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UC - Execute PL/SQL Code (23.1)

Dynamic Action Plug-in by United Codes
Commercially Supported

Free Plug-in under MIT License, which means it is free for everyone to use, no matter if for commercial or private use. The UC - Execute PL/SQL Code dynamic action plug-in introduces some enhancements to the existing Execute PL/SQL Code dynamic action that APEX provides. These additional features include: Providing a processing icon whilst optionally masking the background either at the region or page level, Declarative Success & Error Notifications, Submitting and returning CLOB data using page items or Javascript variables, Returning the execution results to a Javascript variable, and Optionally suppressing the change event on page item values that are returned.

DB versions,,,,,
APEX versions 19.2.0,20.1.0,20.2.0,21.1.0,21.2.0,22.1.0,23.1.0,23.2.0
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