Very interesting, the error only happens when I try to replace an application. If I create a new one the import works fine.
17-Apr-2019 10:06:AM by: Florian H.
Hi everyone, I get this error message while trying to import an application from development to quality system, any idea what could be the problem? This happens after upgrading to 19.1
17-Apr-2019 07:35:AM by: Florian H.
These days, I'd say go with the IaaS offerings ( There's a learning curve and it isn't cheap, but you'll get all the control you need. Roel did mention that you can also get a compute instance for about US$25 monthly that you can put your APEX stack on. There are of course "cheaper" options to host XE, but there are advantages to using OCI if your plan is to eventually expand to a "full license". For multitenant options, you'll need to rent the "Enterprise Edition High Performance" that costs upwards of $1238/month, but you'll probably spend enough that qualifies you for discounts if you went with Monthly Flex pricing.
16-Apr-2019 10:35:PM by: fuzziebrain
for each record
16-Apr-2019 07:30:PM by: gopalakrishna
Do you want to print success/fail with each submitted record? or for the entire body submitted?
16-Apr-2019 07:29:PM by: Alan Quigley
Hi Everyone, Please help how to print multiple response in json body ? Example: response={success={your record successfully submitted}, failure={your record failed to submit}}
16-Apr-2019 05:31:PM by: gopalakrishna
Yay, thanks again both!
16-Apr-2019 01:52:PM by: j4john
Correction : XE18C does support partitioning (and a lot more) :
16-Apr-2019 01:42:PM by: roelhartman
Thanks ade_bds, that's good to have in the kitbag. Sadly, XE doesn't support partitioning, which will be needed in the production deployment of the system I'm working on, so I'll have to look at another route
16-Apr-2019 01:36:PM by: j4john
Hi @j4john, you may find this link useful. You can create an XE18c / APEX 19.1 environment for $10/month with 3 PDBs and sys as sysdba control. Apparently 18c XE can actually be expanded close to 40G with advanced compression
16-Apr-2019 01:06:PM by: ade_bds
Thanks Roel, that's really useful information. Just wish Oracle Corp would make these things simpler to understand and navigate. The technology - Apex and the Database - is, as we know and love, wonderful. In the Cloud offerings it's just so damn hard to engage with! Love your blogs by the way - always interesting and helpful. Yet again I learn from you, so thanks.
15-Apr-2019 10:35:PM by: j4john
And yes, it is complicated :wink:
15-Apr-2019 08:39:PM by: roelhartman
If XE is large enough for you you can do all that magic with XE 18c on Oracle’s OCI for less than $50 / month - but you do have to configure everything yourself. If you want a DB service and bring your DB license it’s about $350 for Standard and $650 for Enterprise Edition (but I think that’s even without multitenant - thus no PDB’s).
15-Apr-2019 08:38:PM by: roelhartman
As PDB_ADMIN you can grant CREATE ANY CONTEXT As PDB_ADMIN you can create PUBLIC SYNONYMS and GRANT other users to do so. PDB_ADMIN is your “SYS” user, the one with the highest privileges . And as your EECS instance is just a PDB (one PDB) it is completely logical you can’t do PDB operations. If you need to do that, you need a “real” database and is (one) EECS too lightweight for your purposes. (disclaimer: I’m not an Oracle employee)
15-Apr-2019 08:27:PM by: roelhartman
Hi folks, I'm trying to do some development on an Oracle Cloud Exadata Express instance, but running into some limitations. I'd like to use Logger, as in the apps I develop elsewhere, but Logger needs CREATE ANY CONTEXT privilege, which OCEE doesn't allow. My apps also tend to use different schemas, but although OCEE lets me create multiple schemas it doesn't allow me to create public synonyms. OCEE has some significant limitations: no access to SYS or SYSTEM, no PDB operations (I'd like to be able to use different PDBs for dev, test, prod...), no Data Pump and so on. Could anyone (from Oracle?) advise on how to navigate the rather opaque Oracle Cloud offerings ( to obtain cost-effective development and production environments that don't have these limitations? Is there a simple How-To guide anywhere? Thanks.
