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Plug-in namePlugin-in typeAuthorDate addedLikesDescription
Documents Cloud Applink v0.2-beta.1RegionPatrick Monaco13-Dec-20170This plugin displays the content of either a folder by relying on applink feature of Oracle Content & Experience Cloud Service (formerly Oracle documents Cloud Service).
SkillBuilders Session Timeout 1.0.0Dynamic ActionSkillBuilders01-Dec-20173For a while now APEX has had a “Maximum Session Idle Time in Seconds” attribute in the Security Settings of an application. . The SkillBuilders Session Timeout plug-in adds this type of client side behavior to APEX applications quickly and easily.
SaveFilesToDisk 1.0ProcessMiro Masnoglav25-Nov-20172Saves files uploaded with File Browse item to disk
JS-Tree Item 0.0.1ItemMoritz Klein23-Nov-20172JSTree Item Plugin for Oracle Application Express
Date Dropper 1.0.1ItemErick Diaz22-Nov-20171An Oracle APEX Item Plug-in based on the jQuery UI datepicker Datedropper.
Time Dropper 1.0.0ItemErick Diaz22-Nov-20171An Oracle APEX Item Plug-in based on the jQuery UI timepicker Timedropper.
Master Detail Item 2.0.1ItemMarko Goricki20-Nov-20174Oracle APEX Plugin for declarative master-detail regions
Advent Calendar 1.0RegionRonny Weiß06-Nov-20172This Avent Calendar is just a funny thing that you can use to suprise your users on Christmas. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
FancyTree Plug-In 1.0.2RegionAlexander Warkus06-Nov-20178Region Plugin to show data in a tree structure using a SQL query. It features functionality like drag-and-drop, a right-click menu, checkboxes, grid display and a possibility for master-detail trees.
Extend IG Toobar 1.0.1Dynamic ActionMarko Goricki01-Nov-20173Oracle APEX Plugin for customizing Interactive Grid toolbar.
AnimAPEX 1.1.0Dynamic ActionVincent Morneau30-Oct-20179A dynamic action plugin to easily animate any APEX component
AmandaDocxPrinter v1.5.1Dynamic ActionAldo Cano12-Oct-201710Dynamic Action Plugin for Report Printing using Docx Templates and JSON
JET StatusMeterGauge 1.1.0RegionRoel Hartman09-Oct-20171Region Plugin to show one or more Status Meter Gauges based on a SQL statement.
JET PictoChart 1.0.0RegionRoel Hartman09-Oct-20171Region Plugin to show a JET PictoChart based on a SQL statement.
Report subheaders v1.0Dynamic ActionDick Dral07-Oct-20172Generate subheaders in a Classic Report
Tree - Refresh 1.2Dynamic ActionMenno Hoogendijk28-Sep-20171Refresh the APEX 5.0 Tree asynchronous
Insum Freeze Headers & Column 1.0.0Dynamic ActionJorge Rimblas10-Sep-20175Freeze the first column and headers of a Classic Report in the Universal Theme
Copy Down v1.0Dynamic ActionDick Dral03-Sep-20175Add up/down/copy down functionality to Apex tabular form
Modal LOV IG 1.0ItemSaeed Hassanpour24-Aug-20178Modal LOV on Interactive Grid
APEX Google Organization Chart Plugin 0.3RegionJohn Keymer23-Aug-20175Render an Organization Chart using the Google Charts API
Password Strength Estimator 0.1Dynamic ActionJeffrey Kemp16-Aug-20176Password Strength Estimator
Pretty jQuery Datepicker 1.0RegionAlli Pierre Yotti14-Aug-20172Pretty jQuery Date Picker & Monthly Calendar Plugin
Material Dashboard Cards 1.2RegionRonny Weiß09-Aug-201713These Material Dashboard Card are some nice, responsive and data driven Dashbaord Cards for your HTML Page or as Region Plug-in for Oracle Apex. They can be used as single Value Cards or in a larger Version as Cards with responsive Charts. Login for Demo is: user-demo / 123456@
Search Navigation Menu 2.0ItemAndrej Grlica07-Aug-20178Oracle Application Express item Plug-in for search on Navigation Menu.
