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Plug-in namePlugin-in typeAuthorDate addedLikesDescription
Floating Scrollbar 1.0.0Dynamic ActionSebastian Cichosz16-Feb-20173This plugin enables to stick horizontal scrollbar of a region to the bottom of a page. In other words, whenever region is visible it's horizontal scrollbar is visible as well.
JTL Item 0.1.0ItemJorge Rimblas13-Feb-20172Store multi-language translations (MLS) in a single JSON column and use this Item plugin to easily maintain them.
buttonGroup 1.0.0ItemIvan Sabolić27-Jan-20174ButtonGroup item plugin
APEX 5.1 FadeOut Success MSG 0.1Dynamic ActionTim Halbach18-Jan-20172Fade out the Success message in APEX 5.1 automatically.
Touch Time Input v1.0Dynamic ActionDick Dral13-Jan-20172Time input for touch devices
Copy to Clipboard v1.0Dynamic ActionDick Dral10-Jan-20172Copies the content of an Apex item to the clipboard
Resize Dialog v1.0.1Dynamic ActionDick Dral08-Jan-20174Resize Dialog resizes an Apex modal dialog to fit its contents
Extend IG Menu 1.0.0Dynamic ActionDaniel Hochleitner04-Jan-20176Dynamic Action Plugin to extend the Standard Row Action Menu (Burger Button) in Interactive Grid (APEX 5.1) with custom Menu Entries.
dateTimePicker 1.0.1ItemIvan Sabolić03-Jan-20175DateTimePicker item plugin
report2columns v1.2Dynamic ActionDick Dral01-Jan-20172report2columns enbables you to distribute you Apex report over more multiple columns
Pretius APEX Help Text Tooltip 1.0ItemBartosz Ostrowski21-Dec-20163The plugin overrides native APEX help text presentation layer (inline dialog) with tooltips in Oracle APEX 5 and Universal Theme. The tooltip can be aligned using 24 positions and it can indicate item, item label and item help button.
KALC Open Inline Dialog 1.0Dynamic ActionKAL Consultancy Ltd13-Dec-20162A lightweight Dynamic Action Plug-In that allows you to customise the size, position and title of Inline Dialogs before opening
Pretius APEX Date Range 1.1ItemBartosz Ostrowski13-Dec-20167The plugin is Oracle APEX item plugin providing new date picker supporting range of dates. The plugin is dedicated to work with Oracle APEX Universal Theme. Behaviour and appeareance of the plugin can be changed with various settings.
Scroll To Anything 0.1Dynamic ActionFarzad Soltani13-Dec-20162Simple Scroll To jQuery Oracle APEX Plugin
Pretius APEX Enhanced Notifications 1.0Dynamic ActionBartosz Ostrowski06-Dec-20167The plugin is dynamic action plugin providing notifications for Oracle APEX 5 and Universal Theme. Due to highly configurable attributes, the plugin can be used as presentation layer for AJAX callbacks. Translated messages from the database can be easly presented in two types of notification.
KALC Range Slider 1.2ItemKAL Consultancy Ltd29-Nov-20162A range slider plugin for Oracle Apex. Updates Min and Max page items with the visual slider settings
Simple Checkbox 2 (With Switch Support) 1.4ItemFarzad Soltani27-Nov-20165A lightweight jQuery plugin for changing checkboxes and radio buttons into toggle switches.
CLOB Load Plugin 1.1Dynamic ActionTimothy St. Hilaire26-Oct-20163Dynamic Action plugin that allows the reading and writing of CLOB data from a standard form submit process.
dropdown button 2Dynamic ActionIvan Sabolić08-Sep-20163DA plugin turns button into dropdown button
rokit CookieBar 0.1RegionChristian Rokitta23-Aug-20162A small APEX plugin to show a Cookie message.
smart4solutions tabular form cascading select 1.1Dynamic ActionRichard Martens15-Aug-20165Create cascading select lists in your tabular forms. You can download on the demo site.
Pretius APEX Nested reports 1.0Dynamic ActionBartosz Ostrowski01-Aug-201619The plugin is dynamic action plugin implementing nested reports within APEX classic reports. Scope of data, data appearance and behavior is customizable within the plugin attributes.
Apex CLOB Region 1.0RegionEric Olson26-Jul-20165Region to place a CLOB (likely a section of HTML) as a region. This gets around the 32 kB limit for Apex items.
Apex-Multi-Select-Tag 1.1.0ItemRodrigo Mesquita19-Jul-20166A user friendly way to create selectable items
smart4solutions rowclick 1.5Dynamic ActionRichard Martens05-Jul-20163Adds rowclick behavior to Interactive and Classic Reports. You can download on the demo site. Version 1.5 supports new events like right-click and double-click next to the default left-click.
mapBoxRegion 0.0.1RegionIvan Sabolić04-Jul-20161 several mapbox plugins for more info =>
Open Dialog 1.1Dynamic ActionMaxime Tremblay17-Jun-20162This dynamic action plugin is used to open a Dialog.
