No not yet. Looking for a guide to do so.
16-Nov-2018 07:12:PM by: Ryan Gallimore
Have you already installed ORDS in EC2 ? and want to use APEX in RDS to communicate with the ORDS ?
16-Nov-2018 04:31:PM by: Pk
How to configure ORDS etc to communicate with the RDS instance, etc
16-Nov-2018 04:10:PM by: Ryan Gallimore
Yes I saw that one - just looking for more details on the actual steps.
16-Nov-2018 04:09:PM by: Ryan Gallimore
@Ryan Gallimore You cannot install ORDS on RDS. When you add the Amazon RDS APEX options to your DB instance, Amazon RDS installs the Oracle APEX repository only. You must install the Oracle APEX Listener on a separate host, such as an Amazon EC2 instance, an on-premises server at your company, or your desktop computer. You can refer this document :
16-Nov-2018 04:08:PM by: Pk
There is a possibility that the binding variables or the session items used in your report is not replacing with actual value. Try replacing with values if there are any app or session items used in the report to check .
16-Nov-2018 03:55:PM by: Shilpa
Is there a guide for setting up APEX + ORDS on AWS Oracle RDS?
16-Nov-2018 03:52:PM by: Ryan Gallimore
Dear Friends, Anybody help me to integrate whatsapp API into Oracle Apex... if any procedure available please share
16-Nov-2018 12:34:PM by: apexthamarai
Greetings... I'm struggling with a specific interactive report subscription. I am receiving daily emails, but the emails do not contain any attachment. I see online help regarding when an attachment is blank, but none regarding when there is no attachment at all. When I go into the application utilities to view all subscriptions set up in the application, I see mine there with a status of Error. I do not see any option to view details of the error or why there was an error. Any suggestions on where I can look for more information?
16-Nov-2018 02:55:AM by: Shane Bentz
yeah... definitely down the plugin trail, but was hoping the stock control had evolved to allow seconds. Thanks for the feedback.
15-Nov-2018 07:27:PM by: mrgaddy
something you could do is keep the date picker for the day part and add another item for the time part there are multiple timerpicker jQuery plugin you could be using
15-Nov-2018 05:51:PM by: maxime_tremblay
Anyone know if the Date Picker item can be configured to allow seconds? ... not just hour and minute?.... asking about any version of apex.
15-Nov-2018 05:22:PM by: mrgaddy
@cremy Does the password reset happen when the link in APEX is clicked or when the link in the email is clicked?
15-Nov-2018 03:39:PM by: dmcghan
15-Nov-2018 08:08:AM by: bozo030
its configured with our ldap system and when a user clicks on reset password the whole ad password will be reseted.
15-Nov-2018 06:45:AM by: cremy
Hi guys, I am using the jslegacy tree: can anyone have any idea of how to hide/change the icon for the parent node of this jslegacy tree?
14-Nov-2018 10:42:PM by: Yogi
I haven't used that feature in forever. It doesn't actually start the reset immediately does it? Hopefully, it waits for the user to click the link in the email so you can ignore it if someone does it to you without you wanting it.
14-Nov-2018 05:42:PM by: dmcghan
Good point Maxime.
14-Nov-2018 03:24:PM by: doug.a.gault
The only reason I could think of is that email are not configured on the instance
14-Nov-2018 03:16:PM by: maxime_tremblay
I'm curious as to why you'd want to turn this off. You can only reset your own password, so unless you have people sharing accounts (which is bad in SO MANY WAYS) then it shouldn't matter.
14-Nov-2018 03:14:PM by: doug.a.gault
Hi is there a way to disable the Reset password feature (singing in workspace) ?
14-Nov-2018 08:58:AM by: cremy
Anyone use attribute definitions? Any reason why interactive grid columns don't appear in the attribute defs but interactive report columns do? Is it deliberate?
13-Nov-2018 04:05:PM by: Kathryn
Hi All, I have an interactive report, does someone remember the property which allows me to decide which column to hide automatically when report width is reduced, but reappears when it's expanded. Is it rather a plugin? I am using Apex 18.1
13-Nov-2018 03:13:PM by: eureka7
We use nothing glass fish specific. Most customers I talk to are using tomcat
13-Nov-2018 12:45:PM by: krisrice
Hi guys, How to use custom names for internal messages used in interactive report/grid for ex: Go button in search section . I tried using text messages but no luck.
13-Nov-2018 09:52:AM by: ashwinrao
any good resources for automated testing in apex out there?
13-Nov-2018 08:58:AM by: Dan Skiftun
@Eric Thanks Eric! Let's investigate this a bit ... to see if we can move forward !
12-Nov-2018 09:42:PM by: afilomeni
@afilomeni what about this?
12-Nov-2018 09:25:PM by: Eric
@Eric Thanks for your contribution! I need to implement the architecture of the image below (Glassfish and Apache must be included)
12-Nov-2018 09:03:PM by: afilomeni
@afilomeni Did you try| There is and many articles on Apex and ORDS. Don't know if there is something specific on Glassfish. You can also use ORDS in standalone mode (on a productiont system) where you don't have to use Glassfish and Apache
12-Nov-2018 08:31:PM by: Eric
Hi all, Could someone help me find documentation on the steps to implement and configure the following architecture: APEX + Glassfish + ORDS + Apache (httpd)? I would appreciate much precise information about it!
12-Nov-2018 08:01:PM by: afilomeni
@muzzamil OK, don't know if you can get apex to give that info or not. Someone more familiar that I with that could be able to give you a better answer. Sounds like the current app creates records in the DB based on where the file is found. Is that the case? Does it do anything else?
12-Nov-2018 06:37:PM by: Eric
@Eric yes
12-Nov-2018 06:32:PM by: muzzamil
@muzzamil How does that path information get loaded into the DB? By the app?
12-Nov-2018 06:28:PM by: Eric
@Eric no, the app itself handles path creation and subsequent retrieval.
12-Nov-2018 06:28:PM by: muzzamil
@muzzamil does the user type it in?
12-Nov-2018 06:26:PM by: Eric
@Eric directory path is stored in database with filename
12-Nov-2018 06:26:PM by: muzzamil
@muzzamil Does the current app get the directory path and use it or just the filename? Was looking how to get the directory information from a file upload in apex and didn't see that the upload item stores it but I am no expert and there might be other controls that let you capture the information.
12-Nov-2018 06:24:PM by: Eric

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