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UC - Interactive Grid Add Button (23.1)

Dynamic Action Plug-in by United Codes
Commercially Supported

Free Plug-in under MIT License, which means it is free for everyone to use, no matter if for commercial or private use. The UC Interactive Grid - Add Button plug-in is a simple way to add buttons to the Interactive Grid. Whether it's the toolbar, the actions menu, the row actions menu, or the row selection menu, this plug-in allows you to extend all of these components with your own, highly customizable buttons, declaratively. The plug-in's settings give you fine control over the button position (first, last, index), look, icon, and which action should be executed when that button is clicked. You can execute a predefined action (i.e., delete row), execute some JavaScript code, trigger an event, put the currently selected row(s) pk value into a page item, or even provide your own actions.

DB versions,,,,,
APEX versions 19.2.0,20.1.0,20.2.0,21.1.0,21.2.0,22.1.0,23.1.0,23.2.0
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