Plug-in Details (Be aware of the security and compatibility risks when installing Plug-ins!)

Dropzone (2.4.1)

Region Plug-in by Daniel Hochleitner
Commercially Supported

Dropzone is a region type plugin that allows you to provide nice looking drag’n’drop file uploads.

Short info about "Commercially Supported"

This plug-in remains free and open source under MIT license!

If you have any problems with it, you can always create an issue on GitHub and I may find the time at some point in the future to resolve it for you. The guys at FOEX also offer commercial support for this plug-in. They have added this plug-in as a part of their "APEX Plug-in Support Package", for more information please visit: I have opted to include my plug-in in their support package because you can get professional support for any issues you face in a timely manner as well as the "peace of mind" that it will be supported for many years to come!

DB versions,,
APEX versions 5.1.0,18.1.0
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