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UC - Range Slider (23.1)

Item Plug-in by United Codes
Commercially Supported

Free Plug-in under MIT License, which means it is free for everyone to use, no matter if for commercial or private use. The UC Range Slider item plug-in is a lightweight range slider with multi-touch support and is packed with features. It supports numeric and date ranges, non-linear ranges, has keyboard support, and works great in responsive designs. You can: use it vertically or horizontally, use either a single or multiple value range, restrict the minimum/maximum range values, set page items with the range values, control the range color, and control the step size. It's the perfect page item filter for your reports and charts. This item plug-in integrates the noUISlider JavaScript Range Slider (

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APEX versions 19.2.0,20.1.0,20.2.0,21.1.0,21.2.0,22.1.0,23.1.0,23.2.0
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