APEX Websocket Notification Bundle 1.2.0Dynamic ActionDaniel Hochleitner22-Jul-20175Purpose of this software bundle is to enable all APEX developers to use modern and state of the art web features like Node.js, Websockets to display nice looking notifications in their applications.
apexChat 1.0.0RegionIvan Sabolić22-Jul-20178Region plugin for chat
APEX-Websocket-Plugin 1.0Dynamic ActionKai Donato17-Jul-20172A WebSocket-Plugin for declarative usage in Oracle APEX
Built with love using APEX 1.1RegionDaniel Hochleitner14-Jul-20178Built with love using Application Express (APEX) footer. A must have for every proud #orclapex community member.
KPI Numeric Card 1.0RegionM.Yasir Ali Shah04-Jul-20173Region type plugin for displaying responsive kpi numeric cards
Circliful Gauge 1.0RegionM.Yasir Ali Shah09-May-20172A Region type plugin for displaying percentage values in responsive gauge charts
Atom Calculator 1.1Dynamic ActionM.Yasir Ali Shah23-Apr-20174A Dynamic action plugin providing a popup calculator for realtime calculations.
Restrict Apex Shuttle choices v1.2Dynamic ActionDick Dral18-Apr-20173Restrict the Apex Shuttle choices without affecting the chosen values
APEX D3 Liquid Gauge 1.0ItemFarzad Soltani15-Apr-20176This plugin is a replica of the D3 Liquid Fill Gauge.
Contextual Toolbar 1.2Dynamic ActionM.Yasir Ali Shah05-Apr-20177A Dynamic action plugin providing a popup contextual toolbar.
Unzip Parallel Process Plug-in 1.0.3ProcessDirk Strack22-Mar-20172Oracle Apex - Process plug-in for parallel unzip of zip archives
dhtmlxGantt 0.8.0RegionOttmar Gobrecht14-Mar-20175HTML5 gantt chart based on a library
APEX Flip CountDown 1.0ItemFarzad Soltani14-Mar-20172This jQuery based item plugin can act as a clock, countdown timer or counter.
Advanced Slider 1.0.2ItemMarko Goricki11-Mar-20174APEX Plugin build by using jQuery UI Slider Pips and jQuery UI Slider Widget that creates advanced slider APEX item.
ApexNoti 1.1Dynamic ActionFarzad Soltani05-Mar-20174A simple dynamic action plugin based on browsers' Notification API.
Filter Uploaded Data 1.0.3ProcessDirk Strack04-Mar-20171Process plugin for filtering uploaded data
Heatmap calendar 1.1RegionValentine Nikitsky03-Mar-20175Heatmap calendar is a region type plugin that shows year calendar where days are arranged into columns by week, then grouped by month and years. The values are visualised as colored cells
ApexTree 1.0.0RegionMario Jozak02-Mar-20177Plugin for displaying tree data
spinKit spinner 1.0.0Dynamic ActionIvan Sabolić01-Mar-201710DA plugin for custom spinner
Dynamic Date Time Picker 1.1ItemM.Yasir Ali Shah26-Feb-20179Dynamic Date and Time Picker based on Air date Picker
Is Row Deletable Check 1.0.3ProcessDirk Strack24-Feb-20171Process plugin for checking that a table row is deletable
Floating Scrollbar 1.1.0Dynamic ActionSebastian Cichosz16-Feb-20177This plugin enables to glue a horizontal scrollbar of a region to the bottom of a page. In other words, whenever region is visible it's horizontal scrollbar is visible as well.
JTL Item 0.1.0ItemJorge Rimblas13-Feb-20173Store multi-language translations (MLS) in a single JSON column and use this Item plugin to easily maintain them.
buttonGroup 1.0.0ItemIvan Sabolić27-Jan-20174ButtonGroup item plugin
APEX 5.1 FadeOut Success MSG 0.1Dynamic ActionTim Halbach18-Jan-20173Fade out the Success message in APEX 5.1 automatically.
Touch Time Input v1.0Dynamic ActionDick Dral13-Jan-20172Time input for touch devices