15-Apr-2019 08:00:PM by: j4john
Hi, could a Vscode regular user tell me what to do to connect to oracle database? :wink:
15-Apr-2019 02:54:PM by: Souleman
HI All, Requirement Type: Interactive Grid I have to add new column in interactive grid when I clicking the new added button. How can I achieve this..Is there any demo applications for this.?? I could able to do this by using classic report but I need to do using IG. Thank you...
14-Apr-2019 10:25:AM by: arjun
@Shane Bentz Thanks for your Reply. It s possible some with DA. But the feature of automated row fetch is most effective (Like Oracle forms Execute Query Trigger) and may enhance the apex forms feature
13-Apr-2019 01:53:PM by: k_islam
@krisrice awesome, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: ``` #INFO Number of rows processed: 65 #INFO Number of rows in error: 0 0 - SUCCESS: Load processed without errors ```
11-Apr-2019 10:23:PM by: Alex_86
Include the library in your page or in your application The you will need to initialize the plugin for the items you need Have a look at the website for examples
11-Apr-2019 09:20:PM by: maxime_tremblay
how do I incorporate it with the page item?
11-Apr-2019 08:42:PM by: abul_feed
if this is via the auto-rest, there is a CSV bulk load rest end point
11-Apr-2019 08:41:PM by: krisrice
you'd have to write custom plsql to process and do the inserts
11-Apr-2019 08:41:PM by: krisrice
``` curl -H"Content-Type:application/json" \ -X POST \ -d'{"empno":4711,"ename":"APEX","job":"DEV","hiredate":"2001-01-01T20:00:00Z","sal":10,"comm":null,"deptno":10,"mgr":7839}' \ http://localhost:28080/ords/testit/emp/ ``` ...will send an row via REST-API into the emp-table, is it possible to write more then one record in the table? ``` curl -H"Content-Type:application/json" \ -X POST \ -d'[{"empno":4765,"ename":"FIRSTENTRY","job":"HARTZ4","hiredate":"2001-01-01T20:00:00Z","sal":10,"comm":null,"deptno":10,"mgr":7839},{"empno":4711,"ename":"SECONDENTRY","job":"DEV","hiredate":"2001-01-01T20:00:00Z","sal":10,"comm":null,"deptno":10,"mgr":7839}]' \ http://localhost:28080/ords/testit/emp/ ``` wont work.. any hints?
11-Apr-2019 08:39:PM by: Alex_86
Thank you!!!
11-Apr-2019 08:21:PM by: abul_feed
Then autonumeric will work :wink:
11-Apr-2019 08:19:PM by: maxime_tremblay
@maxime_tremblay when typing
11-Apr-2019 08:04:PM by: abul_feed
I like to use this
11-Apr-2019 07:51:PM by: maxime_tremblay
While typing or when submitting?
11-Apr-2019 07:48:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Hello all. what's the best way to allow only numbers in a text or number page item?
11-Apr-2019 07:47:PM by: abul_feed
How can I translate an Oracle APEX application in its 19 version? Is it much different from what already existed in previous versions? Not urgent but it's important for me to learn.
11-Apr-2019 03:58:PM by: Franklin
And it also answers my first question - I didn't notice the difference between SQL query and SQL expression! Sounds silly but I always failed to catch it. Thanks again.
11-Apr-2019 02:54:PM by: Franklin
Another great day to learn new things. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
11-Apr-2019 02:39:PM by: Franklin
I guess this is what you're talking about, right?
11-Apr-2019 02:35:PM by: Franklin
Goof catch @maxime_tremblay… didn’t spot that!
11-Apr-2019 02:29:PM by: roelhartman
You have a sql query and the source is expecting a sql *expression*
11-Apr-2019 02:24:PM by: maxime_tremblay
try remove the ;
11-Apr-2019 02:22:PM by: roelhartman
What am I doing wrong here? Fields and table do exist.
11-Apr-2019 02:14:PM by: Franklin
If I'm understanding your question, doing something like that after the page is already loaded typically involves using a dynamic action to retrieve the data and populate the items on the page. Doing that would not use the "automated row fetch" mechanism built into APEX that typically is run on page load. If you used a dynamic action to retrieve that information, you just need some triggering event to initiate it, like clicking a button or a link or something.
11-Apr-2019 02:04:PM by: Shane Bentz

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