.
String Multi Compare 1.0Template ComponentPhilipp Hartenfeller12-Oct-202312-Oct-20232NoCompare multiple strings and get visual feedback on differences.
Pretius Drawing Plugin 1.0RegionPretius04-Oct-202304-Oct-20233NoPretius Drawing plugin helps you draw interactive 2D plans and can be used for example as parking or workspace planner and more
Text Compare 1.0Template ComponentEnder Polanco28-Sep-202328-Sep-20234NoCompare the text in two columns of a Report and show the differences in a HTML Output.
APEX Translator Widget 1.0Dynamic ActionAbdallah Azmi02-Sep-202302-Sep-20233NoTranslator Widget allow you transalte your application to any language.
Application Under Maintenance 1.0Dynamic ActionAbdallah Azmi01-Sep-202301-Sep-20233NoMaintenance Mode allow you temporarily disable access to an APEX application in order to perform maintenance tasks such as fixing bugs or introducing new features.
JSON-Region 0.7RegionUwe Simon23-Aug-202306-Dec-20232NoA region for dynamically generated input items defined by a JSON-schema. Field validation and a readonly view are supported
Item Option Manager Pro 23.1Dynamic ActionUnited Codes22-Aug-202322-Aug-20231YesItem Option Manager Pro is used for efficiently manipulating and controlling options within Select Lists, Radio Groups, and Checkbox Groups in APEX applications. It allows developers to dynamically enable, disable, hide, or show specific options based on various conditions or events. The plug-in eliminates the need for manual JavaScript coding and offers a user-friendly, declarative approach to option management. With Item Option Manager Pro, developers can save time, customize option behavior, and enhance the user experience within their APEX applications.
Badge Info Popup 1.1Template ComponentJon Dixon17-Aug-202318-Aug-20235NoTemplate Component Plug-in which builds on the APEX Badge component and adds the ability to click an icon to show additional information about the badge. There are no external dependencies, this plugin only uses native APEX components.
Simple Menu Popup 1.0Template ComponentDominik Hecker17-Aug-202317-Aug-20234NoSimple Menu Popup as Template Component. Possible to use as IR Column or as Region with 1 Dummy Row.
Cards List UI 23.1.1Template ComponentMatt Mulvaney06-Aug-202306-Aug-20235NoCards List UI Design Template Component gives a clean card with Image, Detail and Actions. Usable as Single or Multiple
Summary Card 23.1.1Template ComponentMatt Mulvaney06-Aug-202306-Aug-20235NoDisplays Summary and Detail values in the style of a retro video game magazine review. Usable as Single
News Feed 1.0Template ComponentRichard Baldogi04-Aug-202304-Aug-20234NoThis is an Oracle APEX Template Component Plug-in which can display data in a NewsFeed format.
Amandanita 0.2.32Dynamic Actionhachemi zakaria20-Jul-202320-Jul-20232NoDynamic Action Plugin to generate Report based on template using Docxtemplater
Carbonita 0.6.18Dynamic Actionhachemi zakaria20-Jul-202320-Jul-20231NoDynamic Action Plugin to generate Report based on template
Clear item value 1.1Dynamic ActionMartin Mirenic06-Jul-202308-Jul-20233NoDynamic action plugin for adding clear item value button to APEX item component.
Credit Card 1.0Template ComponentSouleman DEMBELE05-Jul-202305-Jul-20234NoTemplate Component Plugin which can be used to Display Credit Card in report columns and regions. This is a plugin for creating a credit card display. Currently, we've only integrated Visa and Master Card. By importing the plugin the Application Files will be automatically imported.
Charts 1.1.0Template ComponentCarsten Cerny05-Jul-202317-Jul-20232NoThe Charts APEX Template Component Plugin allows you to display a chart in each column of your APEX reports.
Country Flags 1.0Template ComponentJon Dixon03-Jul-202303-Jul-20233NoTemplate Component Plugin which can be used to Display Country Flag images in report columns and regions. Usable as Single (Partial) Template Component Plugin.
Modal Warn on Unsaved Changes Pro 23.1Dynamic ActionUnited Codes13-Jun-202313-Jun-20232YesDisplaying Warning messages when data has been changed but not saved is beyond the scope of a modal dialog page's native functionality. We've built Modal Warn on Unsaved Changes Pro to improve the user interface and experience. This plug-in tracks if there are any changes on the modal page when closing or canceling the modal dialog to warn the user of possible data loss.
Save To Session 1.0Dynamic ActionMaxime Tremblay13-Jun-202313-Jun-20232NoThis dynamic action plugin is used to save one or more item values in the session state.
Collapsible FAQ Section 1.1Template ComponentPhilipp Hartenfeller02-Jun-202307-Jun-20232NoCollapsible FAQ component for APEX. Usable as Single and Multiple.
PDF Region Pro 23.1ItemUnited Codes17-Apr-202317-Apr-20232YesUnited Codes PDF Region Pro: PDF Region Pro delivers the highest quality rendering, conversion, and PDF manipulation capabilities through a single, customizable Oracle APEX plug-in.
Enhanced Grid Pro 23.2.1RegionUnited Codes14-Apr-202302-Oct-20233YesUnited Codes Enhanced Grid Pro provides an Excel spreadsheet user experience for APEX. Enhanced Grid Pro is built on the Handsontable library - a JavaScript data grid that looks and feels like a spreadsheet. Give your users Excel-like editing ability, including multi-line copy and paste, plus undo and redo functionality.
Copy Excel to Interactive Grid 1.0Dynamic ActionRichard Baldogi27-Mar-202327-Mar-20231NoThis plug-in helps to append excel tables into an Interactive Grid.
Mapbits 4.5ItemMaik Flanagin07-Mar-202315-Aug-20230NoOracle Application Express (APEX) plugins to enhance Map region functionality.
XML Region 1.0RegionNenad Trickovic02-Mar-202302-Mar-20230NoThis plugin is used to display XML from database. It can be XML document stored into database or any other construct that maps to XML data type.
The Blogger Helper 1.0RegionPlamen Mushkov02-Feb-202302-Feb-20230NoA region type plugin which generates a nice link to a blog post (or any other website). Could be used as a fixed to the page <b>Ribbon</b> (auto collapsed on mobile) on top or as a <b>Card</b> with title, description and image. If <b>Hashnode</b> blog post is specified then title, description and image are automatically populated. Specify <b>Blank with Attributes</b> as region template for best results.
CookieConsent 1.0Dynamic ActionLuiz Aguiar09-Jan-202309-Jan-20233NoIt´s useful to display legal notice for cookies and privacy terms to application end users.