Bootstrap Carousel 1.0ItemFarzad Soltani15-Jun-20164A Bootstrap Image Carousel Plugin
News Ticker 1.0 1.0ItemFarzad Soltani10-Jun-20165A lightweight jQuery plugin for animating a simple news ticker.
Apex Image Cropper 1.2Dynamic ActionMaxime Tremblay25-May-20168This dynamic action plugin is used to crop an image using an HTML5 canvas and saves the resulting cropped image into the database.
APEX Signature 1.1RegionDaniel Hochleitner24-Apr-20166APEX Signature allows you to draw smooth signatures into a HTML5 canvas and enables you to save the resulting image into database.
Show Close Dialog Success Message 1.1Dynamic ActionMaxime Tremblay21-Apr-20167This dynamic action plugin is used to display the Success Message from the corresponding Dialog Close process.
Pretius Enhanced Modal dialog 1.0Dynamic ActionBartosz Ostrowski20-Apr-20167The plugin is dynamic action plugin dedicated to use with Oracle APEX 5.x chained modal pages. Unlike to native modal page dialogs, the plugin allows to adjust every chained modal page appearance and behavior. Each time the modal page in modal dialog is loaded, the plugin adjust appearance (width, height, height in percents) and change behavior (resizable, draggable) of currently opened modal dialog.
Pretius Enhanced LOV item - tabular form 1.0Dynamic ActionBartosz Ostrowski20-Apr-20166The plugin is dynamic action plugin dedicated to use with tabular forms. The plugin implements functionalities of "Pretius APEX Enhanced LOV item" (PAELI) plugin within tabular form by redirecting JS events from tabular form text fields to created instances of PAELI plugin. Thanks to the plugin, bussiness user can use autocomplete and modal dialog selection in tabular forms.
Mailgun Email Validator 1.1Dynamic ActionJeffrey Kemp13-Apr-20165Mailgun Email Validator
APEX Tooltip 1.2Dynamic ActionDaniel Hochleitner27-Mar-20169A powerful, flexible APEX plugin enabling you to easily create semantic, modern tooltips.
GeoHeatMap 0.2RegionJeffrey Kemp19-Mar-20165GeoHeatmap (Google Map) region plugin
Youtube Player 0.1ItemJeffrey Kemp16-Mar-20166Youtube Player item plugin
ml_FileBrowser 1.0.0RegionVlad Melnychenko28-Feb-20163APEX File browser
APEX Video Player 1.0.0RegionDaniel Hochleitner24-Feb-20168HTML5 Video Player. Region Plugin using OpenSource JS framework video.js to display HTML5 videos.
jk64ReportMap 0.8RegionJeffrey Kemp17-Feb-20169Google Map Report region plugin
jk64SimpleMap 0.4RegionJeffrey Kemp17-Feb-20164Simple Google Map region plugin
SkillBuilders Timeline 1.0.0RegionSkillBuilders08-Feb-20166SkillBuilders Timeline is an alternative view to report date or time sensitive information. Each record will get an event slide and will be marked in a timeline scrubber. Users can select individual events or click through the timeline one event at a time.
AdvancedRadio 1.1ItemJoslyne Cook07-Feb-20167Radio Group with the option of Sorting by rows or columns, and add an extra Option to allow users to specify another value.
Persian mini calendar 1.0RegionMahdi Ahmadi07-Feb-20163This region plug-in displays a small calendar with the specified date highlighted. This plugin is a copy of Oracle's mini calendar that shows calendar in Persian.
DownFooter 1.1Dynamic ActionChristian Rokitta04-Feb-20163A small APEX jQuery plugin to push your footer to the bottom of your responsive dynamic height page.
UILayout - UT 2.0Dynamic ActionTobias Arnhold01-Feb-20169This plugin takes the abilities of the jQuery UI Layout plug-in and brings in those features into the new APEX Universal Theme. What you get is the power of the responsive Universal Theme including new moving abilities to handle all kind of complex application features like toolbars, menus, help-panels, status bars more easily.
Google reCaptcha Version 2 1.0ItemMohamed Zebib06-Jan-20166Easy to use Google noCaptcha reCaptcha v2 plugin. Just create a new item using the plugin inside your login page. The use of this plugin will give you a mean to verify that the user connecting to your application is not a robot. This is essentially useful for admin access or regular access to an application with sensitive data. This plugin supports multiple language applications. The zip file contains the plugin in APEX version 4.2 and APEX 5.0. Choose the version that suits your APEX installation.
Dropzone 2.0.3RegionDaniel Hochleitner06-Jan-201625Dropzone is a region type plugin that allows you to provide nice looking drag’n’drop file uploads.
MBN Large Text 1.1Dynamic ActionMartin B. Nielsen03-Jan-201612Expand/Collapse of large text columns in Interactive Reports