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UC - Image Slider (23.1)

Region Plug-in by United Codes
Commercially Supported

Free Plug-in under MIT License, which means it is free for everyone to use, no matter if for commercial or private use. The UC - Image Slider is a region plug-in that displays a gallery of lazily loaded images. It is based on the modern Swiper slider ( which also supports mobile devices, accelerated transitions, and native behavior. This plug-in offers the most commonly used features such as autoplaying, looping, thumbnail gallery, different display modes/sizes for the images, and so on. It offers various slide-transition options and a built-in description box which can be easily customized using CSS if necessary.

DB versions,,,,,
APEX versions 19.2.0,20.1.0,20.2.0,21.1.0,21.2.0,22.1.0,23.1.0,23.2.0
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